Simrad Cruise 9 Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Simrad Cruise 9 ReviewLooking for something to efficiently assist in managing the anglers with all the information? If this is the case, then Simrad Cruise 9 is perfectly designed for you. This chartplotter is designed by the world-class navigation, radar, autopilot, and fishfinder system. The design of the product is unarguably the most easy-to-use and futuristic that you can get.

Everything is getting better and better with technology in the modern world, and fishing is also under the influence. This chartplotter has many features that help the anglers efficiently do their job without any difficulty.

It provides the anglers with all the information they may need in a straightforward approach. This article will explore the Simrad Cruise 9 and how you can benefit the most from it without wasting any time. Let’s begin.

What Makes This Product Outstands Others?

There are many GPS chart plotters available in the market but the qualities that according to my review make Simrad Cruise 9 different from others is its user-friendly interface along with simple and easy controls. The system is designed for all-weather and the screen is readable even in broad daylight. Thus, this helps the user to use it in any weather without any interruption. Isn’t that great? Moreover, the Chartplotter has all the coastal data of the US coast pre-fed in the memory, which helps this plotter to stand out from others.

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Product Review

Simrad Cruise 9Simrad Cruise is one of the popular yet reputable marine device manufacturers working in this domain for a long time. The brand is recognized in the market due to its outstanding featured products. Well, one of its popular products is Simrad Cruise 9 which is a combination of the basics of GPS with depth finding and water scanning features to deliver the experience of affordable, enjoyable, and reliable navigation. It frees the user from using complicated systems that are specific and limited. It is an all-in-one design that is extremely easy to understand and use.

The mounted joystick and keypad can easily explore the user interface. Unlike the previous models, it has increased its reliability and can be efficiently used in all conditions. The interface provides all the necessary information on the screen, such as the battery levels, speed, course, location, and temperature.

Simrad Cruise 9 is equipped with the standard fishfinder sonar system that also offers the dual-beam CHIRP feature. The sonar of this device can work in frequencies that are 83 kHz and 200 kHz. The low-frequency sonar is used for general scans, and the high-frequency sonar is used to pinpoint the target fish. The low-frequency sonar can scan up to 53 degrees in every direction; however, the angle is only 22 degrees in 200 kHz scanning. The sonar can be used to find the depth of up to 1000 feet with accuracy.

The transducer of Simrad Cruise 9 is a plastic one with a metallic transom mount. There is also 20 feet of cable that comes with it that uses an eight-pin connector. The transducer is also enabled with a temperature sensor. The fish finder can be customized according to the task, and the sonar readings can be stored in the internal memory or the SD card.

It is also enabled with the built-in GPS receiver and supports the WAAS, EGNOS, and MSAS data-Thus helping the user to locate easily. The feature can also be used to determine the boat’s speed based on GPS input. There is also the feature of waypoint creation that you can use to mark your favorite spot, reef, etc there is also the option of a route creation track plotting feature that can be used for easy and smooth navigation. If you store a waypoint while using the sonar, the point’s depth will also be stored along with the coordinates. You can also assign different icons to the waypoint according to your preference to better understand them.

Moreover, it is also equipped with data on US coasts and worldwide base maps. The basic offline charts are pretty reliable, and it is also compatible with Navionics and C-MAP charts. If you use this device with Navionics and a map card, you can have the 3D data of the surroundings with depth contour. The process of installing the Simrad Cruise 9 is straightforward, and it comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation.


Easy Navigation

It has all the maps of US coasts and the worldwide base map stored in the memory, which makes it reliable for navigation purposes. It is also included with Camp and Navionics to provide the user with the current position data and the best route for easy course control.

Chirp Sonar Enabled

The device is equipped with 83/200 standard chirp sonar, which makes it able to detect the fishes and bottom depth accurately. The sonar is Chirp enabled and can be used to produce medium and high chirps. The angle at 200 kHz is about 22 degrees and 53 degrees at 83 Khz. It can be used to scan the depth of up to 1000 feet.


This device is available in a 5 inches, 6 inches, and 7 inches color display system that in my view is extremely easy to use. It offers excellent visibility and is also readable in direct sunlight. The screen is waterproof so that it can withstand accidental exposure to water. The Chartplotter is controlled by keys and a joystick that increases its durability.



  • Dual-beam sonar system
  • Highly accurate navigation features
  • Easy to use and control
  • Split-screen feature
  • Slot for micro SD card.
  • Two years manufacturer warranty


  • No unit cover is available
  • No sonar for structure scanning
  • No network and active GPS available


Why Should You Buy This Product?

Suppose you are looking for an independent navigation system that is reliable and easy to use and a decent sonar system that can scan the depth up to 1000 feet with effortless control. In that case, this product is worth trying.


Simrad Cruise 9 is multipurpose equipment used for fish finding and accurate navigation. The kit offers the sonar with dual-frequency control and chirp sonar that can be used to scan a large area. The sonar can also be used to find the depth of up to 1000 feet with accuracy. It has a powerful navigation system that can be updated and modified with the waypoints and depth contours. The Chartplotter is extremely easy to use, and the interface is also user-friendly. It provides the user the advantage of reliable and accurate navigation in an affordable price range.


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