10 Best Fish Finder for Crappie 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

By Wade Johnson

Best Fish Finder for CrappieAny avid angler will know the fruitful crappie season is spring because they spawn in shallow sections of water during those months.

While this makes challenging crappie hunt a game on one hand, on the other hand it restricts your skills to a specific time of the year.

This might have been true for the pre-fish finder era, but not today.

With the best fish finder at your disposal, you can go looking for your target whenever you want to enjoy the fun catch as well as pure deliciousness of crappie.

Fish finder for crappie comes integrated with high sensing sonar features along with GPS and custom mapping software to make daunting chase less challenging by quickly directing you to productive spots.

The visual display of information with better graphics allows you to throw cast in fruitful locations to ensure you land more of your desired targets, be it pre or post-spawning season.


Best Fish Finder for Crappie 2023 Reviews

Another challenging task is to find the best fish finder for crappie.

Well, it will not remain a testing job after you’ve gone through this article since we’ve listed names of 10 great fish finders that are actually best at their job.

The buyer’s guide at the bottom will help you navigate to reach the right product without getting distracted by an inappropriate model.


Top Fish Finder for Crappie Comparison Table

Product Name
Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 with Transducer, 3.5" GPS Fishfinder with Chirp Traditional Transducer
-00 Striker 4
Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar - GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder for Shore and Ice Fishing, Black, 2.55(DP1H10S10)
HOOK2 5 - 5-inch Fish Finder with SplitShot Transducer and US Inland Lake Maps Installed
Hook2 5
Humminbird 410950-1NAV HELIX 7 CHIRP MSI (MEGA Side Imaging) GPS G3 NAV Fish Finder
iBoober Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder
Smart Fish
HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder with HD Color
Fishtrax 1C
Fish Finder
LUCKY Handheld Fish Finder Portable Fishing Kayak Fishfinder Fish Depth Finder Fishing Gear with Sonar Transducer and LCD Display
Fish Finder
Eyoyo Original 50M 1000TVL HD CAM Professional Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Video Recorder DVR 7 Color Monitor Infrared IR LED Lights with 8GB SD Card
50M Fish
Humminbird 410150-1 PIRANHAMAX 4 Fish Finder
Lowrance HOOK2 4X - 4-inch Fish Finder with Bullet Skimmer Transducer, Gray, One Size
Hook2 4X
with Bullet


1.  Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 – Top Pick Overall Fish Finder for Crappie

Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 with Transducer, 3.5" GPS Fishfinder with Chirp Traditional Transducer


Garmin Striker 4 is quite an attractive catch in case you want a simple, efficient and portable fish finder for crappie at a pocket-friendly price.

The compact unit will be comfortable for your small watercraft while its high-frequency sonar will continuously shoot beams to receive as much information about activity around your boat as possible.

It’s a portable and inexpensive device so you won’t get a plasma-like screen but the information displayed on the smaller viewing window will still be pretty intelligible with a clear distinction between structure, vegetation and of course your object of interest, crappie.

The screen isn’t water-resistant thereby things might go south while fishing in turbulent waters or heavy rain but it can survive an accidental splashing.

Locating crappies is quite a challenge even in the spring season so finding one in winter seems completely hopeless.

Not so much anymore.

This one has a special flasher format that will identify crappies and other fish even when they have buried themselves in vegetation under layers of ice during winters or if you’re out on the water at nighttime.

Lastly, it features a waypoint map to help you mark fish schools and distinctive spots while trolling so you could revisit them whenever you want without bumping into unnecessary obstacles along the way.


  • Compact and portable gadget.
  • Photographic-like display of information about structure, vegetation and fish arches.
  • Simple to install and operate.
  • Waypoint map allows you to mark and save favorite fish schools and other spots.
  • Inexpensive.



  • Screen isn’t impervious to water.
  • Doesn’t come with a protective case/bag.

Final Thought:

Garmin Striker 4 is not just the best fish finder for crappie but also a great value ice fishing fish finder. Its compact size with high-efficiency sonar functions make it a reliable companion for any fishing adventure throughout the year.


2.  Deeper Pro+Smart – Best Wireless Wi-Fi Sonar Fish Finder for Crappie

Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar - GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder for Shore and Ice Fishing, Black, 2.55(DP1H10S10)


If you want to yield more crappies, then you need support from someone who’s smart as well as pro at detecting your target even when it has concealed itself in a secret spot.

In other words, you need Deeper Pro+Smart Sonar fish finder. It’s not overly expensive so you can have a relieved wallet.

The little thing is carrying such strong dualbeam sonar waves that could simultaneously travel as far as 330ft across the water body and 260ft into its depth.

It’s like facial recognition software that will find your object of interest, the crappies, within its range without any trouble.

Even more impressive is that it doesn’t require you to pack internet devices or fuss over other related junk due to its wireless connectivity. Just sync it to your phone like a hotspot; Game on!

You’ll be compelled to give it some brownie points since its in-built GPS system enables you to draw maps and charts from personal observations about bottom contours, vegetation, fish and other underwater objects.

These personal notes are archived in a Lake Book for later reviewing.

Whether you’re planning offshore fishing on a kayak or just want to stay along the shoreline to fish and enjoy the view simultaneously, Deeper Pro+Smart will make sure your adventure ends with at least one successful catch.


  • Portable.
  • Built-in GPS enables you to accurately take notes regarding structure, vegetation and fish location.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Dualbeam sonar waves can simultaneously go 330ft across and 260ft under water to detect crappies.



  • Results are erratic when the unit is stationary.
  • Battery isn’t long-lasting.

Final Thought:

Deeper Pro+Smart Sonar is a portable yet powerful device which makes it ideal for hunting crappies on kayak or a boat. The strong sonar waves of the device can successfully detect the target whether it’s swimming near the shore or hidden near the bottom.


3.  Lowrance Hook2 5 – Best Brand Fish Finder for Crappie with SplitShot Transducer

HOOK2 5 – 5inch Fish Finder with SplitShot Transducer 


Lowrance Hook2 5 fish finder is an enticing option for those poor souls who’re stuck between the devil and deep blue sea – a cheap device is too low for their taste and premium is too high for their budget.

Its simple operating process along with an active GPS chart plotter allow you to waste less time on setting up the scene or finding a suitable track to follow for luring the prey and spend more energy on actual action.

You’ll not get lost nor will you forget your trail and favorite fish  spots because the chart plotter will have your tracking history saved along with personal waypoints.

Moreover, it has pre-installed maps of 4000 lakes to let you jump directly to productive waters.

Finding crappie, whether in shallower waters in the spring season or going towards the deep sea in other seasons, will never be a challenge because its sonar coverage along with a Tripleshot transducer will locate your target immediately.

Sonar technology will not only scan the area under your boat but also on both sides up to a 300ft radius.

More adept fishermen might not like the limited viewing formats but the 5-inch backlit screen is complemented with superior quality picture so you don’t get much to fret over. In short, all is well because it ends with a prized possession in your hand.


  • Simple to use.
  • Better picture quality and screen readability in any lighting situation.
  • Efficient sonar functioning with fast side and down scan.
  • Built-in inland maps and GPS chart plotter enhances performance.



  • Limited viewing formats.
  • Customer support is a bit disappointing.

Final Thought:

Whether you’re an avid angler or a hobbyist fisherman, Lowrance Hook2 5 will prove to be a reliable addition to your fishing gears. Its reasonable price and improved sonar features allow it to capture a seat among the best affordable fish finders for crappie.


4.  Humminbird 410950-1 – Best Top Rated Helix7 Chirp MSI G3 Fish Finder for Crappie

Humminbird HELIX 7 Fish Finder 410950-1 NAV


Humminbird Helix 7 Chirp (410950-1) has legitimately acquired top ranking among best mid-tier fish finders for crappie as well as general fishing due to impressive sonar scanning and other nifty features.

Its Mega Side Imaging and Mega Down Imaging will search up to 100ft territory on both sides of your watercraft and up to 125ft underneath it respectively.

In addition, chirp sonar with a broad frequency band will offer crisp fish arches with better target separation to ensure crappie doesn’t escape your lure.

Even more alluring is that the SwitchFire sonar setting leaves it up to you to decide what information you want to be displayed on your screen – allow or block data regarding water depth, turbulence, temperature and lure.

What’s more enticing is that its 7” large screen with sunlight readability has ample room to display all the information simultaneously in split-screen format – in case you want maximum data displayed at once.

In end, this gadget belongs to the famous Helix series so you’ve assurance that it will come adorned with bluetooth connectivity and preloaded map charts to help you find crappie productive territory with ease.

Not only this but you can search waterbody of your own liking and save personal maps for later visit.


  • High-efficiency sonar with Mega Side Imaging and Mega Down Imaging.
  • 7” display offers an ultra clear image with improved readability in sunlight.
  • Split screen format is available.
  • AutoChart permits customized cartography.
  • Competitive price.



  • Complex installation and operating mechanism.
  • Built-in basemap charts contain insufficient detail.

Final Thought:

If you want the best possible fishing experience, then we would advise you to bet your money on Humminbird Helix 7 Chirp MSI fish finder. It comes with quite a few embellishing features at a competitive price which make it an alluring choice for avid anglers and marine adventurers.


5.  iBobber – Best Value Wireless Smart Fish Finder for Crappie

iBoober Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder


iBobber Smart fish finder is a simple device that will prove to be fun to use for your young ones who want to join the sport. The same characteristic makes it an attractive option for weekend warriors too.

Since the unit is wireless and contains bluetooth connectivity so you’ll not have to bother yourself with cables and junk and it will easily sync in with your iPhone.

The package has a waterproof phone case as well to make sure your mobile phone is placed securely, out of harm’s way, when on water.

It’s a budgeted and beginner-friendly unit so you don’t get those high-tech tournament grade features but the unit is capable of detecting fish as long as it’s not casted very far; broader distance will disconnect it from the phone.

Despite what it looks like and what you’ve perceived from simple design and low pricing, this one can help you garner sufficient information about the general underwater environment as well as your specific target, crappie, whether you’re sitting on a dock, paddling or kayaking.

All in all, it promises you an adventurous getaway near the water with a few crappies for grilling.


  • High-efficiency sonar with Mega Side Imaging and Mega Down Imaging.
  • Affordable.
  • It’s wireless and has a bluetooth connectivity option.
  • Comes with a waterproof phone case to keep your cell phone protected from accidental splashes and falls.
  • Suitable for dock fishing, kayaking and paddling.



  • Disconnects if thrown far.
  • Not suitable for deep sea fishing.
  • Beginner level simple fish tracker.

Final Thought:

Those weekend warriors and beginners who just want to have an enjoyable time near water and also catch a fish or two occasionally will like this simple and affordable fish finder. It doesn’t carry advanced features yet proves to be a decent choice for occasional kayaking or dock fishing.


   6.  HawkEye Fishtrax 1C – Best Easy to Use Fish Finder for Crappie with HD Color

HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder with HD Color


Among the best portable fish finders for crappie, only HawkEye Fishtrax 1C houses the sharp vision of a hawk to detect these little finned targets in a snap without any false trigger.

Its watch radius is up to 240ft. So sit back and let it do the search for you, knowing that your prey cannot outmaneuver your stalking.

Its powerful sonar can travel faster into the water to give you crisp fish arcs along with their depth and general bottom landscape images and audible fish alarm upon detecting the target.

In other words, the stage is set for you to cast the lure at the best possible angle.

The screen is almost of the same size as any portable model but its HD display of the scene underwater along with LED backlight gives you an anti-glare, clear view in any lighting condition.

Anglers, seasoned or hobbyists, have a strong affinity for this because not only is this trollable and floatable but also easily mountable on boats.

Meaning, it can accompany you everywhere to lend its unerring services. However, there’s a little trouble in paradise: for a portable and simple device, its price is relatively higher.


  • Portable and flexible unit.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Anti-glare display offers clear viewing in every lighting condition.
  • Accurate sonar tracking up to 240ft radius with audible fish alarm.



  • Comparatively costly.
  • Doesn’t contain a mount for the transducer.

Final Thought:

Whether you’re fishing along the shoreline or going deeper into the water in a kayak, this fish finder will ensure that your hunt ends with a bunch of crappies. The unit is portable yet contains a clear colour display and powerful sonar which make it an excellent value fish finder.


    7. LUCKY – Best Pocket Friendly Handheld Fish Finder for Crappie

LUCKY Handheld Fish Finder Portable Fishing Kayak Fishfinder Fish Depth Finder Fishing Gear with Sonar Transducer and LCD Display


Portable and cheap fish finders are looked down upon because of their high failure rate but Lucky Handheld portable fish finder is an anomaly.

It is compact and ridiculously cheap yet the little marvel will make you a lucky fisherman, true to its name, every time you’re on the water – be it for ice fishing, kayak fishing, lake fishing or offshore fishing.

Hand it around your neck like a trophy or mount it on your watercraft, its performance will always be at par with your expectations. However, it’s not waterproof so even an accidental splash will end your game prematurely.

The sonar sensor has a 25ft cable which means it can be casted that far in water and it will search for fish with a depth range of 3ft to 338ft.

This means whether its crappie-rich spring season or any other time of the year, you could go in pursuit of crappie and capture it even if it has cunningly buried itself under weeds.

Fish with confidence and peace of mind because its powerful battery will last up to 5 hours, sufficient time to locate crappie or any other finned target.

If you want more time on water then you can take help from its battery saving mode to get a few extra hours.

More importantly, if the day was unfruitful, then instead of packing and returning home you can use backlight format and fish even when the night is approaching.

Speaking of format, just turn on the fish and fish school alarm to get notified whenever it senses the presence of a fish. That will make sure you never miss a target.


  • Portable and budget-friendly.
  • Versatile device is suitable for a variety of fishing scenarios.
  • Capable of scanning accurately at a depth range of 3ft-328ft.
  • Multiple user-friendly modes.



  • Not impervious to water.
  • Limited casting range.

Final Thought:

Lucky handheld fish finder rightfully deserves to be placed among the best cheap and portable fish finders for its accurate performance with large depth range. Whether you’re an addict sea fisher or ice fisher, this will not disappoint you in any fishing scenario.


   8. Eyoyo – Best Professional HD CAM Original 50M Fish Finder for Crappie

Eyoyo Original 50M 1000TVL HD CAM Professional Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Video Recorder DVR 7 Color Monitor Infrared IR LED Lights with 8GB SD Card


Satisfying professional fishers isn’t easy but Eyoyo Original 50M fishing camera does the nearly-impossible job in a single test.

You can survey underwater activity on a 7” large colour screen in vivid footage, thanks to 1000TVL cam.

When you’re watching things underwater with such unmatchable clarity, missing a fish is highly unlikely. Nighttime or low lighting can normally prove a hindrance but not when you’re accompanied by this fishing camera.

It is because this one comes integrated with 12 IR lights which will help the device watch for a fish like a hawk even at the dead of the night when you turn them on.

Even more impressive is that the screen has a protective sun-visor that enables you to monitor the display clearly whether you’re fishing under blinding sunlight, rainy weather or nighttime.

Those adventurers who want to get entertained with the underwater world without actually diving into water will jump at the opportunity because it also features a DVR Recording function along with an 8GB SD Card.


  • Colour LCD display with protective shield.
  • Capable of detecting fish in every weather and lighting environment.
  • Waterproof screen.
  • Equipped with recording and SD card to enjoy HD footage.



  • Bulky device.
  • Thin camera cable is not suitable for trolling.

Final Thought:

Eyoyo Original 50M is hands down the best fishing camera because of its high quality footage and colour LCD display. The waterproof screen along with sun-visor enable fishers to carry it on fishing trips, including ice fishing and off-shore fishing, in every weather condition.


   9. Humminbird PIRANHAMAX 4 – Best Best Good Looking  Fish Finder for Crappie

Humminbird 410150-1 PIRANHAMAX 4 Fish Finder


Piranhamx 4 series is Humminbird’s budget-friendly fish finders and this unit from the same series is another attempt of the manufacturers to soothe your budgeted wallets.

Although it’s an inexpensive and compact gadget yet carries Humminbird’s signature enhanced sonar functioning that you find in its top-end Helix series.

The dualbeam sonar will help you get either a wider general scan of the surrounding waterbody or fixate your entire focus on a specific spot to get in-depth detail to successfully mark fish, structure, weeds and contours.

The information received will be transformed into such a crisp and bright image on its large screen, larger than competing low-cost models, that distinguishing between fish and other objects will no more feel like solving a puzzle.

You’ll know exactly where to cast the line to hook the catch, even if it’s small crappie.

Why just crappie? You can even go for offshore fishing because it’s sonar can travel as deep as 320ft at a frequency of 455kHz.

Moreover, you’ve got the option to adjust the viewing angle to garner better results, in case the current mounting angle hasn’t landed you any catch, or set a fish alarm for specific species to get notified whenever your desired target enters your search radius.

The only significant drawback is the absence of a GPS mechanism but I would say that’s stretching it too far for a budgeted model.


  • Compact and portable.
  • Diagonal screen with crisp and bright viewing.
  • Fish alarm and adjustable viewing angle for successfully landing crappie.
  • Highly active dual beam sonar.
  • Economical.



  • Doesn’t feature a GPS system.
  • Lacks a protective carrying bag.

Final Thought:

Piranhamax 4 (410150-1) from Humminbird’s famous Piranhamax series is considered the best economical fish finder for crappie and other species because of its active sonar scanning and high quality display. The unit lacks a navigation system but angle adjustability of the mount and fish alarm ensure you still return with a catch.


   10. Lowrance Hook2 4X – Best 4-inch Fish Finder for Crappie with Bullet Skimmer Transducer

Lowrance HOOK2 4X - 4-inch Fish Finder with Bullet Skimmer Transducer, Gray, One Size


Those who prevent you from going after a low-end fish finder, because of the popularly held belief of cheap being trashy, need to have a getaway with Lowrance

Hook2 4X fish finder to let go of their biases. The setup and keyed interface is so simple that even a newbie will have it ready for action in just a few minutes.

The presence of auto-tuning sonar is like icing on the cake because you’ll have the required sonar scan without fussing over settings.

To hook you as well as the actual target, the crappie, it comes with a wider than usual sonar coverage. The benefit of this extra coverage is that you will always receive unerring information regarding fish and bottom contours.

No brainer it is crowned as the high rating fish capturing gadget.

As nothing is 100% perfect so we also have some trouble in paradise here. The screen is a bit smaller and is available in just one size.

However, you have a consoling prospect here in the form of SolarMax display as it boasts of crystal clear graphical representation even in blinding sunlight.

If you’re still not sold on the idea, then the inclusion of a bullet skimmer transducer with several mounting positions and a 2-year warranty will definitely become decisive factors for you.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Keyed interface is simple to use.
  • Auto-tuning sonar with wider coverage accurately detects fish.
  • Display offers crystal clear viewing even in sunlight.
  • Good value.



  • Screen doesn’t come in variant size options.
  • Charger and a carrying bag need to be purchased separately.

Final Thought:

Lowrance Hook2 4X comes with all the bells and whistles along with a budgeted price to attract a wide population of avid fishers and beginners. Its superior sonar along with a sun readable display make sure you cast the line at the exact fish active spot.


Buyer’s Guide: Buying The Best Fish Finder for Crappie in 2023

There are dozens of best fish finders but only a handful will be best for fishing crappies. The factors that make them ideal for hunting crappie are a few but important ones nonetheless.

That’s why it is crucial for you to know about those distinctive features in order to avoid making a wrong purchase.


  • Type of Fishing/Fishermen

Fishermen roughly fall into three types based on their purpose of fishing. We recommend units according to that goal.


Recreational Anglers

Some call it sport fishing, while it’s game fishing for others. Since it is usually for leisure time hobby, competition or exercise, investing in opulent fish finders seems superfluous. The market is full of units within a 100-to-200 dollar range packed with features and functions you will actually find helpful.

Unless the competition will boost or hit your reputation or ego, going over a few hundred bucks is unneeded.

Lucky Handheld device, Garmin Striker 4, Lowrance Hook2 and Deeper Pro+ are good references.


Subsistence Fishing

Anglers whose livelihood is fishing may need more than basics to ensure success. If you are cash-rich, then you have a broad choice range. Fish finders between entry-level to mid-tier can meet all your needs. It’s better to take a look at Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera, Garmin Striker 5cv, Striker 7sv, Lowrance Hook Reveal 7, Humminbird Helix5 and Helix7 Mega (SI & DI) to get a picture of what’s available within $1000.


Commercial Fishing

It is what you call professional fishing for business. Well, since it’s a matter of profit or loss for your business, you can spend well over a grand on a deluxe fish locator as a one-time upfront cost. You will find some really really hard-to-resist fish finders among the top-end line of Humminbird, Garmin, Simrad and Lowrance. You can isolate the one that attracts you the most depending on the brand, the size of the display, the number of perks you want and the budget range you have set.

I would suggest you go for screens wider than 8” only when you fish on larger and spacious vessels.


  • Waterproof Layer

Going in water without a waterproof coat means tempting fate. I have had countless ‘bad fishing days’ where I was on the brink of catching cunning prey but missed it due to rain or splash. You may experience the same disappointment if your device cannot tolerate unpredicted water-related incidents. Rainfall or even a few taps of your wet finger can disrupt the normal functioning of the unit if it doesn’t have a waterproof rating by default.

Generally, the IPX7 rating for water resistance is safe. It is an assurance that you will not be in trouble even if the equipment stays a couple of feet into the water for around half an hour.


·        Display Characteristics:

Screen of a fish finder is the heart of the device since all the information collected about the underwater environment including structure and fish around one’s watercraft is displayed on the screen.

That’s why the size of the screen and display quality matters a lot.

The larger screen will have more detailed information in an uncluttered manner to make sure you don’t mistake shad for crappie.

Besides, also make sure the device has a backlit screen with more pixels and colors for high-resolution clear images of everything underwater even in low visibility.


·        Transducer:

Transducer is the mind here that sends sonar signals in water to receive information about the surrounding water area and present that information on the display.

Those signals are sent in either narrow beams or wider beams; the narrow beam is stronger and goes deeper  but has a restricted coverage area.

On the other hand, a wider beam covers large swathes of water at once but the wave isn’t strong enough to penetrate deeper.

Select that transducer that contains a dual beam feature to help you scan a larger area through a wide cone and at the same time focus on locating crappie using the narrow beam mode.


·        Frequency:

Sonar rays have either high frequency or low frequency. High frequency means the waves will not travel to the bottom of the waterbody but they will give an in-depth detail image.

They are ideal for shallow waters. On the contrary, low frequency sonar rays will penetrate deeper into the water but the image will carry less detail. These are suitable for ocean or deep sea fishing.


·        Side Imaging & Down Imaging:

Latest fish finders have improved sonar performance by sending out multiple sonar scans in different modes like side imaging and down imaging.

Side imaging allows the fisherman to check the area on either side of his vessel while the down imaging mode shoots sonar directly below the boat.

Together they enable him to search close by areas up to a few hundred feet to make sure he doesn’t miss any crappie’s hideout.


·        GPS & Chart Plotting:

Having GPS and chart plotting features at your disposal will help you navigate with confidence in any water territory.

They also allow you to keep track of your route as well as mark favorite fish active spots and create personal maps to ensure you could revisit productive locations without bumping into unnecessary obstacles.

Prefer a device with built-in GPS and mapping in order to spend time in productive waters rather than taking a shot in the dark.



Q. What is the best fish finder for crappie?

If you are on a restricted budget, the top choices are;

1. Lucky Handheld Portable Fish Finder
2. Garmin Striker 4 – Best Fish Finder for Kayaking.
3. Humminbird Piranhamax 4 DI
4. Deeper Pro+ Chirp – Best for Shoreline Crappie Fishing.
5. Lowrance Hook2 4X – Best Value Fish Finder for Crappie.

On the other hand, if your priority is something similar to high-end products, these offer good value for the money;

  • Humminbird Helix7 Chirp MSI
  • Garmin Striker 7SV
  • Lowrance Hook2 9
  • Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro
  • Humminbird Helix 5 Chirp


Q. What depth is the best for crappie fishing?

Crappies swap their residing depth according to the change in the season. They move back to shallower sections of water with a minimum depth of 10 feet during the fall.

In the winter season, you will find schools of crappies hovering above the structure at around 20-30 feet depth range.

Similarly, during the daytime, when they are less active, you will find them gathered around weed beds or submerged objects – boulders or logs. They are more active during dawn and dusk when they swim towards open water or shore for feeding.


Q. What are the most popular baits for crappie fishing?

Jigs, live minnows or wobblers are some of the most popular baits for crappie fishing. However, the diet of both black and white crappie is pretty diverse. Adult crappies primarily feed on smaller species of fish, including the younger predators like walleye and northern pike. So, anglers often use chum or live groundbait through different techniques to attract crappies to a designated spot for hooking or spearing.


Q. What is the best method for catching crappie?

Angling is a popular and the most effective technique for crappie fishing. Fishermen using boats for crappie fishing mostly use the ‘spider rigging’ technique. However, this method is considered illegal in some waters. For example, In Minnesota, an angler can is allowed to use only one rod in the open water season.
Other common ways for catching crappie include employing spinnerbaits, using soft lures or minnows with trolling motors, casting light jigs or using bobbers.
Crappies are popular targets among ice anglers as well.


Q. Which is better for crappie fishing, Side Imaging or Down Imaging?

It depends on the depth you fish for crappie. Side Imaging serves best in shallow areas. So, when your target is concentrated in shallower parts of the water, Pick the best side-imaging fish finder.
Contrarily, down imaging helps deeper fishermen. Therefore, choose the best down-imaging fish finder when your desired prey is suspended vertically deep near the bottom or structure.


Crappie being smaller than some other fish makes anglers anxious because it becomes quite a challenge to know which fish finder will successfully detect it, especially when it is hidden in weeds near the bottom during cold temperature. We have mentioned some of the best fish finders for crappies with variant price range and features along with a simple buying guide to help fishers find the right electronic device without wasting time in days-long search. Once you’ve the appropriate gadget in hand, all you’ll need is a jig and minnow to successfully complete your mission in both pre and post-spawn seasons.


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