10 Best Fish Finder Under $300 Reviews [2023] – Buyer’s Guide

By Wade Johnson

Best Fish Finder Under $300

The success of fishing excursions depends largely on the type of fish finder and the number of features and technologies it is parenting.

There’s a catch though.

The higher you go on the number of features, the higher the price rises which isn’t feasible for many fishermen.

Things will work out great if you go for the best fish finder under 300.

The said price range offers a nice balance between too cheap and too expensive.

Not to mention, in the number of nifty features as well. Many brands have a collection of high-precision devices, at this price, with clear and bright screens to help you monitor the activities below the water surface and timely cast a line to land fish one after another.

Best Fish Finder Under $300 (in 2023) Reviews


In the article below, we have drafted a list of 10 best fish finders under $300. These units are replete with power and functions to help you track fish without burning your finances.

The buyer’s guide will help you more to locate the right product instantly.


Top Fish Finder Under $300 Comparison Table

Product Name
Humminbird 410190-1 Helix 5
Helix 5
Fish Finder
Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 with Transducer, 3.5 GPS Fishfinder review with Chirp Traditional Transducer
-00 Striker 4
Fish Finder
Garmin Striker Plus 5cv with Transducer, 5 GPS Fishfinder with CHIRP Traditional and ClearVu Scanning Sonar Transducer and Built In Quickdraw Contours Mapping Software
Plus 5cv
Fish Finder
Lowrance HOOK Reveal 5x SplitShot - 5-inch Fish Finder with SplitShot Transducer, GPS Plotter
Reveal 5x
Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 Fish finder
Helix 5 G2
Fish Finder
Deeper Chirp Smart Sonar Phone Castable Wireless Fishfinder Depth Finder Portable Fish Finder for Kayaks Boat Shore Ice Fishing Gifts Kayak Fishing Gear
Chirp Smart
Fish Finder
Eyoyo Portable 9 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder 1000TVL Fishing Camera Waterproof Underwater DVR Video Cam 15m Cable 12pcs IR Infrared LED for Ice,Lake and Boat Fishing
Fishing Camera
Fish Finder
Garmin Striker 4cv with Transducer, 4 GPS Fishfinder with CHIRP Traditional and ClearVu Scanning Sonar Transducer and Built In Quickdraw Contours Mapping Software
Striker 4cv
Fish Finder
Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar - GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder for Shore and Ice Fishing, Black, 2.55 (DP1H10S10)
Pro+ Smart
Fish Finder
Humminbird 410170-1 PIRANHAMAX 4 PT (Portable) Fish Finder
Piranhamax 4
PT (410170-1)
Fish Finder


1.    Humminbird 410190-1 Helix 5 – Best Sonar Fish Finder Under $300

Humminbird 410190-1 Helix 5 Best Sonar Fish Finder Under $300


We start this show by putting our best foot forward through Humminbird’s 410190-1 Helix 5 model because there are challenges to win, fish to catch.

Summoning the power of Dual Beam Plus sonar, the device covers a vast area and picks up more detail, giving you a wholesome view of the surrounding.

Fish, landscape and vegetation, all are displayed on the screen in a discernible manner. 5” display with TFT coloured graphics allow you to note everything being presented with utmost clarity because today is the day when you will return with your prized catch to gloat about.

Besides picking up on fish, the unit has also got a tough spine to pick a fight with adverse weather conditions and come out victorious. It’s not going to bail out on you, that’s as unbreakable a promise as the one drawn in blood.

Also, with Switch Fire sonar carrying Max and Clear modes, you can make things further convenient for you by allowing or barring the amount of sonar data from being presented at once for analysing.

Lastly, armed with a GPS and built-in Basemap charts, the unit ensures you stay on the right track while chasing after targets.


  • Tough built.
  • Dual Beam Plus sonar picks up almost everything, including fish, lying below the surface.
  • 5” display screen depicts underwater terrain vividly.
  • Comes with a GPS and detailed Basemaps.


  • Complaints about faulty description.
  • Mounting bracket isn’t included.

Final Verdict:

Despite a few flaws, Humminbird 410190-1 Helix 5 is still regarded as the best value fish finder because its Dual Beam Plus sonar along with GPS and Basemaps support allows you to accurately pick the fish activity and bottom details.


2.    Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 – Best Top Pick overall Fish Finder Under $300

Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 Best Top Pick overall Fish Finder Under $300


Garmin Striker 4 is revered for its quality to present you in a simple way everything deemed necessary for fish hunting.

Although small and portable, the unit is equipped with powerful Chirp and ClearVu sonars to deliver bottom and fish detail in a discernible manner at a lightning speed; it doesn’t want the cunning target to slip through your clutches.

Whether you want to try luck in freshwater or saltwater, it’s going to pick fish for you – as deep as 1600ft in former and to a 750ft depth in latter application. On top of that, flasher mode is available in case you want to test frozen waters.

The small 3.5” display doesn’t seem a flaw when information related to fish, bottom structure and other underwater objects is presented with photographic-like clarity.

Fish hunting in itself can be intimidating especially when you’ve recently joined the sport, Garmin Striker 4 doesn’t want you getting tangled in complicated settings. Therefore the setup and keyed menu are kept simple and beginner-friendly.

Another thing that could intimidate an angler, even the seaside ones, is losing track while chasing after the target.

No such nightmare will occur with this one because you’ll have assistance from built-in waypoint map and GPS; mark spots, navigate or anything else, it will offer necessary aid to reach the desired location.


  • Compact size fits perfectly in small boats.
  • Chirp and ClearVu sonars provide optimum detail at a fast pace.
  • Its operation is simple.
  • Versatile design is compatible with a variety of fishing applications.


  • Its functioning gets affected by water splashes.
  • Protective bag isn’t included.

Final Verdict:

Garmin Striker 4 stays at the top when anglers search for the best fish finder under 300 because of its simplicity and accuracy. The unit allows users to gather maximum detail about things below the water surface without getting lost in unnecessary complexities.


3.    Garmin Striker Plus 5cv – Best Transducer Fish Finder Under $300

Garmin Striker Plus 5cv Best Transducer Fish Finder Under $300


Garmin Striker Plus 5cv is a model that is placed among the best affordable Garmin fish finders for its ability to allow anglers to exercise maximum control over their fishing game.

For a portable model, the Chirp and ClearVu sonar scan parent a considerable punch of power to carry out an in-depth search of the aquatic realm.

Fish or contour, you get a clear picture of where everything is lying below the boat. Do you know what else gives you a clear picture, quite literally? Its bright and colourful screen.

At 5” wide, every icon is presented in a clear and distinguishing manner on the display thereby allowing you to instantly decipher the perfect spot for the lure.

Say goodbye to anxiousness and fear because this model employs GPS and QuickDraw Contours software to let you navigate and fish with the confidence of a master.

When you keep getting correct coordinates along with an opportunity to identify key waypoints, tracks and landmarks, it becomes evident that you’ll never have to fear losing your way during the chase.

More impressively, commanding all these functions is as easy as taking a stroll in a park.


  • Durable and compact structure.
  • ClearVu sonar promises a thorough insight of underwater terrain.
  • Vivid display of information on a 5” large screen.
  • In-built GPS and contour cartography enables you to overcome navigational hurdles.
  • Easy peasy use.


  • Absence of instruction manual bothers less-experienced anglers.
  • Inconsistency in GPS is observed sometimes.

Final Verdict:

Garmin Striker Plus 5cv acquires top slots due to its space-efficient size and in-depth sonar scans. Its GPS might give glitches sometimes yet fishermen consider it as the best economical fish finder.


4.    Lowrance HOOK Reveal 5x – Best Value Fish Finder Under $300

Lowrance HOOK Reveal 5x SplitShot Best Value Fish Finder Under $300


Lowrance HOOK Reveal 5x is an enticing option when you want an extra punch of power for instant results without having to break a bank.

The SplitShot transducer combining the effectiveness of Chirp sonar and Downscan Imaging doesn’t just perform the task; it kicks every competitor out of the game with its detailed search of the world below your boat.

With this unit at hand, you can go for kill shots one after another because the Fish Reveal function will reveal an on-point location of the fish, like the one you see in games where there’s a big red X on a target specifying where to shoot him.

Furthermore, its Solarmax screen gives it the qualities of a daredevil, ready to take on any challenging situation.

Blinding sunlight, dark in the night or gloomy rainy weather, these external factors will not keep you away from your hunt because the display will keep showing a clear picture of the fish and other information regardless of the weather conditions.

Now comes the trouble…you will have to learn and memorize the ins and outs of a selected territory because it doesn’t come with pre-installed maps.

Don’t worry though; there’s a fully functional, high-precision GPS plotter along with software for drawing bathymetric maps. They will do the memorising part once you feed critical waypoints and routes in the system.


  • Rugged and waterproof.
  • Delivers an in-depth scan of the aquatic terrain with an on-point fish position.
  • Screen portrays bright and intelligible information regardless of the lighting condition.
  • GPS plotter and customized cartography permit users to conveniently reach designated spots.


  • Neither built-in maps nor SDcard is present.
  • Lack of networking functions.

Final Verdict:

Lowrance HOOK Reveal 5x makes sure that you enjoy a sophisticated-like fishfinder with advanced SideScan Imaging and special fish revealing features, for successful target acquisition, regardless of budget restraint.


5.    Humminbird 410210-1 Helix 5 – Best CHIRP GPS G2 Fish Finder Under $300

Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX 5 Best CHIRP GPS G2 Fish Finder Under $300


When it’s a matter of putting on a show of power, Humminbird Helix 5 410210-1 is the name that carries those magical tricks, required to ace the game, without leaving you almost bankrupt.

Getting the wizardry of Chirp Digital Dual Beam Plus sonar under $300? It’s a steal!

This cutting-edge sonar feature allows you to initiate a quick, accurate and thorough search of a wide area at once. With such airtight surveillance at work, a fish can only escape your radar if it’s wearing an invisibility cloak.

Since that’s not possible, you will be entertained with a crisp view of fish alongside structures and vegetation on a 5” display.

You get a further boost of confidence with GPS chart plotting and built-in Anima mapping.

Meaning, not only will you always stay on the right track during the search but you’ll also be able to devise the best possible strategy, thanks to its ability to support additional maps and note crucial waypoints.


  • Well-constructed, compact unit.
  • Improved Chirp Dual Beam Plus sonar present detail about surrounding territory with unprecedented accuracy and swiftness.
  • Features built-in GPS chart plotter and customised mapping for confident navigation.
  • 5” screen exposes sonar information with remarkable clarity.
  • Perfect for offshore fishing.


  • Its non-networking design is a slight put off.
  • Confusing description of some features.

Final Verdict:

If you want a fish finder capable of carrying out a thorough search of a given terrain without compromising accuracy and details, Humminbird Helix 5 410210-1 with Dual Beam Plus sonar is ideal for the job.


6.    Deeper Chirp Smart Sonar – Best User-Friendly Fish Finder Under $300

Deeper Chirp Smart Sonar Best User Friendly Fish Finder Under $300


Not everyone fancies the hassle of mounting a transducer, so we found the best castable fish finder under $300.

Continuing with Deeper’s spotless reputation, this Chirp Smart Sonar castable fish finder also not just contains ruggedness, but award-worthy performance and versatility as well.

Perhaps that’s why it is found to be relatively costlier than other portable members of this clan. However, there’s no need to hesitate because backed by a 5-year warranty means it’s a safe bet.

It is lauded for delivering accurate results at supersonic speed, which is an attribute of triple-beam frequency.

Once you throw it at a considerable distance of 330ft, the rays expose fish position and underwater scene up to 330ft depth with tremendous clarity in the blink of an eye.

So, that’s how my friends you become able to outsmart the cunning prey and hook it.

It’s more than just a fish finder. It can be used as a portable fishing journal as well as a fishing planner.

In the former mode, it permits you to sketch personal maps, underline waypoints and store memorable data of previous fishing expeditions while in the latter format, with the help of Fish Deeper App, you can map a waterbody in advance to maximize productivity in future ventures.


  • Admirable quality.
  • Promises crystal clear view of fish location and underwater landscape to a 330ft depth.
  • Can transform into a fishing diary as well as a planner.
  • Connectivity remains functional even when cast 330ft far.
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty.


  • A little expensive for a fish finder of this kind.
  • Deciphering the instruction manual is challenging.

Final Verdict:

If you want a fish finder that can do more than just primary fish tracking yet is very easy to operate, bet your money on Deeper Chirp Smart Sonar. The unit is a bit costlier, but speedy and accurate results combined with a 5-year warranty make it worth the splash of cash.


7.    Eyoyo – Best Good Looking Fish Finder Under $300

Eyoyo Portable 9 inch LCD Monitor Best Good Looking Fish Finder Under $300


A fishing camera coming with a large screen and a promise of high-resolution filming of the marine realm under the price of $300; what would you call it other than a once in a blue moon chance? That’s Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera in a nutshell.

Employing a plasma-like 9” large screen with 1024×600 pixels presents a breathtaking view of the underwater world.

Besides, the beauty of the aquatic landscape is enhanced tenfold because this camera is upgraded and comes loaded with 1280×720 resolution which implicates a cinematic-like vibrant and clear imagery.

Another highlighting aspect of this upgraded version is that it employs a DVR function thereby allowing you to record those captivating scenes and directly load them on a phone or computer.

There’s an 8GB memory card included in the package to help you store that data that you don’t want to lose.

Day or night, lighting conditions will not hinder your chase because there are 12pcs IR lights adorned on the camera.

When turned on, these will provide a steady flow of lighting to help you stay hot on your target’s trail even in darker environments.


  • Upgraded camera offers a high-resolution real-life-like enticing picture.
  • 9” large screen with sun-visor portrays vibrant scenes of the underwater world.
  • Video recording function allows loading the film directly on a computer or phone.
  • Memory card to store data.
  • Adorned with 12 IR lights to overcome the dark environment.


  • Adjusting the camera in a horizontal position is a bit difficult.
  • Instructions are a little vague.

Final Verdict:

Those fishermen who want to acquire a high-resolution fishing camera with improved features at a more affordable price will find Eyoyo Fishing camera an enticing option. This amazing fishing camera entertains you with excellent quality underwater photos in both kayak and ice fishing.


8.    Garmin Striker 4cv – Best Affordable Fish Finder Under $300 with Transducer

Garmin Striker 4cv Best Affordable Fish Finder Under $300 with Transducer


When you want to keep things small, simple and with only that amount of features that talks the talk without compromising affordability, Garmin Striker 4cv appears top on the list of eligible candidates.

The compact unit with a 4.3” diagonal screen makes it the best portable fish finder for ice fishing and kayak fishing as well.

Anglers, especially weekend warriors, love this device because the decent size of the display paired with intuitive controls offers a great quality picture of the underwater scenes without having to constantly fuss with adjustments.

Alluding to the title, the rugged transducer with a 300W power is designed to handle almost any fishing environment.

Plus, its built-in support for Chirp and ClearVu sonar ensure you pick everything below the boat including fish and contours with astounding clarity.

Furthermore, it deserves to be called one of the best fish finders GPS combo under $300 because the built-in GPS permits you to jot down waypoints and draw routes while the built-in QuickDraw Contours software allows you to bring forth your inner artist to sketch contour maps.

In short, smooth sailing in every sense of the word!


  • Rugged unit with a transducer.
  • Chirp and ClearVu bring clearer data of the things below the boat.
  • Large screen exhibits a sharp view of sonar information.
  • Pre-installed GPS and custom contour mapping software to maximize productivity.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Large size of the transducer makes it cumbersome to use in some fishing applications.
  • No SDcard slot and preloaded maps.

Final Verdict:

Garmin Striker 4cv comes with everything that you would need to quickly track a fish and seize it. The built-in navigational support along with a powerful transducer makes it the best value fish finder for shallow water fishing.


9.    Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar – Best Brand Wireless Fish Finder Under $300

Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar Best Brand Wireless Fish Finder Under $300


To yield more fish, you need a fish hunter infused with pro-like proficiency. Only one name comes to mind that fits the criteria and budget range: Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar.

The unit, although portable, is capable of offering hours of vigilance for tracking a fish.

Thanks to dual-beam sonar, the surveillance is extended to a 330ft wide area and 260ft depth simultaneously to pick even the camouflaged finned target.

What appeals to anglers more is its no-fuss setup. Wireless connectivity puts a full stop to all internet device-related junk, and just requires you to do a few clicks to sync it to your phone, and off you go!

More goodness coming your way. It gains an edge over rivalling models because the built-in GPS is not just a mechanism for giving directions.

Rather, it’s a multi-talented dude that helps you put your observations into maps and charts and have them archived in a Lake Book for reviewing when feeling nostalgic.

Lastly, this versatile little fella will enable you to have an exhilarating venture and return with a few prized catches, whether it’s ice fishing, kayaking, offshore fishing or shoreline fishing.


  • Portable and versatile.
  • Internal GPS keeps you on track and enables you to draw maps simultaneously.
  • Wireless connectivity makes its setup easier.
  • Dual-beam sonar covers a wider area and penetrates deeper at once to track fish.


  • Battery expires prematurely.
  • Results are incorrect when the unit is lying motionless.

Final Verdict:

Despite being a portable and a budgeted model, Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar is regarded as one of the best affordable fish finders for a vast number of fishing scenes. Its immense popularity is attributed to dual-beam sonar and high-precision GPS mechanism.


10.   Humminbird Piranhamax 4 – Best Top Rated Fish Finder Under $300

Humminbird 410170-1 PIRANHAMAX 4 PT Best Top Rated Fish Finder Under $300


We are wrapping the show with one of the best value Humminbird fish finders, a treat for those who want to have a big name like Humminbird in their fishing arsenals without burning a hole through their pockets.

The unit enjoys immense popularity because of the dual-beam sonar; highly accurate and incredibly wider coverage that is hard to be seen in models of this cadre.

These sonar beams are powered to immerse as deep as 320ft below the water surface to not just identify fish, but also expose the overall underwater landscape with clarity.

No wonder you know where rocks and reefs are to steer your vessel and lure on time for successfully snagging the elusive target.

The other highlighting aspect is its diagonal display with 4.3” colour TFT screen that blows all your suspicions away. The picture presented on it is so bright and clear that it’s unfathomable why one wouldn’t be able to catch at least one target.

Beginners admire this particular gem more because the keyed mechanism for navigating the unit is extremely easy. A push of button here, a push of a button there, and you have mastered the art of running it.

Finally, a protective bag is also included in the package to help you safely place the unit out of harm’s way after use.


  • Dual-beam sonar initiates search horizontally as well as vertically in a waterbody.
  • 3” large diagonal display offers a clear picture with coloured graphics.
  • Beginner-friendly menu.
  • Portable unit with a protective case for convenient transportation and storage.


  • Employs just a transom mount.
  • There’s no warranty.

Final Verdict:

On-budget hobbyists and first-timers will find Humminbird Piranhamax 4 PT to be the best inexpensive fish finder because it does the work with astounding perfection and speed. The beginner-friendly operation adds more to its appeal.


Buyer’s Guide: By Selecting The Best Fish Finder Under $300 in 2023

Those who’re not proficient in fishing sport usually find it hard to figure out which model under $300 will meet their needs in the best possible way. Here’s a simple buyer’s guide that will help you how to assess different options.


  • Use

Your intended use will be the first step that will help you narrow down options of fish finders. Whether you want to mount it on a kayak or canoe; you want to go explore offshores; fish from the shoreline; search through frozen waters, or look in freshwater or saltwater.

There’s a model compatible with specific fishing types. To be on the safe side, it’s better to go for a versatile unit. It will perform equally well in all kinds of fishing applications.


  • Transducer

The transducer is that technical component upon which the whole search relies. It commands sonar waves to go underwater to bring back information.

To make sure the transducer that comes with your unit is suitable for the planned fishing scene, check its wattage and frequency. For instance, 200-300W transducers give best results in shallow waters.

Anything above that is good for deeper territories. In the case of frequency, high-frequency sonar waves will search a large segment of the area and come up with a lot of details.

However, they will not immerse deeper towards the bottom. Low frequencies offer limited details but they can penetrate hundreds of feet deep.

If you frequently search both shallow and deep water bodies, pick a product that employs dual or multiple frequencies.


  • Display

The price and quality of a fish finder don’t matter if the display is hard to see and comprehend. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure the screen is coloured and has high resolutions. That way not only the picture will be pleasing to look at, but it will also be easy to decipher the information being displayed.

Furthermore, those displays that house backlighting and split-screen settings are better than others. The former will keep the screen visible in dark environments, while the latter will present multiple pieces of information simultaneously to portray a wholesome picture.


  • GPS Mechanism

Picking out the best GPS fish finder under 300 will enable you to fish with confidence. The built-in GPS will allow you to monitor your location and note down waypoints, fishing spots as well as map routes so you could easily retrace the path to reach a specific fishing spot.

You can even find models with pre-installed maps and software for personalised contour mapping at this price range. Those fish finder GPS combo models will give you the best possible value.


  • Portability

If you explore terrains on a canoe or kayak, you need a device that could be easily mounted on the space-conscious vessel or even held in hand if need be.

For that matter, go for a compact and portable device like Garmin Striker 4cv or Humminbird Helix 5. Despite the small body, they have fairly large screens with an adequate number of features to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

If mounting a unit seems like too much effort, choose a device having the most effortless mounting mechanism or invest in a handheld device. Simple.

Another option is a castable unit. Units like Deeper Chirp Smart Sonar are not only the best in their line but also the easiest to use.

People also choose fixed fish finders in portable range. These need a one-time fixing on the watercraft. However, you will have to store your vessel under shelter after use to keep the finder safe from outdoor hazards.


  • Depth Range

It is necessary to know how deep the sonar signals can penetrate to collect information. Depth range determines whether you can search deep waters or you should remain in the shallower parts.

  • For shallow-water fishing (below 600 feet), choose devices with frequencies higher than 160kHz.
  • For mid-range depth ( 600 – 1500 feet), frequencies ranging between 100kHz – 160kHz are trustworthy.
  • For deep-water fishing (above 1500 feet), pick units with frequencies below 140kHz.


  • Weatherproof

Another critical feature that can turn your entire venture into a ‘Game Lost’ is the waterproofing of the unit. Any water-related accident will harm your device – you may have to pack up before the anticipated time – if it isn’t weatherproof. Therefore, choose a waterproof unit so that it can survive any environmental accidents.


  • Warranty

Reputable companies introduce reliable fish finders, no doubt, but a decent warranty system is still necessary. It offers peace of mind that the company will be responsible if the equipment doesn’t function as it claims. It’s an assurance that you are spending money on a genuine product. So, I suggest you prefer a fish finder that entails a warranty of at least two to three years; it’s even better if the warranty is above that.

For instance, I can bet my money on Deeper Chirp Smart Sonar. It will not disappoint you because its 5-year warranty program alone is a validation of its promising performance.


  • Other Features

If you are spending hundreds of bucks, the more handy features you get, the better it is. One of the most-coveted features is the fish symbol. It shows you fish icons on the screen instead of small arcs to improve readability.

Another helpful feature is alarm settings. Activating alarm settings for fish tracking, depth measurement and battery warns you of the approaching situation. You get ample time window to decide how to best handle the circumstances.



  • Which fish finder under $300 has the best sonar?

As per ratings and customers’ reviews, three fish finders under the affordable price range have the best sonar performance, be it detail, accuracy or speed.

  1. Humminbird Helix5
  2. Garmin Striker 4
  3. Lowrance Hook Reveal 5X


  • Which affordable fish finder has the best value for the money?

Garmin Striker 4 and Lowrance Hook Reveal 5x have the best value for the money. They give you extra sonar power with efficiency and clarity of results in versatile applications to prove worthy of your hard earnings. Several other units of Humminbird, Garmin and Lowrance coming neck and neck with these two also provide great value and service.


  • Which fishing camera is the best and most affordable?

Results show that Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera is not only the best but also the most beautiful unit available for less than $300. Its broad, high-resolution display with upgraded features makes it a promising companion for open-water fishing.

Another company whose fishing cameras might appeal to you is Moocor.


  • Which is the cheapest fish finder with a GPS chart plotter and maps?

Finding low-costing fish finders – under the $300 price range – with navigational facilities is not asking for too much anymore. You will find several fish finders that fall under the low-cost spectrum yet feature high-precision GPS chart plotters and maps.

For your convenience, Deeper Chirp Smart Sonar and Humminbird Helix5 units offer the best navigational aids without putting a dent in your wallet.



We have given you a thorough review of 10 of the best fish finders under 300. Each model is unique in its own way, but there’s one thing common in all: Come what may, they accurately detect fish. The choices might still confuse you, especially if you’re a less-experienced angler or a hobbyist, that’s why the buyer’s guide is included. With its help, you will have no trouble isolating the right product from the clan in a jiffy.


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