What to Use for Bass Fishing

By Wade Johnson

What to Use for Bass FishingTell us one person who does not love the mouthwatering taste of bass. Just plain and simple bass without the color discrimination!

If you can guess to rate it as the #1 catch in the whole of North America, you wouldn’t be wrong about it.

And catching them should not be any complex; get a rod, line, hook, and bait, and what more you could ask for?

But the thing is, the basic equipment needs to be falling under the recommended ratings, or else you would either regret what you had picked or will spend a fortune on the expensive gears that are way exorbitant for bass fishing.

Simply put, what to use for bass fishing and that too being within budget and getting only the best-recommended stuff.

The current fishing tackle might not (or might be) enough for bass catching, so you can tally everything with this exclusive bass fishing gear guide and see what you need to add/replace from your pre-owned gear.

What to Use for Bass Fishing — An Ultimate Bass Fishing Tackle Guide to Catch Them like a Pro Angler!

The good thing about the fishing gears is that they are kinda inexpensive due to their wider availability.

And catching bass is relatively easier. Anything you hook to your line and attach as bait may work. But this was the time when we were teenagers, nope? 🙂

Count it as a complete fishing sport to catch bass. For that, you do need to have all the basics and required fishing tackle in your possession.

Gone fishing for bass with the top anglers in your town, do not fall off the grid by not owning the fishing essentials to perform best in the league.

Wanna do your best? Then, do not pull off just yet!

The Bass-Rated Fishing Rod

It is all about the ratings and recommended sizes which vary from fish to fish.

And for catching bass, you will have to consider this part extremely serious for two cases;

  1. Getting the right type and size of fishing rod for bass
  2. Spending the right budget on the right fishing rod

When you have a good size and type of fishing rod learned to catch bass with, the next part is not to go for the most expensive one from the market.

Keep up with the alternatives, low-budget and highly-durable fishing rods should be your #1 concern to keep your budget within the limit!

Okay, let’s go the extra mile in bass fishing, would you? So, are you ready to get at least three fishing rods to cover different bass fishing scenarios?

Depending on what bass species you opt to catch, the fishing rod in the size of 6-foot to 9-foot would be a perfect fit.

And when it comes to power and action combined with the fishing rod, for bass fishing, the medium and medium heavy along with medium-action and heavy-action fishing rods will do best in catching various bass species.

Suppose hooking a bass (of any size) on a heavy-action and heavy-power is not a problem for the fishing rod to handle. But hooking a heavier catch on the medium-action and medium-powered fishing rod may become an unbearable challenge for most anglers.

By bringing over three fishing rods along, you can get plenty of options to fish different bass species differently.

Recommended Reel and the Line

The two of them should not go separately at the time of picking.

For reel, you should get a baitcaster or spinning reel with a gear ratio between, so pick close to 5:1 and 6:1 to best enjoy the slacking and dragging bass with ease.

The baitcaster fishing reel for bass takes in the heavy lures and drag power to pull out the heavier catches. On the other hand, the spinning reel is extremely lightweight, and winds in faster than a baitcaster but the only drawback is to attach a lightweight lure. Do not try hooking the heavy lures to it, please.

There might be some pro bass anglers going with a high gear ratio (between 7.1:1 to 8.1:1) depending on their experience. But do not match with them because they have earned it especially when you are starting out and learning your way up.

As for the fishing line for bass, we generally see three typical line types as follows;

  1. Monofilament between 6 to 12 lbs
  2. Braided line with 30 to 40 lbs
  3. Fluorocarbon 6 to 12 lbs

If your setup is quite heavier, beef up the line weight to between 15 to 20 lbs to tackle the heavy catches.

Good Hooks for Bass Fishing

See what size and type of hooks are best for bass fishing.

Right Hook Size for Bass

Catching the largemouth bass, go with 6/0 and 1/0.

For average bass species, the hooks from 2/0 and 4/0 would be a perfect fit to attach the many live baits.

As with the styles of hooks, the following should be the priority to go with your line;

  • Straight Shank
  • Offset
  • Octopus or Circular hooks

Best Types of Baits and Lures for Bass Fishing

In the end, the lures and baits will actually trigger the bass to bite on, and eventually get hooked.

So, we got several types of baits and lures to attract bass including artificial and live ones!

  • Spinnerbait
  • Minnows
  • Crankbait
  • Finesse worm
  • Swimbait
  • Tube bait
  • Topwater frog
  • Jig
  • Shiners
  • Shad
  • Worms
  • Insects
  • Leeches
  • Crawfish
  • And many more…

Got all These But No Bass Caught After Hours?

This is the real problem, with a time-awaited answer.

No doubt the bass is the kind of fish easily found in fresh and saltwater, but the thing is, they are time-sensitive.

The season plays an important role in it. And the next phase is the ‘time of day’ to go for bass fishing.

Bass are best found at the time of dawn and dusk. Seasonal-wise, spring, and fall are known to be the perfect time of the year for ultimate bass fishing.

Summer is good as well if you keep up following the routine of dawn and dusk.

Then in the sheer winter time, still the early morning seems the best time of the day where they are deadly slow, dead tired, and dead hungry and would always look for the easy bites with putting up a fight.


You have everything for what to use for bass fishing, and know when it is the best time of day and year to go for it; you are always at the edge of catching hoards of bass in one go.

So, stay wise and spend wisely on the right fishing gears exclusive for bass! Follow everything to the core, you will never regret catching this tasty and yummilicious fish species popular around the world!

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