Simrad Cruise 5 Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Simrad Cruise 5 ReviewSimrad Cruise 5 is a 5 inches compact model fishfinder and chart plotter with many features and benefits that make this an excellent platform for new and experienced users.

Although it has been in circulation for three years, it is still an excellent solution for mid-level anglers. It has a compact size and is ideal for fitting on small boats. It provides a definite edge and advantage to its user and is helpful in all kinds of environments.

It is a considerable choice because it comes from a notable brand, and not only that, it has many features that can not be ignored. Compared to other fish finders of similar specifications, it gives the cost advantages that also increase its worth.

If you are also considering buying it but are confused about its exact working and features, do not worry because we will highlight every detail about it that would help narrow down your choice. So let’s find out.

What Makes Simrad Cruise 5 Outstand Others?

Simrad cruise 5 is an excellent option for the chart plotter, fishfinder, and navigational needs. The best advantage over its competitors is its low price and high features. It provides all of the significant features of sonar, navigation, and chart plot at a considerably lower cost than the other equipment of similar specifications. Moreover, it is highly compact and is built for small and medium-sized boats so that it does not occupy too much space with its 5-inch display. Thus, according to my view these reasons are good enough to make this device different from others.

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Product Review

Simrad Cruise 5Simrad, a leading manufacturer of marine equipment based in the USA is known for its amazing products. Simrad Cruise 5 is one of the most appreciated and used fish finders and Chartplotter known for its durability and affordability. The users have considered this platform to be highly initiative and easy to use compared to similar models.

We found this fish finder very easy to install and use, and the GPS gets started immediately after powering it on. The user-friendly nature is noticed by users while using it, and all the menus and options are straightforward to navigate.

However, many users complained that it should come with a sun cover to be covered when not in use. Some users also complained that it should contain the feature of structural sonar scan that it lacks, but overall, according to my personal experience this is a good product with a reputation for user-friendliness.

It is compact, which makes it a suitable choice for small boats so that they do not get over-occupied. Moreover, it has all kinds of users ranging from beginners to experienced, making it a highly adaptive device capable of withstanding the variable demands of the user.


Sonar Capabilities

It is the most dominant feature that matters a lot in purchasing any fish finder. Regular sonar is not enough for the best experience in fishing, so this piece is equipped with something more. Dual CHIRP beam sonar with sidescan and downscan capability is not something that can quickly go ignored.

It provides a frequency range of 83/200 kHz that can be used to scan the depth of up to 1000 feet. Other than that, it has a highly customizable Fish ID, A-Scope, Bottom Lock, Auto Range, Split-Zoom, Noise Rejection, and more features that makes it able to provide the best fishing experience.

Navigation And Chartplotter

What is a Chartplotter without reliable navigation and GPS support? The device supports all types of navigational data, such as WAAS, EGNOS, and MSAS. The platform is primarily equipped with Simrad US Coastal and Worldwide Basemap charts that are highly reliable.

If you do not feel satisfied with the preloaded charts, you can have Navionics and C-MAP charts. It is an excellent tool for generating depth contour using GPS and sonar data.

Display And Control

This fish finder moreover has a convenient display and control feature that includes a 5-inch display with an 800 x 480. It offers excellent visibility from any direction at any angle due to its high-quality screen. The user can read the screen in broad daylight. Also, it is waterproof and can sustain accidental drops in freshwater.

It can be controlled by traditional arrow keys and rotary knob and is extremely easy and reliable to use even in conditions not suitable for touch screen control.



  • Dual-beam sonar with the frequency of 83/200 kHz
  • Equipped with medium and high CHIRP
  • Built-in temperature sensor included in the transducer.
  • Multiple sonar features for extra control include Fish ID, Bottom Lock, Split Zoom, A-Scope, various alarms, Auto Gain, and Noise Rejection.
  • Sonar recording options are available for later use.
  • GPS capable.
  • US Coastal and Worldwide Basemaps preloaded in the system
  • Can be equipped with Navionics and C-MAP charts.
  • Waypoint, routes, and track features are available.
  • Micro SD card slot for enhanced memory.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • IPX6 and IPX7 waterproof
  • Have two years of warranty


  • Not included with unit cover and is exposed all the time.
  • No feature of structural scan in sonar.
  • No networking feature
  • Not equipped with a remote control.


Why Should You Buy Simrad Cruise 5?

Simrad Cruise 5 is an excellent all-in-one tool for fishing needs. It is suitable for experienced anglers, but the new mariners can also benefit. If you have a small boat but want to make it high-tech. Thus, in my view it is an excellent choice for you. The real advantage comes from its price, which is affordable compared to the benefits it provides.

Final Thought

Simrad Cruise 5 is considered good and reliable by a vast majority of the anglers due to its powerful and competitive features combined with an affordable price range. It is a product that beginners can use due to its easy controls and low prices but can also serve experienced anglers due to its advanced features. This fishfinder and chart plotter will serve the user for many years to come.


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