Lowrance Elite 7 Ti2 Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Lowrance Elite 7 Ti2 Fish FinderI know a lot of passionate anglers who were heartbroken because Lowrance’s premium HDS family was out of their league – I was also one of the unlucky, tormented ones. Then, as luck would have it, Lowrance introduced Elite 7 Ti2. It has some of the best high-tech features at a pretty competitive price.

With Active Imaging, GPS Chartplotter, mapping, wireless connectivity and touchscreen display at your disposal, you can expect to have a great time finding your desired target and then capturing it.

Let me make it simpler for you. If you want to have the best premium-like unit without breaking the bank, invest in Lowrance Elite 7 Ti2. Read on to learn about its highlighting features that allow it to claim the top slots.

What Sets It Apart From Other Fishfinders?

The use of several high-tech features like Active Imaging, GPS chartplotter and mapping software are some of the prominent reasons that set it apart from the rest. It gains more edge over rivals with its user-friendly mechanism and competitive pricing.

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Our Review

Lowrance Elite 7 Ti2 Fish Finder ReviewLowrance Elite-7 Ti2 is a perfect match for all those budget-conscious hobbyists and enthusiastic anglers who wanted a top-end fishfinder but couldn’t because of the steeple price.

The unit employs a transducer having 3-in-1 Active Imaging to tell you what’s transpiring under the water. You have the privilege of activating Chirp technology, Downscan and Sidescan to reveal all the secrets of the marine world, including fish, structures, rocks and weeds. Another feature called Fish Reveal highlights the shape of the aquatic creature against the nearby terrain to make sure you never miss the catch.

Its display is another source of entertainment. You can control it via touchscreen to get an instant display of the data. Unlike the usual premium touchscreen models, navigating through this one is extremely easy. A sigh of relief!

Another fantastic aspect lies in its navigation part. The unit comes integrated with a highly efficient GPS alongside built-in high-detailing maps and customized real-time mapping. You can seek guidance from the pre-existing maps of 4000 freshwater terrains or create your own maps using Genesis Live, whichever fits the bill. You can count on its GPS to never lead you in the wrong direction.

In addition, the unit is completely wireless. Meaning, it is time to say goodbye to long, snake-like cords. Not only does this make its installation hassle-free but also allows you to share data quickly.


Active Imaging Technology (3-in1)

Lowrance Elite-7 employs a transducer that supports 3-in-1 Active Imaging to give you a good grasp of the terrain and fish activity happening below. It uses Chirp technology, Downscan and Sidescan to notice each and everything lying in the surrounding.

The depiction of the objects and target separation is spectacular, may it be the bottom terrain or fish. The clarity remains even when your boat is cruising through the water. It’s like you’re underwater and witnessing everything with naked eyes. That’s how crisp and vibrant the images are.

Fish Reveal

Elite-7 Ti2 is another term for finding and catching more fish. It hosts a feature called Fish Reveal for increasing your numbers. The benefit of Fish Reveal is that it identifies the shapes of targets and gives them contrasting forms, making them pop up against the topography. Thus, say ta-ta to the guessing game and catch your prey every time one shows on your radar.

GPS & Mapping Functions

Whether you’re visiting predefined locations or discovering new fishing regions, you’ll always know what’s the right trail or route to follow. One, the GPS antenna shows accurate coordinates without a second’s delay. In addition, you can store 3000 waypoints along with 100 plot trails and routes each in its storage. This makes revisiting certain lucrative spots easier as you will have a predefined path to follow.

You can also go to its database loaded with Inland maps of 4000 freshwater US territories for seamless navigation. These maps are thorough as they contain necessary information about the terrain’s composition and fish-holding structures.

The unit also employs the most-coveted C-Map Genesis Live feature to help you sketch high-resolution maps and highlight your favourite fishing regions. These tailor-made maps will come to your rescue where pre-existing ones will fail to serve you.

You can also transfer these maps to other devices like your phone or desktop. So, if you want to share them with friends or want to take a second look at them, all you will have to do is just tap a few keys.



  • Active Imaging technology gives a clear depiction of the bottom composition and fish.
  • Fish Reveal facilitates easy identification and catching of prey.
  • 7-inch touchscreen with SolarMax technology and backlight promises comfortable reading.
  • High-sensitivity GPS antenna and pre-existing maps ensure seamless navigation.
  • Customized cartography with Genesis Live.
  • Wireless networking promotes convenient installation and data sharing.


  • Software sharing is a bit complicated.
  • Customer service is slow.
  • Sometimes fails to read bottom depth accurately.


Why Should I Trust It With My Money?

Here are a few impressive features that make it worth your hard-earned money.

First, the unit uses remarkable technologies like Active Imaging and Fish Reveal to make sure you know what’s transpiring below. Thus, you’ll never miss a target.

Second, it has multiple navigation features, including GPS, Chartplotter and built-in detailed maps, to ensure seamless sailing through every terrain.

Thirdly, it has a sleek and clear touchscreen display that shows ultra-vibrant pictures of the marine topography.

Lastly, you no longer have to frustrate yourself with cords during installation and data sharing because it is completely wireless.

Final Thoughts

Lowrance Elite-7 Ti2 is a better and seemingly affordable alternative for its costlier siblings and competitors. The clarity and resolution of both its sonar scannings and display leave no weakness that you can criticise. Moreover, its high-sensitivity GPS complemented with cutting-edge mapping features are some other specifications that help it remain on the top.

At this price, this is one of the best fishfinder cum GPS Chartplotter laden with fancy features. herefore, I would recommend it to all serious anglers.


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