Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 Fish Finder ReviewLowrance Elite-12 Ti2 is a refreshing change for those anglers who take their passion very seriously with professional fishfinders. I call it refreshing because there’s no other way to describe it when others of premium class make you rob a bank.

My friends in the fishing fraternity would love to get this gem if not for others, then solely for its 12-inch touchscreen with coloured graphics and reasonable cost. Me? A passionate angler like me wanted more than just a pretty display. For example, Active Imaging, detailed mapping and networking support. Fortunately, all of them are present in Elite-12 Ti2. See, that’s why I fully trust it whenever I’m in the mood for an exciting chase-and-catch game. I would like for you to stay with us till the end of this review to learn all about this epic model from Lowrance’s Elite Ti2 family.

If you want a high-definition fishfinder with some pretty advanced features at an affordable price, buy Lowrance Elite 12 Ti2.

What Distinguishes It From Others?

Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 has added better Active Imaging sonars and wireless networking to set this model apart. Another distinguishing quality is that it offers bells and whistles at reasonable pricing to enhance its value for money.

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Product Review

Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 Fish FinderLowrance Elite12 Ti2 has every fancy feature that you might need to catch fish that you can have for your next meal. With cutting-edge Active Imaging technology, what type of fish can escape your radar. Whether its structure, fish or vegetation, nothing can hide from its Chirp sonar, Side Imaging and Down Imaging. Even better is that you can seek the support of anglers’ favourite Fish Reveal feature to enhance your fish-tracking ability.

Another magnificent feature is its large touchscreen with ultrasharp visuals and an easy-to-use interface. You won’t find a multi-touch mechanism here, but the bright and clear photographs don’t let you pay attention to the supposed shortcoming.

The biggest of all upgrades is in its networking functionality. The unit supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 for notifications, data sharing and software upgrades. But…and here comes the drum roll. The most noteworthy aspect is that you can network two units with it to sync waypoints and share sonar and chart data. The high-power processor promises to work speedily to save your precious time.

Speaking of which, you can fish both in newer and older water with equal confidence and swiftness. That’s because Elite-12 Ti2 provides you with the support of preloaded detailed maps along with Genesis Live for customized cartography. You will always know the routes to productive regions and thus save a lot of precious minutes.

If you want access to exciting, cutting-edge features at an affordable price point, buy Elite 12 Ti2.


Active Imaging

Like its siblings Elite 7 and 9 of the Ti2 series, this one also houses the latest Active Imaging technology. Hobbyists and serious anglers call this a treat as they get all the perks and benefits of Chirp sonar, Side Imaging and Down Imaging. Tell me a better term for it because this one precisely describes the structure, bottom landscape and fish. No, it doesn’t sacrifice range for clarity.

Those who call it the BFF of mid-tier anglers couldn’t come up with a more apt description. As evident from the name, the Fish Reveal is good at revealing fish forms separately from structures. Isn’t that enough for your killer instinct?

Mapping & Chartplotter

It won’t be wrong to call it the best fishfinder combo because the price cut doesn’t rob you of mapping and chart plotting qualities. It has a massive library of maps containing details about some 4000 US lakes to prevent you from wasting time in unproductive regions.

You can have more fun creating high-definition maps with Genesis Live. These customizable maps are good for indicating those hidden ditches and drop-offs where fish often take shelter.

Like finding fish, navigation is equally challenging, especially in newer regions. For that purpose, Elite-12 Ti2 has integrated a route planning system. You can command it to lay out the shortest and safest track for you to save your time.

Networking & Connectivity

You can enjoy all the perks of wireless networking and Bluetooth connectivity for data sharing, updates and smartphone notifications. In simple terms, you can share helpful sonar and chart data; download maps; receive software updates and smartphone notifications without requiring wires. You don’t have to take out your phone every time it beeps. The message will appear on the unit’s display.


The touchscreen display of this unit also deserves a few words. It’s a SolarMAX display with a wide colour palette and backlight setting to make sure pictures appear more sharply and brightly. On top of that, the touchscreen system is not complicated at all. You can control it easily with your fingertips.



  • A wide and coloured display exhibits high-quality pictures.
  • Touchscreen control is easy.
  • Preloaded charts and customizable mapping are available.
  • Active Imaging and Fish Reveal facilitate accurate fish tracking.
  • Networking and connectivity functions promise quick updates, data sharing and notifications.
  • Great value for money.


  • Limited portability.
  • 12-months limited warranty.
  • Some users complained about minor software issues.


Why Should You Buy It?

You should buy it because:

– Sonar features along with Fish Reveal identify everything below the water accurately and in great detail. Thus, you now have a chance to easily and quickly capture your desired target.

-With its impressive navigation and connectivity features, you can now have more fun catching tracking and catching fish, even in foreign regions.

-Finally, its touchscreen display with easy control and clean and bright pictures is another source of joy.

Final Words

Let’s wrap it up. Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 has what it takes to be called the best value for money fishfinder combo. Features like Active Imaging, mapping, chart plotting, wireless connectivity and networking are sure to pique the interest of any angler or hobbyist who takes the game seriously.

So, if you’re a passionate angler looking for a good high-end-like device that is also good price-wise, you should consider buying this one.


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