Humminbird Helix 5 Fish Finder Review (2023) – Unbiased Opinion

By Wade Johnson

Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 Fish finder reviewHumminbird Helix 5 has been making rounds in the fishing arena for quite some time.

Not just because of the brand’s insignia but for the strength and accuracy it’s hiding in a compact body.

Helix 5 GPS G2 is the preferred choice of kayakers and anglers for its ability to turn into a beast when it comes to action on the water.

Which can be attributed to its superior sonar and navigation capabilities.

In the article below, we’re going to give you a detailed tour of Humminbird’s mastery to let you know what all the commotion is about and to assure you that going for this will be one of your best and safest investments for years.

What makes Humminbird Helix 5 stand out?

When put along with others of the same class, Humminbird Helix 5 will outshine all due to its unmatchable accuracy and detailed imagery of the aquatic terrain within your vessel’s proximity. Far or deep, big or small, there’s no chance of missing a target on its watch.


Our Humminbird Helix 5 Fish Finder Review

Humminbird 410210-1 Helix 5 is by far the simplest definition of the best affordable and portable fish finder for kayaks and small boats.

It’s a mini-miracle, alluding to price and compact size, as the presence of side/down imaging coupled with Chirp and dual beam sonar gives you an in-depth view of the events occurring around your boat, not to mention with remarkable clarity.

The screen is a mere 5” large but capable of supplying high resolution and vibrant imagery along with LED backlight mode thereby keeping kayakers and anglers sated.

You’ll be on a roll because this also has an inborn GPS complemented by built-in cartography to ensure not only you navigate with peace of mind but also keep a diary of waypoints and routes to help you reach your favorite fishing points without difficulty, preventing you from initiating the scanning process again.

Finally, it comes with a 500Wl transducer paired with a gimbal mount to ensure things remain nicely under budget. In short, buying this means: Always have a blast!



We found the 5” wide display quite extraordinary because, first, such clarity of view supplied by such a small screen is astounding.

Besides, the colored display along with high resolution results in a picture so vibrant and clear that you feel like you yourself are under the water watching a live scene unfold before you.

Also, you can split the screen into two halves to get imaging for chart plotting yet surprisingly the quality and accuracy of the display remains intact.

Side/Down Imaging

While more and more fish finders are employing side imaging at reasonable prices, Humminbird Helix 5 still remains the mother of all because it was among the first few to introduce side imaging under $500 which means this one still works better than the rest. After all mother knows best!

So, you get a 180-degree scan of surrounding terrain in a jiffy to know whether you need to stop for a hunt or proceed with your search.

Thanks to the down Imaging, you will get a crystal clear picture of what’s cooking right under your vessel and also be able to concentrate fully on finding a specific target.


Humminbird Helix 5 (410210-1) is among those “chosen ones” that feature a built-in transducer, a beastly-powered one might I add. This 500W beast can figure out water temperature and delve up to 1500ft depth, giving you a perfect weapon for offshore fishing.

The transducer looks big but comes with a gimbal mount so keeping it glued in place doesn’t remain a challenge anymore.

Navigation Features

You need confidence in the water and Humminbird Helix 5 ensures you get plenty of it with its built-in GPS and base maps.

These give you a lucid account of underwater terrain, ensuring you are fully familiarized with the territory to navigate comfortably even with closed eyes.

In addition, you can create more comprehensive maps using AutoChart Live to highlight routes, trails, and waypoints to make sure you’ve got an account of your favorite fishing spots.

There’s an SDcard slot so you will have no trouble saving your records for your next visit.

Other Features of Humminbird Helix 5

You also get features like fish alarm, SwitchFire sonar, Chirp and Dual Beam Plus sonar. These are like sprinkles on your ice cream, embellishing it and at the same time satiating your taste buds with additional flavors.

Meaning, these additional features boost your fishing skills by letting you decide how much coverage and detailing you to want simultaneously while notifying you of the presence of the desired target to let you effectively deal with on-hand situations.



  • Portable.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Multiple sonar features with impressive accuracy.
  • Side/Down imaging.
  • Backlit coloured display shows a vibrant and clear view.
  • Internal GPS with basemap charts and customized cartography.
  • Built-in transducer with 500W power.


  • Lacks networking features.
  • There’s no battery saving mode.
  • Might be a bit pricier for some anglers.


Why should you buy Humminbird Helix 5?

The first and most compelling reason to buy this one is that you get features like Side and Down Imaging along with a brilliant display without a huge splash of cash.

Secondly, all these tournament-grade features are locked in a portable and waterproof body to make sure it could accompany you on almost any kind of fishing venture.

Finally, including a powerful transducer actually makes this whole deal a steal.

Bottom Line:

Humminbird 410210-1 Helix 5 deserves to be called the best fish finder under $500 because, one, the design oozes class and exclusivity of those out-of-range deluxe units. Secondly, you get to enjoy some advanced and latest features that competing models have yet to introduce within the budget-friendly cost spectrum. Kayakers and anglers will have a blast since this one is pretty compact yet surprisingly loaded with cutting-edge features to make sure their limited budget doesn’t rob them of a chance of playing in the big leagues. In conclusion, buy it if you want a taste of an elite-class fish finder without burning a hole through your pocket./p>

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