Humminbird Helix 9 Mega SI+ Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Humminbird Helix 9 Reviews 2021 - Pros, Con, Spec & Features

It wouldn’t be called fishing if your fishing trip is bereft of actual fish by the end of the excursion.

Your hours-long effort and hundreds of bucks both will go to waste if even the flashiest of fish finders that you possess are incapable of locating a fish.

We don’t want you to go through this heartache that’s why we decided to introduce you to Humminbird Helix 9, an expensive fish finder that actually garners results.

With the presence of Switch Fire sonar, GPS chart plotter built-in contour maps and a large crystal clear screen, there’s no logical answer as to why you won’t snag fish when Helix 9 is assisting you.

Buy it because this is the pawn that will let you checkmate your opponent, the fish, in a fishing game every time.

What Makes Humminbird Helix 9 Stand Out?

Humminbird Helix 9 (409920-1) stands out from the crowd because of its unparalleled clarity of view showcased on a large screen. The unit offers just the right amount of nifty features to keep things interesting and spicy for serious anglers.


Our Humminbird Helix 9 Fish Finder Review

You call it the best humminbird fish finder, we call it the Humminbird Helix 9. Contrary to what you would expect from a device carrying a 9-inch screen, this one isn’t unwieldy.

In fact, it’s quite lightweight and can be easily installed on a boat as long as it’s not small. You should know that this isn’t one of those Helix 9 models that come with Side Imaging or Down Imaging. Instead, this one has a Chirp sonar paired with the Dual Beam Switch Fire feature.

Needless to say, you will get a crystal clear image of critters as well as the bottom structure below the vessel.

Since it will be a shame to spend wads of cash and not get GPS and preinstalled maps, Humminbird has ensured that you get the navigational assistance required to reach the fruitful spots even when you’re trolling through uncharted waters.

Not only will you know your whereabouts but also the whereabouts of your target and the way to return to that prime spot that you found while trolling.

Even more mind blowing is the ethernet networking capability of this unit and dual card readers. Meaning, you’ve the extra storage for installing updates and storing as much data as you want along with the ability to connect with other devices to share the amazing intel.

The only downside is that we found it hard to find any potential flaw except, of course, the expensive price; if it’s even a flaw.

All in all, purchase it if you’re an avid angler with no leash on budget and itching to get your hands on a premium quality fish finder with swoon-worthy looks and performance.


Chirp & Dual Beam Switch Fire

The 2D Chirp sonar of this model is better than the traditional sonar because it promises you a thorough search of a vast area to make you aware of the on-goings beneath your boat.

Switch Fire can arguably be referred to as the crowning feature of this device. It offers two modes: Max and Clear. Clear operates at 200kHz which means it lacks the strength to penetrate hundreds of feet deep.

So when you’re in choppy or shallower waters, this mode will help you get a clutterless picture of things lying below the surface.

You can switch to Max mode, having a beam of 83kHz, to ensure you have on radar everything that’s present under the water. The image will be blurry though.


Its 9” large screen is ideal for those anglers who want a bigger picture. It’s not a touchscreen but the clarity of view will not let you complain. The backlit display showcases vibrant images of sonar readings regardless of the lighting conditions.

Navigational Capabilities

Whether you’re navigating through familiar or unfamiliar territory, Helix 9 with its detailed built-in basemaps and internal GPS mechanism make sure not only you’ve contour details of a selected waterbody but also know your way back to shore or that prime section where you previously caught a number of prey.

Apart from providing coordinates, GPS will help you observe your vessel’s speed and program an array of waypoints and routes in the system.

Other Features

Among a laundry list of features, ethernet networking and dual SDcard slots are also present.

Former will help you sync with other fish detectors and share useful information with  fishermen while later expanding the storage capacity to ensure you could install and save as many updates and data as you want.

The package also includes a cover to securely place the gadget after/during use.



  • Well-built and lightweight.
  • Installation and operating systems can be learned in a jiffy.
  • 9” large screen with backlight mode offers a realistic-like clear picture both during sunlight and nighttime.
  • Dual Beam Plus sonar and Switch Fire bring clutterless images of bottom structure, weeds and fish.
  • Accurate GPS and detailed preloaded charts.
  • Dual SDcard slots and ethernet networking.



Why Should You Buy Humminbird Helix 9 Fish Finder?

From looks to clarity of view to accurate identification of elusive targets, Humminbird Helix 9 has it all to enthral even the choosiest of fishermen. It’s a high-costing piece but without the scourge of unnecessary flashy features and actually delivers on its promise of helping you capture fish in a jiffy.

Final Verdict

Humminbird Helix 9 is among those rare jewels that are so impeccably crafted that captures anglers’ attention instantly. The unit is a bit expensive, justifiable by large display with ultra-clear graphical representation of the underwater world and accurate sonar functions along with navigational aid. If you’re a voracious angler looking for a beast of a fish finder capable of detecting fish for you regardless of the weather and lighting conditions, definitely buy Humminbird Helix 9.

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