Garmin Panoptix Livescope Review of 2022

By Wade Johnson

Garmin Panoptix Livescope ReviewAlways look out for new innovative devices to make your fishing efficient. Garmin Panoptix live scope is one of the latest innovations in the fish-finding industry and has somehow revolutionized the fishing experience of anglers.

It is an underwater sonar system. Unlike other conventional systems, it is highly sophisticated and advanced, allowing the user to see the fish, structures, and many underwater things with great accuracy and high resolution. It is so advanced that some anglers take it as an unfair advantage, but others take it as a golden opportunity and a life-changing instrument.

In this article, we will look at the Garmin Panoptix live scope review, pros, cons, applications, and features that would be helpful if you are considering buying that and want to have a complete analysis. So let’s bring it on.


What Makes Garmin Panoptix Livescope Outstand Others?

Many features of the Garmin Panoptix Livescope make it a better option than other fishfinders, such as its ability to provide a 360-degree scan from 200 feet. It provides clear images with high accuracy without any delay, which makes it an absolute real-time fish finder and a game-changer.  Thus, in my view, these features together make this device different from others.

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Product Review

Garmin Panoptix Livescopee.JPGGarmin headquartered in Switzerland is a successful marine device manufacturer and designer with a huge range of experience and products. Well, Garmin panoptix live scope is  arguably one of the most popular yet the most powerful fish finders out there. It provides the live imaging of the underwater activities of the fish from the constant sonar scan. Most of the anglers are not interested in the technical details of the sonar, so we shall avoid them. The anglers love to have the fish finder that delivers the most accurate reading that is easy to understand and interpret.

Many brands advertise their product as real-time imaging, but they are mostly delayed by a few seconds. On the other hand, the Garmin panoptix live scope is so on time that you can compare it to the underwater camera capable of seeing every hidden object.

It provides the information with great details to identify the directions of fish with their type. It can tell the anglers what the fish are doing underwater.It has three different modes of scan that provide clear images in every direction. It is equipped with a side-scan sonar that provides excellent side imaging details to the user. It is good to find out about the front of the boat or to find the fishes near the shoreline. It also tells a lot about the fishes hiding under vegetation or rocks.

The second mode is the down view sonar, which is traditional sonar. It provides the live scan underneath the boat and is also used for depth estimation and bottom finding but with much greater accuracy. Finally, the third mode is the perspective view, which combines a down-scan and side-scan sonar. It is highly accurate within 20 feet of water and is best suited for a complete scan of surroundings.

Moreover, it has a range of 200 feet, and it provides the results of insanely great details. While some users claim that the accuracy somewhat decreases beyond 100 feet but is still a lot more than a conventional fish finder could ever provide.

The thing that annoys the anglers a lot is the distortion in the sonar output due to interference and vibration, and removes all of that. It has an AHRS system that controls all of the vibration produced from either the waves, the vibration of the trolling motor, or the weather and provides continuous and accurate results.


Real-Time Imaging

The greatest feature of this device is its ability to display underwater imaging in real-time, just like looking directly into the water. Most of the fish finder results are delayed by a few seconds, which means that the results shown on the screen might not be there at the time. With the Garmin panoptix live scope, you can see the live activity of fish and their direction and throw the bait in that direction.

Three Modes

It offers the user three different modes. Sidescan view sonar provides a detailed view of the boat in great detail. Side scanning sonar is great for finding the fishes near the shoreline in murky waters.

The high-depth downscan mode is similar to conventional fish finders and is used to find what is under the boat. It is also a great tool for following the different contours.

The perspective mode can combine down and side imaging to provide detailed and comprehensive 3D imaging. It works best in 20 feet of water and provides a highly detailed view underwater.

Image Stabilization And High Range

The image stabilization of this device is outstanding, and it provides clear images underwater, even in rough water or with the vibration of a trolling motor. Other fishfinders have reduced accuracy in murky water, heavy vegetation, trolling motor vibration, or weather that impacts fishing efficiency, but all of these issues are solved with these models.

It also provides a high range of scans of up to 200 feet. The image quality might get distorted at more than 100 feet, but still, it has the quality to identify the targets better than many other fish finders.



  • High screen resolution and detailed view.
  • The clear image of the underwater structure
  • Live underwater activity
  • 3D view with down and side imaging.


  • It can be difficult to learn
  • Highly expensive and only suitable for professional anglers.
  • It can be very addicting.


Why Should You Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a one-time investment that will go for years without getting outdated and want to have a clear understanding of underwater, then you can easily go with this device as it has all the features you may be looking for.


This device is the next generation of fish finders that have revolutionized the fishing industry. Many anglers interpret it as a game-changer, while others think it provides an unfair advantage. Nonetheless, it provides unmatchable information about the underwater for a long distance. It provides real-time data so the anglers can watch the exact position and depth of fish and throw the bait exactly in front of the fish.


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