Garmin Echomap 73dv Fish Finder Review in 2023

By Wade Johnson

Garmin Echomap 73dv Fish FinderGarmin Echomap Chirp 73dv is the offspring of simpler chirp 73dv, which means it is equally perfect in appearance and performance. Spoiler alert: I’m going to gush about this piece in the coming paragraphs because of the out-of-this-world experience I’ve had with it.

If people label it as one of the best fishfinders GPS combos under $1000 for avid anglers, trust that the title is well-earned. Its professional-grade features and remarkable imaging, regardless of mid-range pricing, offers a sweet, sweet balance between cost and functionality. If your priority is a professional quality, feature-packed device entailing a relatively economical price, my first recommendation would be this Garmin Echomap Chirp 73dv.

What Sets Garmin Echomap 73dv Apart from Others?

Garmin echoMap 73dv (Chirp) has cutting-edge technologies for fish hunting and navigation, yet the price doesn’t sky-rocket. This combination of functionality and affordability distinguishes it from the rest of the clan.

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Garmin Echomap 73dv Review

Garmin Echomap 73dv Fish Finder ReviewEvery time I take Garmin echoMap Chirp 73dv out on the water, I become more and more impressed with the superior artistry of the folks at Garmin. The unit has that coveted Chirp and GPS technology complemented by HD LakeVu maps. Yet, there’s no reduction in affordability and user-friendliness levels.

As the moniker suggests, the unit comes integrated with Chirp sonar and Chirp DownVu along with 500W (RMS) power. The Chirp technology shoots sonar beams – ranging from low to high – one after another without a pause. This really is a blessing because it gathers more information and portrays defined fish arches with greater target separation.

The Chirp DownVu can send pulses well over 700ft deep to obtain neat images of fish sanctuaries and bottom landscapes lurking below your boat. The device is also endowed with some other sonar-related features like a sonar recorder to help look back at your sonar history.

Since it’s a combo piece, it entails a 5Hz GPS along with LakeVu HD. These give you the privilege to either get timely updates about your position for noting waypoints or delve into an onboard catalogue of HD maps for guidance. You’ll sail with confidence because you’ll have a personal journal of waypoints and markings coupled with around 17,000 detailed maps of lakes and water reservoirs of the US.

Lastly, its display is the most valuable and my favourite of all its feature. This viewing window is 7-inch large and laden with auto-dimming quality and a higher number of pixels. As a result, the visuals you see are extremely lucid and bright.

I would encourage all competitive anglers looking for a simpler yet feature-rich device to buy it.


Chirp Sonar & Chirp DownVu

Like all other models of the dv series, this one also comes loaded with a power of 500W RMS. The transducer included in the package has a knack for the latest Chirp technology and Down Imaging (Chirp DownVu). This Chirp fires pulses ranging from low to high in quick succession, ensuring you get an elaborate view of the kingdom below. The beams can plunge over 1000ft deep both in freshwater and saltwater.

As for the DownVu, the scans are some of the clearest I’ve seen so far. It can go deeper than 700ft. Rocks, fish sanctuaries or structures, DownVu will depict everything with unparalleled clarity in the given depth range. As a result, you’ll have a better understanding of the bottom terrain. Thus, you will be able to form the best fishing strategy.

In addition, it also offers sonar-related features like sonar recorder, rewind and depth alarm to further your chances of seizing gilled targets.

Display Window

It won’t be wrong to admit that the display made half of my mind. 7-inch might not be the biggest display out there, but its quality and easy navigation make it better than some of the high-end ones.

The smooth viewing panel with auto-dimming ability promise vibrant and super-clear snaps of the underwater world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fishing in broad daylight or pitch darkness. The quality and clarity of the images will remain unperturbed even when you divide the screen into smaller windows.

The keys are backlit to make sure you know which one to punch even when it’s too dark to see even your hand.

GPS & Cartography

Garmin really outdid in the addition of features. The unit employs a highly accurate 5Hz GPS to give you timely updates about your coordinates. I cannot stress enough how helpful this feature has proven for me. It was this GPS data that let me accurately mark waypoints. Whenever I want to revisit certain fruitful spots, I just take guidance from my markings and Viola!

In addition to that, you can also dig into the LakeVu HD maps feature for assistance. It contains valuable data of thousands of lakes and water reservoirs to help you guide in the right direction.

If that’s not enough, you can always trust your own creativity and form contour maps through Quickdraw Contours software.



  • Quality built.
  • Comparatively pocket-friendly price.
  • Chirp and DownVu technology offer elaborate and clearer viewing of the bottom terrain.
  • Sleek and lucid display with auto-dimming ability.
  • GPS tracking coupled with onboard inland maps and contour mapping facilities promises smooth navigation.
  • Simple installation and use.


  • Lack of side imaging is a bit disappointing.
  • It only comes with LakeVu software for maps.
  • Interpretation of symbols on display becomes tricky at times.


Why Should I Buy Garmin Echomap 73dv?

Here are the three reasons that I believe are hard to ignore and play a key role in making up your mind.

First, the quality of the unit and its display are top-notch. You might have to miss countless hours of sleep to find such a professional quality device at this price.

Secondly, it is quite a powerful unit loaded with the latest Chirp and Down Viewing technology to give you a detailed view of the general bottom world and fish sanctuaries.

Lastly, the unit is jam-packed with maximum navigational assistance to ensure you always stay on the right track.

Final Thoughts

Considering all its perks, it is safe to conclude that this echoMap 73dv is a special gift for avid anglers and enthusiasts interested in saltwater and inland fishing. For a unit that doesn’t cost a fortune, I think you’ll agree that it does exceptionally well in keeping affordability and simplicity intact yet offers tournament-grade features. If you want a fishfinder with superior fish tracking and navigational abilities at a somewhat pocket-friendly price, purchase Garmin echoMap 73dv.


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