What Is A Mspm2 On A Fish Finder?

By Wade Johnson

What Mspm2 On A Fish FinderFish finders are used to locate and find the fish, but they need something to be mounted on the boat without much trouble.

The ship swings typically and is not stable on the water surface, and just putting them somewhere on the ship will not be the proper solution.

The MS PM2 is used to mount the fish finders so that they can be tilted in any direction that you need them to scan.

It is an essential component of the fish finder, and in this article, we will learn about the MS PM2 and how you can mount and use them.

What Is A Mspm2 On A Fish Finder?

The MS PM2 is the base on which the fish finder is mounted. They are made from many types of material, but plastic is the most common. They are designed to suit the specific style of the fish finder and are mounted on the boat using screws. They have handles so the fish finder can be tilted in any direction. They serve as the stand for the fish finder and are an essential tool for anglers. They are permanently mounted on the boat, and the fish finders can be attached to them using the screws.

How To Mount MS PM2?

MS PM2 can be easily mounted on the boat by a simple procedure, and once mounted adequately, they can go for years without much trouble. They are designed for a long life so that when your fish finder gets outdated, you can remove and reattach them to MS PM2. If you want to mount the MS PM2 on the boat, you must have the following items.

Power Drill (Drill Bit Set and Countersink)

You will need a power drill to mount the holes in the side of the boat to mount the MS PM2. Generally, the ⅜ inches size bit is used to drill the bolts to mount them, but you might need some other bit based on the boat you have. There are generally different bits used to train in aluminum and wood, and you should also consider that when choosing the drilling bit.

Marine Sealant

Marine sealant are used to seal the mounting bracket and keep the screws in place. They are also used to protect the boat and prevent cracks or damages.

Electric Cable

Fishfinders work on electrical energy, and to make them work, you will need electrical cables. You do not want to have many electric wires lying around, so you need some clips to mount them in place. You will also need a marker to mark the point where the holes in the drill should be made.

Procedure For Mounting MS PM2?

First of all, place the MS PM2 on the point where you want them to be fixed. Now, mark the location of the holes on the boat and remove the MS PM2. Now that you have a point where the holes should be drilled. Drill them using the recommended method. Do not deviate the drill bit and try to hit the vertical spot. After the hole is drilled, apply some marine sealant to it and place the MS PM2 in the designated place.

Now only one thing remains, and that is to tighten the screws. Make sure that you do not tighten them too hard or too loose, as it can cause damage to the boat. Now that MS PM2 is held in place, you can attach the fish finder. Use the clips to mount the electrical cable so that it does not bother you.

Make sure to mount the MS PM2 on the front side of the boat, as mounting a fishfinder on the back can cause unnecessary noise coming from the engine that can distort the original signals. Please do not use the glue to mount the MS PM2 as it can quickly wear off.


MS PM2 is the simple component of the fish finder that is used to mount the fish finder on the boat without much mess and trouble. They are designed to be permanently mounted so that you can attach and detach the fish finder easily. They should be mounted on the forward side of the boat, as mounting them on the back may cause the engine noise to distort the signal.

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