What is a Vexilar Fish Finder? Briefly Well Explained

By Wade Johnson

What is a Vexilar Fish FinderIce fishing is not just about dealing with the harsh and frigging cold weather but you also have to equip yourself with the best device and gears to fish with.

Yes, that equipment is rated to function in this harsh cold weather. Where not any traditional fish finders work, Vexilar operates with its optimum power to give you the best mapped out in the water.

While most anglers are used to traditional fish finders, what is a Vexilar fish finder seems to be a piece of new information to them.

Ice fishing requires only the right fish finder, of which Vexilar is the strong contender in the row.

Let’s dig out more about Vexilar together!

What is a Vexilar Fish Finder

Undoubtedly, the Vexilar fish finder tends to break the barrier when it comes to performing in the cold frigid water.

In simple words, Vexilar is capable of sniffing the ice-tucked water for the presence of fish, so we do not seem to be using any other fish finders other than Vexilar for ice fishing.

Just make one hole, drop the transducer that came with the purchase into the water, and wait for the fish’s presence to be detected by the sound waves going down towards the waterbed before casting the line.

But Vexilar is Actually a Flasher, Not a Traditional Fish Finder


Well, that is super true — Vexilar is a flasher, the traditional fishing device which was common to use way before the dedicated fishfinder technology came into being.

The Sonar Technology Vexilar Flasher/Fish Finder Holds

MST (Matching Sonar Technology)

This premium-class sonar technology ensures you get the best performance and the deep range to locate the fish in freezing water. This technology works in either form; Auto or Manual, so you can force the Vexilar flasher to go deeper and deeper (to its limit) in the hope to catch your favorite fish hauling at any depth level.

The powerful transducer from Ice-Ducer comes with the ability to perform beyond expectation, so you do not need it to pop out intermittently and it would not stop working due to extremely low temperature.

Where the things stop working in the ice-filled water, the Ice-Ducer transducers do not.

Vexilar Works with Battery

Thankfully, the Vexilar flashers/fish finders work with the built-in battery, so getting to charge the device to full before using it makes you go fishing for hours uninterruptedly.

However, if you feel like spending around a day or two fishing, make the arrangement to get a pre-charged 12V battery of any size to get the Vexilar charging plus other peripherals like smartphones, and alike.

What Vexilar Models Do We Have to Pick From?

  • FLX-30
  • FLX-28
  • FLX-20
  • FL-18
  • FLX-12
  • FL-8SE

How to Read Vexilar Flasher

Once the transducer goes into the ice-chilled water, you will start seeing the colors flashing on the dial.

Green or Yellow

Seeing Green or Yellow on the mix represents the lure.

Dark Red with Yellow or Green

The dark red color entitled with yellow or green equals spotting a fish.

When the fish reaches the center of the cone, it will turn completely dark red.

Somewhat Large Green

Expect the weeds and covers at this distance.

Large Dark Solid Red

The large dark red color represents it as the bottom gets hit.

Extra Marks Below Bottom

Something showing down the bottom means the ground below the bottom is somewhat soft.


For the ice-loving anglers know nothing to stop them, they know the real worth of what is a Vexilar fish finder/flasher to converse the precious time.

The energy required at such a freezing temperature is all that matters, and employing the technology is the only solution!

So, use Vexilar and go worry-free ice fishing!

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