What Is 360 Imaging Fish Finder? – A Noob’s Guide Briefly Explained

By Wade Johnson

What Is 360 Imaging Fish FinderSince the advent of the sonar, the fish finders have constantly been improving. Three hundred sixty imaging fish finders are the tools that provide a complete view of the subsurface in all directions. In contrast to the regular fish finders that can only see the bottom of the boat, they can provide 360-degree data of the surroundings. With the 360 imaging fish finder, you can scan the vast area for brush piles, weed edges, bottom transition, and fish from 150 feet.

360 imaging fish finder is the device used to scan the large area surrounding the boat. Unlike the traditional 2D sonar systems that provide the vertical view beneath the ship, 360 imaging sonar provides the radar-like circular reading of every direction. With the help of this, there is no need to go above the object to find and scan them, but they can be observed from far away.

The primary purpose of using the 360 imaging fish finder is to scan the area without taking the boat there that can spook the fish. With the help of this machine, you can detect from 150 feet away without letting them know. This effectively increases the fish catching abilities of the anglers.This article will focus on what is 360 imaging fish finder? and its applications and purpose.

What Is the Purpose Of 360 Imaging Fish Finder?

One of the purposes of 360 imaging fish finders is its vast coverage area in every direction. Other than that, they can also be used to scan a specific approach with variable accuracy and range. This makes them able to target a particular area with positive readings and steer the boat to it.

Features Of 360 Imaging Fish Finder

Many features are associated with a 360 imaging fish finder that makes it work a lot easier and customizable. These features make 360 imaging fish finders more controllable. These are the main features of 360 imaging fish finders.

Split Screen View

Like the conventional 2D fish finders, the 360 imaging fish finder also has the feature of a split-screen view. This makes them highly adaptable and can provide more information to the user at a given time. There is no need to switch between the interface, and all the data can be shown  single time.

Customizable Scanning Frequency

There are options to control the rotation and scanning speed of the fish finder according to the preferences. The rate can be changed quickly, and there are options of 6 adjustable scanning speeds.

10 Time Zoom

Three hundred sixty imaging fish finders scan the area of 150 feet radius, and it is easy to miss out on tiny details when the large data is shown on the screen at a time. To avoid this, the fish finder has the feature of zooming in to the desired object to see in detail about its surface and the fishes there. This feature makes the 360 imaging fish finder highly accurate. The user can zoom the area up to 10 times using accessible settings.

Distance Marking

With the help of 360 imaging fish finders, the direction of fishes and their accurate distance can be measured. The range rings allow the user to determine the length of the target from the boat and design their approach according to it.

Concentrated Sweep Area

The 360 imaging fish finder can be used to scan the whole surrounding, but it can also monitor the area in any direction as little as 10 degrees. Generally, the anglers use it to check the front portion and can set it from 320 degrees to 30 degrees to have a 60-degree front view.

Easy To Control

The 360 imaging fish finder is straightforward to control and comes with an easy to mount system. It can be used in most existing systems and is highly compatible.


360 imaging fish finder is the equipment designed to scan a large area of up to 150 feet in radius. The high coverage area makes it the perfect option to check the room without alerting the fish. It has many features, is extremely easy to use, and significantly enhances fishing capabilities.

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