Simrad Go9 Xse Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Simrad Go9 Xse ReviewSimrad Go9 Xse provides the anglers with the advantages of the large screen, easy usage, and all-in-one functionality, This is what an angler would need from a fish finder. It is a product designed by a reliable brand in the fish finder industry and is used for Sonar, chart plotting, navigation, radar, and autopilot functions.

The best feature that it offers is its bigger screen suited for multiple operations at once. It has a powerful 3-1 transducer that produces accurate underwater imaging and is very reliable in navigation due to its pre-loaded chart set.

Suppose you are also considering purchasing this device for your fishing needs but want to have complete information about it. In that case, you are at the right spot because we will provide every detail about this device with all its advantages and limitations. So let’s explore it.

What Makes Simrad Go9 Xse Outstand Others?

This device has the premium advantage of a large screen to show tiny images with details. The device is also multi-functional and can provide all the relevant information needed for fishing and navigation. Thus, these are few of the features that in my view makes this device stand out from others.

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Simrad Go9 Xse Review

Simrad Go9 XseSimrad is a growing yet leading brand and manufacturer of all types of autopilots, marine equipment, chartplotters and others. Well, the launch of their Simrad Go9 Xse is one of its kind. The device provides everything to the user with ease and accuracy. It has a powerful fish finder that uses the CHIRP sonar for 2D imaging that is both accurate and clear. The CHIRP sonar can scan up to a depth of 1000 feet and is extremely helpful in locating the fishes in the area. The CHIRP sonar works between the frequency range of 83 and 200 Khz. Simrad Go9 Xse also has the capabilities of HALO sonars. They can detect the storm signals from up to 24 nautical miles based on a pulse compression dome system.

The Sonar in Go9 Xse also provides the advantage of a down scan and a side scan. This type of scan can find the fish directly under the boat, and it can also provide information from the left or right side of the ship. The device provides the ideal condition to read the fishes and obstacles under the 300 feet distance and work between 455 kHz and 800 kHz.

The Sonar also provides the forward scan to scan the area in front of the boat. This improves situational awareness and efficiency, and you do not have to go to the areas with low potential.

Moreover, a 9 inches touch screen display that is ideal for large boats and highly detailed imagery. It provides a 480 x 800-pixel display that is above the average in the fish finder category. The Simrad Go9 Xse can be used in any environment, and it provides the advantage of an adjustable bright screen up to 1200 nits so that it can be used in direct sunlight.

The platform provides a touch screen interface that is extremely easy compared to the regular button. The large screen offers the advantage of using 1 to 4 screens simultaneously at a time, which improves efficiency, and the user does not have to switch between them.

It also has the advantages of wireless connectivity, and you can connect and control it with your smartphone. It sends all the information that can be monitored from the phone without accessing it. It provides a powerful GPS with a refresh rate of 10 Hz. Moreover, it is also loaded with C-MAP Pro and contains information about 8,000 lakes. The system can store two micro SD cards to save 20,000 waypoints and many more maps. Thus, these are some of the exciting features that together in my view makes the simrad go9 the leading product.


Sonar Functions

It offers its users a powerful sonar system with the benefit of a 3 in 1 transducer. The sonar can perform well, just like any other fishfinder, to find the depth of the water and the fish activities under the boat. The transducer also offers the side scan and down scan sonar imaging to have the detailed knowledge and understanding of wrecks, reefs, drop-offs, and vegetation.

It also brings the advantage of CHIRP sonar, with it providing an ultra-high level of clarity and target separation that can be used to find the exact type of fish.

Easy Control

The device is extremely easy to understand and use because it supports touch screen control that makes most of the functions like using the smart device or the tablet. It is an excellent choice for new users who are not familiar with the technicalities of fish finders.

Not only that but the device can also be connected to a smartphone or tablet to see what is going on without needing to access it. It can also provide effortless software support with an easy grip. The system is also compatible with the NMEA 2000 network, making it a perfect platform that can be paired with most existing fishfinder systems.


Simrad Go9 Xse is equipped with the C-MAP Pro chart set incorporating advanced navigation solutions. This includes fully featured and customizable charts with water levels and the direction of tides and currents. It also provides a 3D view of the bottom and satellite imagery. It also supports Insight, Navionics Gold, Navionics NAV+, and Navionics Platinum software for navigation.



  • Highly sophisticated GPS and Sonar.
  • Wireless controls
  • Customizable and easy to use.
  • Support different map data.
  • Compatible with radar.


  • Extremely sensitive, you need a clean hand for the touch screen
  • It does not include live updates of genesis


Why Should You Buy This Product?

If you are looking to purchase a powerful yet easy-to-use and understand system that can be used in any environment thanks to its high compatibility, then this is the product that will suit you best.


Thus, with all the analysis we came to a point that this device has all the navigation, Sonar, control, and interface features. It is straightforward to use and can be used with little practice. It provides robust navigational data and has pre-fed maps to offer smooth navigation. Moreover, it supports GPS, which makes it highly adaptable.It is equipped with powerful CHIRP, side scan, downscan, and forward scan sonar to increase the chances of fish finding.



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