Lowrance Mark-4 HDI Fish Finder Review 2023 – Pros, Cons & Specs

By Wade Johnson

Lowrance Mark-4 HDI ReviewLowrance takes your dime and time very seriously.

If its Mark-4 HDI from the famous Mark-4 series doesn’t drive that point home, then I don’t know what else will.

This revamped model is an epic illustration of the widely-stated adage “old is gold.”

We decided to take a deeper look at this item in today’s post to find out why it is considered Lowrance’s “Golden Boy.”

Keep going to find out the surprises this bite-sized fish tracker is hiding.

For now, we can tell you that Mark-4 HDI will be a worthy addition to your fishing gears if you want big guns such as Downscan Imaging and navigational aids to gain a significant edge.

What Makes Lowrance Mark-4 HDI Outshine Others?

Lowrance Mark-4 HDI easily outshines its rivals because the unit employs the latest sonar technology and a mean GPS paired with mapping functions without crossing the affordability line of the cost spectrum


Our Lowrance Mark-4 HDI Review

Lowrance Mark-4 HDI is the gold edition among the few remaining black & white fish finders.

The tool is smaller in size and costs much, much less than some of its competitors, a deadly combination for on-budget anglers or frequent inland fishing trips on small watercraft.

What makes it an absolute seal-the-deal package is the presence of those bells and whistles that cost nearly twice in other models.

HDI means Hybrid Dual Imaging, hinting that the unit merges Broadband Sounder (83/200kHz) with DownScan Imaging to provide an unparalleled accurate view of the water column.

As icing on the cake, there’s a DownScan Overlay feature that lets you combine the views of both scans to reveal the exact positions of fish, structure and plantation. This right here is your cue to hit the bull’s eye!

Despite the teensy size, Mark-4 HDI can pack a mean punch described as an accurate GPS and mapping feature – I bet you didn’t see this one coming. The default cartography provides insight into 300 US lakes.

However, you can expand mapping detail by inserting an adequate MicroSD map chip – the unit is compatible with Hotmaps Premium, Navionics Gold, Hotspot Pro and Lake Insight.

Better yet, you can rely on Insight Genesis to create customized maps and fill them with desired sonar recordings.

Another perk of HDI 4 is the larger viewing panel. Yeah, yeah, I know I said it is an old-school non-color display, but Lowrance had to make up for the loss. I think you will agree with me on this that a 4.3” screen boasting a clearer image is a nice way to compensate for the lack of colors.

In the end, if you’re short on budget or prefer fishing on a small boat, investing in Lowrance Mark-4 HDI will ensure you gain a maximum edge on your cunning prey.


Sonar & Downscan Imaging

Mark-4 HDI is like that advanced sniper having tremendous magnification to help you hit the target dead on the mark.

Its ability to offer traditional sonar and more focused Downscan Imaging surely seems like you’re holding the trick that will enable you to hit the bull’s eye every time. It doesn’t hurt to have a plan B or C to ensure you never miss your target.

In this case, it is Downscan Overlay. It helps you merge the findings of Broadband Sounder with Downscan Imaging to get an astoundingly elaborate view of the aquatic world with fish targets standing out from the surrounding landscape and vegetation.

Be mindful that Downscan has an optimum depth reach of 300ft while Broadband has a 750ft depth capacity. This implies the unit is ideal for inland fishing.

GPS & Mapping

Lowrance has broken the stereotype with Mark-4 HDI as the unit has got a badass GPS and meticulous cartography, both of which are the norm for more expensive alternatives.

“Oh, puh-leez, I won’t go round and round in circles, scouting for fish hotspots because I already know where the lucky spots are.” This confidence comes from the unit’s built-in navigational guidance.

Default elaborate mapping carries crucial information about hundreds of US lakes. Besides, you have a choice to seek support from additional maps by inserting one of the correct map chips, including Lake Insight, Navionics Gold, Hotspot Pro and Hotmaps Premium.

Even better, you can sketch personal maps filled with your sonar recordings with the help of Insight Genesis.

Large Screen

As I mentioned above, the display is primitive, i.e. black & white. Still, we consider it as a strong selling point. The reason is its comparatively bigger size and larger resolution (480 x 272).

At 4.3” in size, it presents a neat and clear picture of the things lurking underneath your boat. Besides, the vertical screen has adjustable backlighting and can be split into three windows so you can easily read multiple pieces of information at the same time.

Some other Great Lowrance Models:


  • Space-efficient, rugged design.
  • Economical.
  • Broadband Sounder and Downscan Imaging provide an unmatchable clear view of the underwater kingdom.
  • Dowscan Overlay distinguishes fish targets from nearby structures and plantations.
  • GPS and default mapping prevent you from losing the trail.
  • Insight Genesis allows detailed customized cartography from personal sonar recordings.
  • A larger display having more pixels offers a super-clear view.


  • Old school, non-colour display.
  • More suitable for beginners and weekend fishing.
  • Not viable for deepsea fishing.


Why Should You Buy Lowrance Mark-4 HDI?

Lawrence Mark-4 HDI delivers a rugged fish tracker loaded with some advanced technologies at a very economical price.

Besides, it has a larger screen with more pixels and multiple backlighting adjustments to portray a picture that is twice clearer than what some competitive models offer.

Also, its compact structure and impressive sonar functions make it an ideal candidate for inland fishing on small boats.

Final Verdict

Mark-4 HDI resides in the beginner-friendly and budgeted class of Lowrance. The space-efficient design housing high-precision sonar functions coupled with GPS and mapping support prove ideal for novice anglers and weekend warriors. All in all, Mark-4 HDI is a great buy when you want to gain an edge without exceeding the affordability range.

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