Lowrance Hook2 5 Tripleshot Fish Finder Review in 2023

By Wade Johnson

Lowrance Hook2 5 Tripleshot Fish FinderLowrance really knows how to get back in the race. Its Hook2 5 of the Hook2 series is an epic illustration of that. We decided to give you a detailed round of the model because a sizeable community of passionate fishermen is praising it.

The unit, though small, contains many fancy factors like Chirp, DownScan, SideScan, GPS chart plotting and inland mapping. It happened because of the Tripleshot transducer that buddies at Lowrance added with it. Now, you might get the wrong impression that fancy features like these would cost a good load of cash. Nay, that’s where it truly leaves you speechless. Lowrance Hook2 5 is one of the best fishfinders GPS combos under $500. Shocking, isn’t it? So, buy it if you are looking for an unusual fishfinder with great value and affordable price. Scroll down to learn what makes it one of its kind.

What Makes It Comparatively Special?

Lowrance Hook2 5 one-ups its competitors by including a tripleshot transducer capable of advanced sonar and mapping functions to the package. Its reasonable price further helps it become special.

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In-depth Review

Lowrance Hook2 5 Tripleshot Fish Finder ReviewLowrance Hook2 5 is a revamped version designed to fill the voids left by its older cousin Hook 5. This model has focused mainly on offering maximum sonar and navigational support without putting a significant dent in your wallet.

The most intriguing thing for me is the inclusion of a Tripleshot transducer. This little addition is magic that can be a game-changer for you. It allows you to reap the benefits of 2D Chirp, SideScan, DownScan, US inland mapping and chart plotting.

I call it magical because I have forgotten what it felt like to miss a catch or return empty-handed. Same will happen to you as well. How can it not when the wider sonar cones search larger sections of the water in a single spell. Similarly, the SideScan sonar tracks fish and bait on both sides of your vessel; the DownScan sonar recognizes structures directly lying below. The maximum range for both Side and Down views is 300ft, while you can go 500ft deep with the 2D Chirp.

Although designed primarily for mid-range anglers, you’ll appreciate its simple setup and keypad layout. Its use is so effortless that even beginners can learn to control it in a flash. Its SolarMax backlit screen with a 5-inch display size and higher resolutions make fishing more effortless because of clear and vibrant images of fish-holding structures and bottom landscape. The all-rounder window reveals clear visuals in all lighting levels and weather conditions. On top of that, it lets you check multiple images simultaneously.

Thanks to the navigational support offered through built-in comprehensive inland maps and GPS chart plotters, neither you’ll lose track of productive spots nor be left stranded while exploring new territories.

I should warn you that it lacks wireless and other such connectivity features. However, it makes up for the loss by employing a micro SDcard slot for software updates and data transfer. In short, you should buy it if you need a reliable fishfinder GPS combo under half a grand.


Sonar Functions

You will never taste failure in the company of Lowrance Hook2 5 because it has a tripleshot transducer. By triple we mean it has multiple sonar features, including wider coverage, side and down scanning. Its Chirp technology has a wide-angle cone to search twice the amount of area as compared to regular fishfinders. The beam can travel to 500ft depth to reveal crisp views of the bottom realm and fish arches.

On the other hand, you get to search 300ft directly below your vessel and on both its sides to identify fish, baits and bottom terrain. You can quickly go over all the information to cook the smartest fishing strategy in seconds.

The best part is its autotuning sonar. To all the beginners and less-experienced fishers out there: hey, it doesn’t get easier than that. It will automatically dial in the right sonar setting to let you indulge in fishing instead of focusing on adjustments and tinkering.


Half of the charm lies in its 5-inch SolarMax LED sporting 800 x 480 pixels. The coloured display with backlighting reveals crisp and vibrant images of the on-goings of the kingdom below in all lighting and weather situations. There’s a simple phone-like menu on the right side of the screen. You can control all the functions with just a single push of the keypad menu.

Moreover, you can compartmentalize the screen into multiple windows to view different pieces of information at once. This is the part that plays a big, big, big role in enhancing your fishing ability. Since you’ll be able to get a wholesome picture of the surrounding territory, your fishing strategy will be ironclad. As a result, the chances of missing a target will drop significantly.

Navigational Support

Fishing is about getting to the right place at the right time and then casting the hook at the right time. Hook2 5 has included maximum navigational assistance to help you do that. The unit hosts a comprehensive library of inland maps containing accurate information about 4000 US lakes.

I have never forgotten the ways and routes leading to productive spots. No, I don’t have a photographic memory. The unit has a sensitive GPS chart plotter that not only shows the correct way but also remembers important waypoints and routes leading to fish-active regions.

It even has a slot for a microSD card to help you download software updates and transfer information.



  • Wide-Cone 2D Chirp coupled with Side and Down Imaging.
  • Pre-loaded inland maps and GPS chart plotter promises smooth navigation.
  • Built-in slot for a MicroSD card.
  • Tripleshot transducer for accurate fish tracking and structure identification.
  • Installation and operating mechanisms are hassle-free.
  • High-def coloured display with backlight and weather-resistance qualities.
  • Reasonable pricing.


  • Bereft of networking and connectivity functions.
  • Built-in maps need a bit of improvement.
  • Display has a limited number of viewing modes.


Why Should I Opt For It?

First of all, this unit is super easy and user-friendly. Even a beginner will be able to get it running in no time.

Secondly, the unit comes with a tripleshot transducer. This transducer is multitalented because it offers a broad-range Chirp sonar along with Side and Down images.

Furthermore, it comes equipped with maps of thousands of lakes and a built-in GPS to ensure you have all the aid you need to reach fish-saturated regions.

Lastly, you get this feature-rich gem at an affordable price.

Final Thought

Lowrance Hook2 5 has added a tripleshot transducer to the unit to get back in the game with a bang. Despite being small and affordable, it sports impressive sonar technologies coupled with navigational facilities and awesome graphics. Therefore, it shows results in just about any application you use it in. For a device this jam-packed with features, it is surprisingly affordable. I recommend it to all those inland fishermen who want a feature-rich unit having extraordinary sonar performance at a reasonable price.



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