Humminbird Ice 35 Flasher Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Humminbird Ice 35 Flasher ReviewI am not a pro ice fisher, yet I have been doing victory dances on every ice fishing trip since the day I got Humminbird Ice 35 Flasher.

As you can guess from the name, Humminbird has designed this unit specifically for fishing in waters covered with layers of ice.

In today’s review, we will examine this particular model in detail to unravel all its hidden tricks.

The unit is a great catch. One, it is not expensive; two, it has multiple adjustments that promise outstanding results.

All in all, this is one of the best deals you will get under $300.

Irresistible, right? Let me have my “I told you so” moment while you go and buy yourself this magical little creature.

What Makes Humminbird Ice 35 Flasher Stand Out?

Humminbird Ice 35 Flasher is considered the master of ice fishing because of its hyper-sensitive flasher display that presents readings in different colors based on size, making it a cinch for anglers to identify fish, structure, rocks and other objects.


Our Humminbird Ice 35 Flasher Review

The name Ice-35 Flasher indicates that Humminbird wants you to put your best foot forward to beat the gilled inhabitants – those creatures who thought frozen waters hid them from you for good. How naive of them!

Humminbird has adopted dual-beam sonar that does the “seeing” job for you on ice-covered water territory up to 200ft depth to show you the structure, fish and lure at the given moment.

Frankly speaking, the depth will work fine if you’re treading near shores, lakes and rivers, as long as you’re not planning to go for deepwater fishing.

The fiber optic flasher display with its three-color indication is the highlight of the model. Oh no, no, wait, it is pretty straightforward – no rocket science involved here.

The colors help you interpret what is what. For instance, red is for bulky things, orange for medium-sized and green for the wees.

I don’t think you’ll face difficulty after the flasher has simplified everything for you, but there’s always a possibility of an unexpected bump in the road.

In that case, you’ve got the zooming function on stand by to rely on. The 2X magnification feature enables you to zoom in a chunk of the area in a specific depth range to get a detailed read of that part.

On top of that, a simple twisting of a dial a little to the left or right will help you adjust the flasher’s sensitivity to make sure it adapts to the fishing scenario for the best outcome.

Unfortunately, Ice-35 has a few cons too. The assembly guidelines showed in the DVD are not as easy as you would like. Also, the unit is missing a carrying bag, so that’s extra cash for you.

However, going through these inconveniences will seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things once it starts tracking targets for you. So, yes, buy it because it is worth a punt.


Dual-Beam Sonar Transducer

Detecting fish over a hundred feet depth will be a “no problemo” because flasher 35 comes with a transducer that supports high-potency, dual-beam sonar.

In other words, there won’t be a fish or a piece of structure up to 200ft depth, no matter how wee or big, that will be beyond its detection capacity.

This modest depth means you will have to eliminate deepwater fishing from the picture when taking this unit on board.

Moreover, “missing” is not a word that you will ever find the need to use with this unit around. I am saying that from experience.

It incorporates a wide-range zooming function that lets you immediately zero in on a specific column to study every nook and cranny in great detail. That’s Ice-35’s indirect way of saying that poor fish has got nowhere to hide.

3 Colour Optic Fiber Flasher Display

The thing responsible for your victory dances on upcoming ice fishing excursions is a 3-colour optic fibre flasher display of this device.

If you look at the device, you will see a bright screen with different color notifications for readings. The flasher exhibits readings in one of the three colors to indicate the size of the target. When the readings appear in red, it literally means you’ve got a big fish nearby; orange is for medium-sized objects and green for the puniest.

This makes it easy for you to identify objects, including bottom structure, fish and rocks. Contrary to what it looks like, navigating the display is pretty straightforward.

You can fine-tune the flasher’s sensitivity to make it more acceptable to your fishing situation.


  • Affordable.
  • 3-colour flasher display helps distinguish between the targets based on their sizes.
  • Flasher adjustment allows the sensitivity to adapt to the fishing scenario.
  • Dual-beam sonar covers a large chunk to show underwater structure and fish.
  • 2x magnification helps focus on a specific segment to study it meticulously.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Ideal for shallow water fishing.


  • Assembly guidelines aren’t easy to understand.
  • You need to buy a carrying bag.
  • A little noisy.


Why Should You Purchase Humminbird Ice 35 Flasher?

Humminbird Ice-35 Flasher is a useful device because it carries high-frequency sonar supplemented with depth zooming to cover a generous area in a flash and collects precise information about underwater terrain and fish.

Secondly, the unit has a color-coded flasher display along with sensitivity adjustment that makes it a breeze to distinguish between smaller and bigger objects during ice fishing, making it extremely easy to separate your desired target from the rest of the surrounding.

Final Verdict

Humminbird has crafted Ice-35 Flasher with the sole purpose of making ice fishing a cinch. It is not devoid of flaws, but the high-precision sonar and impressive flasher display overshadow them.

It will turn your ice fishing trips into a sure victory; that’s a promise this unit hasn’t broken till this day.

If you’re an ice fishing enthusiast looking for the best fish finder for ice fishing under $300, you have got a winner named Ice-35 Flasher by Humminbird.


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