How Many Amps Does a Fish Finder Use

By Wade Johnson

How Many Amps Does a Fish Finder UseHow many amps does a fish finder use is all about how fancy and feature-rich it is.

Subsequently, how deep it sends the sonar signals and how fast it sends plus the vibration function, brightness level, and GPS put a lot of strain on the battery.

If you see the battery not lasting up to the threshold level that the purchase package had promised, then your fish finder is using way too many functions.

And the user manual always suggests the battery timing under normal conditions. The extreme use of the fish finder in a real-life case would be totally different.

How Many Amps Does a Fish Finder Use

Suppose your fish finder has a battery from 12V, and all functions running at one time. This might be then drawing around 1A to 1.5A.

Under normal running conditions to up to the idle state, the amperage draw may squeeze down to 100 to 200 ma (milliamperes)

However, the portable fish finders come with a built-in battery which can easily last a couple of hours of extreme fishing.

But when things go wild, the habitual fishing turns into full-fledged professionalism, then you have to use not only the feature-rich fish finders with activating all the features, plus you have to spend days and days on the boat with no access to the power post, of course.

Then we have to heavily rely on long-lasting batteries that either support 12V to 24V. The professional anglers/fishermen exploring the deep sea.

The Notable Fish Finders with Their Amps Specification

  • Humminbird HELIX 9 CHIRP MEGA SI+ GPS G3N which draws around 1 Amp per hour when operating at full brightness, full options
  • Deeper PRO+ draws amperage to up to 450mA (milliampere) under normal conditions
  • GARMIN STRIKER Vivid 4cv is set to draw between 0.40 A to up to 1.5 A depending on the usage condition
  • SIMRAD NSX 3012 comes with 2.61 Amps of maximum current draw

How Long Will a 12V Battery Run a Fish Finder?

A typical 12V battery with 7Ah (Amp-hours) capacity will last around 7 hours to power up a fish finder drawing out 1 Amp constantly.

The battery is the Core Survival of your Fish Finder

Picking a battery is sufficient to have the fish finder working for days where its internal battery cannot last beyond a few hours.

But again, only having the battery and no alternative to that will eventually let the fish finder stop working (charging) the soonest battery runs out.

So, we find the best way to fight this issue by having solar panels to avoid hitting this situation.

Make sure the solar panels are capable of charging the battery that you got.

Your success lies in how good you use the fish finder at the sea, and that requires no stop at all.


So, how many amps does a fish finder use is solely dependent on how you use it.

Smart technology has taken care of many power-hogging aspects that used to be drawing more and more power back in time.

Even though the fish finders are put at work with full options on, you can see them lasting for hours on their integrated batteries. And then you have the external preparation to hook at least a 12V battery, see them running for hours and even days.

Let’s make your days long fishing trips memorable by using your favorite fish finder! Then hit the deck and surprise everyone by collecting the record-breaking hoard of fish! 🙂

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