How Does a Flash Fish Finder Work?

By Wade Johnson

How Flash Fish Finder WorkDrill a hole into the ice and see the fish right from the surface with your naked eye — How’s that possible?

Yeah, that is entirely possible when you have a flash, the dedicated ice fish finder which only requires a moderate hole to stick it.

And that is super easy to operate and does not require being submerged, the sonar side of it has to be underwater.

It not only converses the time to go through the levels of modes to select wearing the bunch of gloves on your hands, so that is one heck of an advantage to enjoy using it during the frigging cold weather.

While many typical fish finders come with the same technology, would you want to get your hand naked just to operate the device in such cold weather?

A little extra on your wallet because it would best work on the ice-covered surface with little to no effort, so that makes it worth the device to spend some money on!

And how does a flash fish finder work in real life is super easy, we bet! Like we said ‘little to no effort’ and we literally mean by that!

So, stay with us and find out how it really works and make your fishing trips in the unbearable cold worth the time!


What is a Flash Fish Finder?

First off, why not cover up some backdated history of the flasher device which was common in use?

Flasher is the perfect sonar technology that is solely used for ice fishing. It only requires a moderate hole in the ice-filled lake, river, or sea.

The flasher shows the data in real-time format meaning you cannot switch back to see the past data, and what do the professional and experienced anglers demand?: The real-time data, nope? 🙂


What Flash Fish Finder Contains within?

  • The rounded-shape device
  • 2”x3/4” LCD display
  • Battery level
  • Depth unit (in meters and feet)
  • Depth temperature (in Celsius and Fahrenheit)
  • Fish display by determining smaller and larger fish
  • Sonar technology on its one end has over the frequency of 200KHz that can easily reach 2.5 feet to up to 300 feet

And it requires 4 AAA batteries to power up. Pretty power efficient but make sure to keep the extra batteries with you all the time. Although the cold weather will greatly converse the battery discharge rate.


How Does a Flash Fish Finder Work

The overall product size is between 7.7” x 2.1”, so do not dig a hole on the ice surface wider than that because all it takes is to stick the flash fish finder into that hole. And do every bit of your effort to keep the LCD part out of the water. Although it is waterproof, do not test it for your own good! 🙂

And before sticking it, turn on the power button which will enable its operation. The sooner the sonar side of it goes into the water, the LCD will start showing the data which you can comfortably read from a near distance.

See ice fishing is simply different from traditional fishing, so no cast and wait and take care of the flash fish finder!


Like we said earlier, ice fishing comes with greater challenges. Not that you have to keep yourself warm and tidy in the open but the fish does not seem to like to haul close to the surface.

Operating it knowing everything about how does a flash fish finder work will keep all the misery of waiting and waiting to catch a fish in the frigging cold water!

The havoc of the weather can literally be taken care of by using the right kind of technology, so the flash fish finder would not disappoint you ever!

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