Garmin Striker Vivid 4cv Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Garmin Striker Vivid 4cv Fish Finder ReviewI have been planning for quite some time to talk about Garmin Striker Vivid 4cv. The model indeed is the puniest and most budget-friendly of the company’s Striker Vivid series. What is not true is to think of it as a stereotype, low-end junk.

The unit is compact but loaded with top-of-the-line features like super-fast GPS and contour mapping. The transducer that comes with it is a GT20 with innate support for traditional Chirp and ClearVu scanning. Its speciality is that the Chirp ClearVu includes additional colour palettes to help you distinguish between structures and fish. Plus, its high-quality display and convenient usage are sure to elevate your fishing expertise. All in all, if you want the best portable fishfinder that can meet the demands of serious anglers, Garmin Striker Vivid 4cv is the unit you should buy.

To know more about this unit, continue reading our review.

What Makes It Eclipse Over Others?

The integration of high-efficiency Chirp and ClearVu technologies with a Vivid colour palette and navigation help allow this unit to beat the competition. Its smaller size and price tag further make it an exception.

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In-Depth Review

Garmin Striker Vivid 4cv Fish FinderGarmin Striker Vivid 4cv can up your fishing game in minutes. I have learned that through experience. You shouldn’t underestimate it because of its compact size and economical price.

The little guy can pack quite a punch through built-in support for Chirp traditional sonar and Chirp ClearVu. You should thank the classic GT20 transducer for that. Its 2D Chirp can go as far as 1900 feet deep to show you what’s lying below your vessel.

As for the ClearVu sonar, you can plunge 750ft deep to get an ultra-clear view of the realm below with its oval beams. These sonars are different from those you find in Striker Plus 4cv because of the colour palettes. Specific colour for each sonar is a smart move as it distinguishes fish and structure, thus eliminating confusion.

Besides, its 4inch colour display is nothing like the stereotypical small ones where you have to try very hard to make sense of the images. Here, you can get a good view of the world underwater in a single glance.

The unit also has a highly accurate and quick internal GPS. Therefore, you will have no trouble getting updates about your location, highlighting waypoints and devising courses and routes.

No, there aren’t any built-in maps or charts. However, you can compose your own charts using the data of 2D sonar and GPS. Its in-built Quickdraw Contour software will help you draw these personal maps. What’s more helpful is that you can shade each depth range in a different colour to show where your target is lying.

To prevent any disappointment, know that the unit neither has wi-fi connectivity nor an external SDcard.

All things aside, if you want the best fishfinder for both lake fishing and deep-sea fishing, have Striker Vivid 4cv.


Chirp Sonar

Advanced Chirp and ClearVu technologies are no more exclusive to top-end fishfinders. A portable and affordable unit like Garmin Striker Vivid 4cv can also have them. You should really thank the manufacturers for including a GT20 transducer for these Chirp sonars. Besides, the transducer is also integrated with a temperature sensor for your convenience.

Its traditional 2D Chirp is excellent at detecting scattered objects lying as deep as 1900 feet in the water. So, you will have a chance to perceive the underwater scenes quite accurately.

In the Chirp ClearVu scan, the pair of oval beams works at 455kHz and 800kHz for surveying the terrain. They can dive 750 feet deep into the water to locate fish and structures for you.

Vivid 4cv hosts a special colour palette for sonar to elevate your fishing. Now you can notify each sonar reading with a different colour to erase any confusion between fish and structure.

Navigation Support

So what if it’s not a deluxe model? It can still help you navigate through any terrain with the confidence of professional sailors. The unit hosts a GPS that is the most efficient and accurate in its class. Plus, it has an in-built talent for plotting. So, you can get instant coordinate updates, underline waypoints and plan routes without any difficulty.

A would-be catch 22 is that it doesn’t have preloaded charts nor support LakeVu charts. However, that won’t let you wander into unproductive waters. Wondering how? Let me give you a hint: Quickdraw Contours.

It’s a software that can help you compose personal charts of your favourite terrains. You can create charts of lakes and seas and mark your favourite hotspots in them. Furthermore, you also get a shading card for depth range. You can draw lines between 10 depth ranges with different shades to show where your desired target is lurking at the moment.

Display & Control

The number “4” doesn’t define its display. It is the quality of the visuals that sets it apart from other compact screens. The coloured nature of the display with a 480×272 pixel matrix and an LED backlight is responsible for such an epic portrait of underwater events. Plus, it is also water-resistant. So, the unit can withstand all kinds of weather exposures.

Since it’s a pretty basic unit with no fancy touchscreen system, you can operate it exclusively through a keypad situated below the screen. The controlling mechanism is not only simple,  but also contains an option for splitting the screen. Therefore, you can check the data of two applications simultaneously without undergoing a strict learning curve.



  • Chirp plus ClearVu sonar carries out an accurate survey of the territory.
  • ClearVu hosts a colour palette to give definite shapes to fish and the structure.
  • High-efficiency GPS with plotter.
  • Supports personal contour mapping with colour shading of depth range.
  • Capable of sensing water temperature.
  • Waterproof and sunlight-readable display exposes the scenes in bright hues.
  • Beginner-friendly layout of keypad menu.
  • Extremely affordable price.


  • Lacks micro SDcard storage.
  • Built-in maps are absent.
  • Lacks all sorts of connectivity functions.


Why Should I Buy It?

Despite being the most compact and affordable of all Garmin’s Striker Vivid series models, the unit tends to perform a thorough and accurate examination of the underwater situation. Its 2D Chirp coupled with ClearVu and a 7-colours palette for sonar precisely depict fish and bottom structure.

Secondly, its GPS plotter and Quickdraw feature for custom chart formation pledge that you will never lose key hotspots again.

Lastly, its diagonal display is laden with a coloured pixel matrix and LED backlight to make sure you never get bored with dull pictures.

Final Thoughts

Garmin Striker Vivid 4cv comes with a vow, i.e. to never let you experience failure. Whether it’s lake fishing or offshore fishing, its 2D Chirp and ClearVu will give you the correct information about the terrain’s landscape and fish. The new colour chart for ClearVu sonar leaves no room for confusion. It also doesn’t leave room for losing hotspots and tracks, courtesy of its GPS plotter and Quickdraw Contour mapping. Besides, its cute little display with admirable coloured images makes it a perfect companion for kayaks and small vessels.

So, if you require a relatively inexpensive unit that still has a few top-of-the-end like features, consider buying Garmin’s Striker Vivid 4cv.


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