Garmin Echomap UHD 73sv Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Garmin Echomap UHD 73sv ReviewWhat type of chart plotter should you buy when considering a long-term investment for your fishing needs? There are different answers to that question in the form of chart plotters that provide the users with all of the features of sensing and navigation in a straightforward approach. The competition for the best Chartplotter is never going to end. It is almost impossible to determine the best among them because each has its advantages and limitations.

The best Chartplotter is the one that the user finds best, and this means that it fits perfectly to the user’s needs and requirements. So the thing is clear, you need to find the Chartplotter that serves you best, and for that, you must know your preferences. These are based on where you will fish in what environment and how much you want to pay for the device.

If you are considering buying the Garmin echomap UHD 73sv Chartplotter and transducer, you must know its features, advantages, and limitations, and it would be nice to view the user reviews.

In this article, we will discuss all of that, so read it carefully to make a choice. So, let’s get started!

What Makes This Product Outstand Others?

First of all, it is an authentic product like other Garmin products. The thing that secures the unique position of Garmin echomap UHD 73sv  is its sensor and sonar that can detect movement underwater at any direction and angle. It provides the user with complete situational awareness ahead of the boat and knows where to go and fish. More than that, it is highly upgradable and supports many high-end devices such as Minn Kota and can be upgraded with maps and charts.

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Product Review

Garmin Echomap UHD 73svGarmin has combined all of its features and innovations in this device. Garmin is a brand that has been producing fishing equipment for a long time, and it is one of its best innovations. The best part about this Garmin echomap UHD 73sv  that I found to be the ultimate game-changer is its ability to upgrade. It can be equipped with any existing system and plan.

The device is straightforward to use, which is the primary factor in making a choice. If you want to have a device that is easy to control, you should go for this one. At some points, we found the navigational feature to be lacking in terms of coastal support, but it is compensated by the active GPS and the upgradable mapping system,

This device is best suited for users who want to use it for long trips that can go for hours. It can scan to a considerable depth with great accuracy and is suited for large lakes.


Display And Control

The first that matters in the Chartplotter is the ability to effectively and efficiently display all of the information to be read and interpreted. Another main thing is the control of the device, and it must be quick and reliable. This device provides a more significant 7 inches screen that is more than enough for fishing needs. The screen has adjustable brightness to be read in any situation.

The controls of the device are indeed what makes it outstanding. It is touch and key management and can be easily controlled in any environment without any problem.

Network capabilities


Garmin echoMAP Plus 73sv provides the user with the advantage of NMEA 0183 ports and NMEA 2000 networking that is highly accurate compared to the predecessors. It enables the user to connect the devices with their smartphone with the help of the active captain application. This way, the user can easily exchange the data from one unit to another and get the latest updates and notifications about the area. NMEA network excels in chart plotting and provides the user with accurate 3D information.


Quick Draw Map


The unit also provides the advantage of generating the maps while utilizing the readings from the sonar data and the navigational coordinates. This provides the user with the advantage of generating maps that are accurate up to 1 foot and can also be uploaded to the Garmin community so that other anglers can also take advantage of it. Similarly, you can also take advantage of the maps generated by other users to have an idea about the environment.


It is preloaded with LakeVü G3 inland maps that provide the exceptional details of more than 17,000 lakes and reservoirs. LakeVü G3 delivers complete information about submerged structures, depth, bridges, roads, best fishing spots, etc.

More than that, it also supports the LakeVü H D ultra, blue chart G 2 vision that can be integrated into the device using the micro SD card and significantly increase the Chartplotter’s capabilities.



Very few things can outclass the Garmin echomap UHD 73sv in terms of sonar and fish-finding capabilities. It includes the GT54 transducer known for its reliability and power. It provides the support of clearVü sonar that provides the best and most precise images of the underwater environment.

It also has the sideVü sonar that can scan up to 750 feet in any direction from the boat—more than that; it has the CHIRP traditional sonar that can provide excellent target separation.

The sonar can scan up to the depth of 1100 feet with excellent efficiency and accuracy.



  • Included with a powerful 360-degree sonar system
  • Storage feature for sonar w.r.t coordinates.
  • High-resolution 7-inch screen
  • High navigational support
  • Easy to mount and remove from boat


  • NMEA cable is not included with the product.
  • Numerical contour readings might be difficult for users.
  • It can be expensive, especially with upgraded maps.


Why Should You Buy This Product?

Suppose you are looking for the proper equipment for your fishing needs and want to have the best view of the underwater environment for maximum efficiency and accuracy with the combination of the best navigational features available both offline and online. In that case, Garmin echomap UHD 73sv will attract you. It is designed for smooth operations and can be used anywhere. The device is highly upgradeable and will remain in competition for a long time.


Garmin echomap UHD 73sv is the complete package that the user can ask for, and it offers extensive support in all domains. The sonar capabilities of the system are outstanding, and it provides 750 feet of clearance in every direction along with a scanning depth of over 1100 feet. It can easily distinguish and detect small targets with CHIRP sonar and is highly innovative compared to previous versions.

On the other hand, the navigational support of this device is also good, and it has maps of more than 17,000 lakes and inland reservoirs. It is suitable for users with intermediate to advanced level experience and can be easily upgraded.


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