What Does Radar Do On Fish Finder?

By Wade Johnson

What Radar Do On Fish FinderFishfinder is a device that is used to find the fish underwater. When used correctly, it can even define the types of fish and their size.

The fish finder works on a similar principle as the RADAR, but this is not precisely the Rader. The fish finder works on a similar thing known as the Sonar, which is the basis of the fish finding.

In this article, we will discuss the Radar of the fish finder, and we will also discuss how it works so you can configure it to your needs.

What Does Radar Do On Fish Finder?

RADAR is the abbreviation of Radio Detection And Ranging. The radar uses the radio waves sent into the environment and are bounced back when they strike some object. The travel time of the waves can be used to determine the distance of the thing from the radar. The drawback of the Radar is that it can not be used underwater because radio waves are absorbed by water. A similar device is used in the fish finder known as the Sonar. The Sonar works on the same principle but sends the sound waves that bounce back when they strike an object. The advantage is that they can be used underwater, but the sound waves are much slower than the radio waves, so the accuracy is a bit less ..

Purpose Of Fish Finder

Fishfinders are used to find out many things. Most anglers use them to find the depth of the water, but they can do more than that. The radar of the fish finder, when appropriately used, can even find out the types of fish that are beneath the water surface. The radar of the fish finder specifies the area that has more fish so that you do not waste time waiting at the wrong spot.

They can also be used to specify the bottom type so that when you are searching for a particular fish, you will look into the correct environment that it prefers. The Sonar of the fish finder can display if the bottom is hard or soft based on the signal strength that it is getting.

These are the different purposes of SonarSonar on the fish finder:

Find The Depth

The SonarSonar, or as most people know it, is used to find the depth of the river bed so that you are not getting in too shallow water where the chances of finding the fish are minimum. Also, you are not getting in too deep water where the scanning and the probability of finding the fish are also not too great. With the help of a fish finder radar, you can determine how deep the water is.

Find The Bottom Type

The bottom type is also essential to find the kind of fish that you are looking for. Most fish prefer the hard bottom, and with the help of the fish finder radar, you can determine the type of the bottom. The fish finder works by sending the sound waves, and the response is plotted on the screen. More waves would be transferred back to the hard bottom, and the signal strength would be substantial. As a result, the net will show a distinct red line. The waves returning power would be weak for the soft base, and the pattern would also be scrambled and not different on the screen.

Fish Type

With the proper use of the eadar on the fish finder, the type of the fish can also be determined. Most of the fishes swim in packs while some fish swim alone. Based on their structure and signal feedback, the type of fish can be described using the radar of the fish finder. It is also suited if you are looking for a particular fish type, and you can change the configuration such as depth and resolution to find that specific fish better.


Fishfinders work on a similar principle to the radar, and they are used to determine and find out many things that the anglers might need. The primary purpose of the radar fish finder is to find out if there is anything below the boat or not, and with the proper use, it can be used to determine what type of fish and what type of surface is under the boat.

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