What Fish Finder Works With Us2 Transducers?

By Wade Johnson

What Fish Finder Works With Us2 TransducersUniversal Sonar is a powerful device that Minn Kota designs, and with the help, you can determine what is beneath your boat and around it. You can even choose size, type, and count them on the fish finder screen with the universal sonar 2.

The Minn Kota is known for its advanced equipment in the fishing industry. The universal sonar two is the built-in transducer attached to the motor’s lower unit and sends the signals to the fish finder with the help of an adapter cable.

Universal sonar 2 is compatible with all of the leading brands that produce fish finders, and using the transducer of the Us2 sonar, the life of the fish finder would be enhanced.However if you want to know more lets have read this article.

What Is Universal Transducer 2?

Universal transducer two or US2 is a sonar system that can be connected with most fish finders. It has more excellent protection by using a composite material that makes it safe from harmful or sonar interference. The use of US2 transducers increases the fish finder’s reliability, and accuracy protects them and increases their survivability.

What Fish Finder Works With Us2 Transducers?

Most fish finders work with the US2 transducer because it is built for a universal purpose. These are the brands that it supports:


It provides a complete range of the Garmin fish finder that can be attached. You can connect the US2 transducer with Fishfinder 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160, 160C, 240, 250, 250C, 300C, 320C, 340C, 400C. Moreover, it can also connect with GPSMAP 168, 178C ,188, 198C, 430S, 431S, 530S, 531S, 535S, 536S. You will need an MKR-US2-1 adapter to connect the US2 transducer to one of these fish finders.

The Garmin fish finder of the ECHO series, echo map series, can also be connected to the Us2 transducer MKR-US2-12.

It also offers to connect some of the models of echoMAP, GPSmap with the MKR-US2-14 adapter cable.


It is compatible with every brand of Humminbird that includes all the brands of the combo series, whether they are in the HD or SI. The US2 is also compatible with the fishfinder series and can easily connect with them. You can also connect your US2 with the helix series Humminbird fishfinders and PiranhaMAX.

The Humminbird offers the most compatibility with all Minn Kota products and accessories. You will need the MKR-US2-8 adapter to connect them with ease.Moreover, you can also connect the ONIX series Humminbird fishfinders with the us2 transducer using the MKR-US2-13 adapter.


Eagle is also the leading producer of the fish finder, and like many others, you can connect your US2 transducer. It provides a complete range of the Cuda series, whether they are with or without the GPS. The US2 can also be connected to fish elite, fishmarket, SeaFinder, SeaCharter, and FishEasy series with GREAT EASINESS. You will need MKR-US2-9 to connect the US2 transducer to one of the above fish finders of the Eagle brand.


Lowrance is probably the most versatile fishfinder manufacturing company that can incorporate any of the fishing accessories. Similarly, the US2 transducer can also be used with them. Lowrance offers the compatibility of the US2 with their HDS series, LCX series, LMS series, and X series by using the MKR-US2-10 adapter.

You can also connect Lowrance’s X series, M series, and elite series fish finders with the MKR-US2-9 adapter cable.

Installing The US2 Transducer

Installing the US2 transducer is extremely easy, and you can install it within the easy steps. All you need is a relevant adapter and the transducer to connect with.

First of all, align the keys and pin of the US2 transducer. After that, connect the adapter plug to the trolling motor cable. Finally, tighten them until they are fixed.

You can use the MKR-US2-11 adapter that can be used as the extension cable for all the adapter cables.

Final Thought

The US2 transducer can be attached and connected with most fish finders. Joining them is also very easy, and you will need just an adapter. The transducer can be connected to all leading fishfinder brands such as Garmin, Eagle, Lowrance, and Humminbird.

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