What Fish Finder works with i-Pilot?

By Wade Johnson

What Fish Finder works with i-PilotLong gone are the days when we had to follow a few backdated mechanisms to find out our back-way to the shore.

And back in the time, deep-sea fishing was deemed just terrible because of the superficial reason of losing track of where you came from. We are not talking about the stars at all, the past history where the anglers had taken to using a compass.

Modern technology has, however, altered the whole game plan for commercial and habitual fishing.

Out of many modern devices that do more than just a compass to always remember your back path.

The smart anglers go with the smart devices to make their every fishing trip worth the time, and yes when you do want to welcome the convenience, you gotta pay for it!

It is not just about getting the boat prepared, although we appreciate having the i-Pilot trolling motor installed which is ultimately your very first step towards the convenience you deem to enjoy in the open sea, for the best fishing experience, the combination of i-Pilot and the fish finder. But sad to state, not all the fish finders will work with i-Pilot, there is the compatibility part you must adhere to in order to spend on the right device.

And when you have an i-Pilot, you cannot interchange it altogether but find compatible fish finders. So, what fish finder works with i-Pilot, and i-Pilot Link (the upgraded version with a series of A-grade features) to not waste your investment. Those fish finders that do not work with i-Pilot, will not really work at all costs!

What Fish Finder Works with i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link?

What sort of fish finders work with i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link.

Fish Finders That Work with i-Pilot

Minn Kota i-Pilot trolling motor system (operable with remote) is the total convenience. Now, you do not have to start the motor every time by going back and forth when you can easily operate it anywhere on the boat.

And thankfully, the Minn Kota i-Pilot has the following of reputable fish finders that work with it which makes it double the convenient;

  • None — i-Pilot from Minn Kota trolling motor does connect with any other devices be it the fish finders because it is the self-contained GPS system lacking the interconnecting feature.

Fish Finders That Work with i-Pilot Link

The upgraded version of i-Pilot from Minn Kota does come with the system which connects with the various fish finders we are about to unravel;

Compatibility of i-Pilot Link with Humminbird Fish Finders

    • SOLIX 15. SOLIX 12, and SOLIX 10
    • ION 12 and ION 10
    • ONIX 10ci, ONIX 10, ONIX 8ci, and ONIX 8
    • HELIX 15, HELIX 12, HELIX 10, HELIX 9, HELIX 8, and HELIX 7
    • APEX 19, APEX 16, and APEX 13


What fish finder works with i-Pilot and i-Pilot link is pretty much covered, so, you have a few selective fish finders down the list.

But the combination of both can literally jack up your fishing experience. Now go solo or with a group of anglers and you would not be hit with any problem, and we bet on it! 🙂

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