What Do Crappie Look Like on a Fish Finder?

By Wade Johnson

What Crappie Look Like on a Fish FinderOh, man! That tasteful and yummy crappie is the real delicate reason the anglers want to catch it more.

The most delicious fish out of the freshwater but catching it is a trick.

Okay, we do not want you to get frightened because we have to take assistance using a technological device.

Almost all the fish look differently on the fish finder and the same goes with what crappie look like on a fish finder then it solely depends on if you pre-know their favorite hiding spots.

What Do Crappies Look Like on a Fish Finder

All the fish, be it crappie or what, have their favorite underwater strolling spots plus the time.

And when you are planning to hook the crappie fish, be ready to fill up your entire fish box in a few minutes because they do swim in a school where you can expect dozens of them.

What we expect is that your whole family is going to enjoy the super delicious dinner tonight! 🙂

But wait, here is the thing. The crappies do look different on the different sonar systems, and that is what we are about to unravel with this exclusive crappie look-alike guide!

Where Do Crappies Live

Well, the crappies tend to live close to the structures and trees (again in the form of school), so you should better be moving to such an area having the aforementioned structures.

All the Sonars Frame Crappies Differently

The crappies do look different on different sonar systems because of their power and working mechanism whereas the traditional 2D sonar identifies it totally differently than the most advanced and latest ones.

And the crappies usually form a school, so make a good practice to identify the school and you are good to go!

How Crappie Displays on the Fish Finder with Traditional 2D High-Chirp Sonar

As they (mostly) swim in the form of a big school, the traditional 2D sonar displays them as the big wide arches with bleeding colors.

The ever-changing colors represent the fish moving and having the gaps in between, so when you happen to see the color changes, your crappies are goodly active.

Crappie on Down Imaging Sonar

One of the best ways that tell you exactly how to identify crappie is on a fish finder!

Your fishfinder supporting down imaging sonar takes crappie as bright and clear yellowish dots, and as the crappies usually swim in a school, the moving ones may frame as the long thick lines.

However, we believe that the down imaging sonar is one step ahead of the traditional 2D sonar and extensively helps to distinguish the crappie from all other watery objects.

Crappies on Side Imaging

Now see the fish finder display by lowering the side imaging sonar and detecting crappies because they hardly steer alone.

And crappies are usually thin from the top but the good thing is they are easily detectable because of being hundreds in quantity and swirling together.

Depending on how clear and efficient your fish finder and the side imaging sonar system is, you would not be facing any ordeal in detecting crappies.


What do crappie look like on a fish finder is quite painless despite their overly-thin size. And the reason is we all know — they stroll in the good wide school making things easy.

And when the crappies are spotted on your fish finder, be ready to hook and unhook the hoards of ‘em.

So, we are expecting the yummilicious lunches and dinners for the next few days! 🙂

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