Raymarine Element 7 Hv Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Raymarine Element 7 Hv ReviewWhat is the best Chartplotter that offers the best combination of all the features while having the most affordable price? Many companies claim to provide the best fishfinder and chart plotter, but if you truly want the best device that serves you perfectly, then you must know your preferences. Various devices are not made specifically for your purpose, and you will have difficulty operating them in your environment.

If you are looking for the best fishfinder and chart plotter, then we would like to have your attention towards the new and one of the best innovations of Raymarine that is Raymarine Element 7 Hv.The device is getting very popular among the fishing community, and in this article, we will discuss every detail of this device, including its advantages and limitations.

So read this article to find out why you should purchase this product and how it can make your work easy. Let’s start!

What Makes this Product Outstand Others?

This device is genuinely designed to fit in all environments and has the features that make it perfect for all types of anglers. This is best suited for professional anglers who wish for the powerful and smooth readings of the environment. It is one of the kinds that uses the high-end quad-core processor that provides it the ultimate edge over the similar competitor that still uses the older dual-core processor. Moreover, the classical lag-free option and high-resolution graphics in all conditions is another feature that in my view make it different from others.

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Product Review

Raymarine Element 7 HvRaymarine is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to fishing equipment. They have been manufacturing fishfinder for a long time, and there are many series that users currently praise. The Thai Raymarine Element 7 Hv Review belongs to the element Hv series, primarily designed to provide the best sonar support.

The best thing I while using it learned about this product is that it is significantly faster than other products. When there is a rise in the information and the extended burden on the processor, other devices seem to slow down or get laggy while it provides smooth and flawless results on the screen even if you are recording them. It can efficiently record the information while running multiple apps.

Moreover, personally I feel that the hyper vision sonar availability has huge powerful effects such as it increases the significance several times and helps provide accurate readings of the underwater environment without actually going to that particular point. However, there are some things that the user seems to corner about: its lack of touch control. Some users also have concerns over its operating system, which does not provide much support for the chart card.Overall, it is a good device that offers much more than it costs.

Design And Layout

The device’s design is not so small and provides decent display and screen features. It weighs 3 pounds and can be easily equipped and dismounted on the boat. The unit has an easy-to-read button control display that provides a maximum brightness of 1,500 Nits, making it easy to read in all conditions. The button control provides high reliability and increases the machine’s durability while providing maximum comfort. Most of the device’s features can be accessed with just two to three buttons. It comes with a waterproof coating and has slots for micro SD cards.

Software and functions

The best part about this device is its powerful software support, significantly higher than other competitors. With these features, the anglers can run multiple apps and functions without slowing the device. You can now record the readings while running the fishfinder and chart plotter simultaneously smoothly and without lags.

It is equipped with the lighthouse and much other navigational software that makes the device’s function extremely easy and useful.

3D hyper vision

It gives the user the advantage of the powerful sensor and sonar support that provide maximum situational awareness, so nothing escapes without displaying on your screen. It is enabled with RealVision 3D with HyperVision that can quickly analyze and distinguish between all kinds of beds, contours, structures, and fishes.

With the side view hyper vision sonar of 1.2 Mhz, you can scan the area of up to 100 feet in any direction without compromising the accuracy and quality. You can also scan up to 300 feet in any direction with the 350 kHz frequency.

Smart Mapping

Moreover, when it comes to mapping, it provides the maximum features and authority to the user, and thanks to its offline and online map support, the user can smartly design their way, make their favorite spots, and analyze the routes. It has the support of LightHouse NC2, Navionics, C-MAP, and CMOR Mapping and can also be equipped with many other charts from different publishers, making it one of the most reliable devices in terms of mapping.

You can also create your 3D map of the unexplored area while utilizing the map’s sonar and GPS features.


  • High power sonar capable of 3D scan
  • Highly reliable maps of different kinds to provide the best navigational experience.
  • Powerful GPS for live location
  • Easy to install and use
  • Reliable and durable in every condition


  • Expensive as compared to competitor
  • Do not have much support for chart cards.

Why Should You Buy This?

If you are looking for long-term investment and want perfect navigational and sensor support, then you should go for Raymarine Element 7 Hv. It has a powerful processor that combines all the data to show on the screen without effort, and you will see flawless results. Thus, it is a recommended product and you should try it once.


Raymarine Element 7 Hv is one of the most powerful devices designed by Raymarine. It is designed to provide all the information and support to the user without delay so that they can make a timely decision. It provides 100 ft of side scan, so you do not need to go to the area to scan it, increasing the efficiency. Overall, it is a decent product designed for intermediate and experienced users.

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