Raymarine Element 12 Hv Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Raymarine Element 12 Hv ReviewLooking for an all in fishfinder? Well, Every fish finder has some qualities. There are areas in which they do not provide many features, but the Raymarine element 12 hv is the fish finder that provides all of the rates at a single platform; it is a product that is the combined qualities of all fish finders.

There are an array of features.Hence, whether you need the navigation or the scanning, the device does everything perfectly. The device is designed for experienced anglers and provides them with the needed edge and advantages. The best part is the ease of accessibility, and all the features are available in a straightforward approach.

This article will discuss the Raymarine element 12 hv with all its advantages, features, specifications, shortcoming, and whether you should invest in this kind of ultra-advanced fish finders. Let’s decipher!

What Makes This Product Outstand Others?

Raymarine Element 12 HV is the complete solution for fishing needs. It is designed to fit in all kinds of environments and with our thorough research it is the best solution that you can get if you are looking for a long-term investment. It provides a high-end system that will be suitable for a long time in the future, and this device will remain reliable for years to come.

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Raymarine Element 12 hv Review

Raymarine Element 12 HvRaymarine is a popular brand known for its exclusive features. It provides the best quality sonar system with the Chartplotter that many other products fail to deliver. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that provides anglers with the best chances to catch fish. Raymarine has taken the capabilities of fish finders to new levels, and now all the necessary information is available on the screen without any effort.

One of the popular products of Raymarine is Raymarine Element 12 hv. Well, from the application and working point of view, very few things can match the features of this device. It has everything that the user can ask for, and personally, the only thing that stops the anglers from buying this product is the price. Who would not want a device that provides 3D underwater accurate images by which we can not only pinpoint the location of the target fish but also describe its type?

First, the unit is elementary to install and comes with accessories used for its installation below the hull. You can quickly learn its operation through tutorials on its official website and the Youtube channel. It provides excellent data and situational awareness to the user, and the 12 inches display can be split to provide all of the data at a single time. When you have this device then, there is not much left to demand.

Despite its advantages, some users consider this a waste of money due to its very high price. It is primarily built for the most experienced users that need a perfect solution for their fishing needs. The device has a quad-core processor that makes it highly reliable and quickly displays the data without any lag.

Hyper Vision

Raymarine element 12 hv provides the user with the advantage of 3D hypervision that helps the user identify the ledges, contour changes, and channel beds. It gives the gift of increased situational awareness to mark the underwater environment with high accuracy accurately.

Moreover, it has a side imaging hyper-vision system that provides outstanding clear images within 100 feet of each side of the boat. The imaging can be extended up to 300 feet at the cost of accuracy.

The down imaging system is also ahead of its time and provides credible information to the user to fish more efficiently.

Navigational Support

It provides state-of-the-art support with its navigational data. It has preloaded maps and charts of North American rivers, lakes, and ponds. The device supports LightHouse NC2, Navionics, C-MAP, Standard Mapping, and CMOR Mapping and is compatible with many other charts.Hence you can also create their maps or improve the existing maps’ accuracy using the bathymetric real-time mapping system. It can produce accurate charts with a minimum count of 1 foot and this is one of the reasons why it is the recommended one from us.

User Support

The device is not enabled with the touch control, but it provides an easy-to-use button and keypad control. The user can easily navigate between the options and features and can also make their favorite spots and waypoints. It has a 12-inch screen display that provides high-resolution images that are easy to read. Moreover, the screen can be read in any condition thanks to the high contrast screen that can show the information in direct sunlight.

The data is processed through the quad-core processor, making it high speed and reliable due to the undisturbed and lag-free information display.


  • Hyper vision sonar enabled with 3D plotting
  • Highly reliable navigational support with multiple maps
  • Accurate and robust GPS
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Twelve inches display with high resolution and readability.


  • It can be too expensive for many users
  • Lacks the feature of chart cards.

Why Should You Buy This Product?

Suppose you are an experienced angler who wants the best product for the fishing needs that go for years without replacement and can be used in any environment and conditions. In that case the best option I could decode is the Raymarine Element 12 HV.


Raymarine Element 12 HV is the product designed by Raymarine to meet all the demands of anglers. It has complete support in every domain, whether the sonar, navigation, networking, display, control, or ease of use. The product has three firm grips on all of them. It is preloaded with charts and maps, and the user can also load the maps according to their preferences. The sonar support is also outstanding, and it provides all the features of sonar, whether it is hyper vision, CHIRP, or standard sonar. And all of these come at a cost, and it is costly compared to other fish finders and needs a proper reason to invest in that.

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