Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 Fish finder

There’s no pain bigger than the pain of coming empty-handed from a daylong fishing trip or losing track of productive fishing spots for fishermen.

The best remedy for the said pain is Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro.

Whether it’s catching more fish, enjoying the scenic beauty of aquatic terrain, returning to favorite fishing spots or just exploring offshores.

Dragonfly 7 Pro is jam-packed with features to do it all like a pro without costing you a hefty sum of money.

The detailed review below will let you know how it performs the magic.

Buy it if you want to obtain an awesome fish tracker to improve your odds of catching even the most challenging target.

What Makes Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro Standout?

Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro can steal the limelight like a celebrity because no model of the same class can provide such a wide range of Chirp sonar tracking with an unprecedented clear view and other related performance-grade features without costing you a fortune.


Our Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro Fish Finder Review

If you’ve been fetching the best top-end-like fish finder at a more competitive price then Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro is definitely the right chap.

It sets the bar very high with its elaborate, bright and contrasting view of the underwater world and fish location, courtesy of Chirp technology and Chirp DownVision.

The clarity of view is enhanced tenfold when you observe sonar data on its 7” wide, optical-bonding display.

Since the unit is waterproof with a fog proof screen so you’ll always have photo-like clear images of events occurring 600ft deep into water under your boat, come what may – incidental water splashes, complete submersion, heavy rain or misty weather.

Another worry that’s out of the equation is getting lost. The internal GPS is fast and error-free which means it gives you precise coordinates of your current location while continuously monitoring your vessel’s speed.

In addition, it has the capacity to save up to 3000 waypoints and multiple tracks that you find extremely important. Furthermore, it’s fully loaded with US Navionics+charts to give you details on more than 18,000 US lakes.

Lost your way? “Not a chance!” Coming back empty-handed? “In your dreams!” Buy it if you also want to say these words with the same self-confident tone.


Chirp Technology

Dragonfly 7 Pro is considered a “fish catcher” not a fish finder because of its high-efficiency, high-precision wide Spectrum Chirp Technology.

It combines the fish tracking power of 2D sonar and Chirp DownVision to scan up to 600ft below your watercraft and return with a crisp, sharp and elaborate view of underwater terrain and fish schools.

Besides, it features Target Depth ID and multiple alarms to ensure you’re fully prepared when the object of your interest shows up.

The transducer that comes with the unit has a built-in temperature sensor and carries a transom mount with a 20ft power cable. Meaning, no fuss involved in setting it up.


Display of this unit enthrals you not because of its big size, but with its weatherproof ability coupled with photographic-like brightness and clarity of pictures.

As mentioned, it’s a coloured display facilitated with optical-bonding LCD Technology which means you’ll have alluringly-clear visuals of what the sonar has collected for you irrespective of foggy or rainy weather, dazzling sunlight, viewing angle or sharp contrasts.

The controls for screen navigation are kept simple so whether you’re a pro or a newly-introduced chap, things will run smoothly for you.

However, the controls aren’t backlit which makes it a bit of a challenge to operate it during nighttime.


Calling Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro a best gps combo fish finder for money won’t be wrong as it has everything that can make navigation through any kind of water channel a breeze.

Featuring a fully functional and sensitive GPS makes sure that you have a better sense of direction along with regular updates about your vessel’s current speed. On top of that, it can save multiple tracks and 3000 waypoints that you find important enough to not forget.

Leave all the worries right on the shore and explore the offshores present before your eyes with the confidence of a seafarer because you’ve details of over 18,000 US lakes, attributes of US Navionics+charts.

In short, the option of getting lost has been completely erased from the equation.

Other Features

If you thought that was all then you’ve another thing coming. It comes with a Wi-Fi system that will stream the sonar information on your cell phone or tab with the help of the Wi-Fish app.

I think you’ll love this feature more because it will enable you to take snapshots and keep a record of those scanning sessions that you find worth keeping.

Besides, it’s also equipped with an SDcard slot to help you get software and map updates along with the convenience of quick data transfer.

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  • Dual channel Chirp sonar technology.
  • Transducer with temperature sensor.
  • Built-in GPS system and US Navionic+charts.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Fogproof, bright display screen.
  • Equally ideal for shallow and deep waters.
  • Features Wi-Fi and micro SDcard slot.


  • Lacks individual sonar recording feature.
  • Doesn’t support NMEA.
  • Absence of backlit controls makes fishing in the dark a challenge.


Why Should You Purchase Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro?

You should buy Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro because it is among those rare high-quality fish finders that provide ultraclear Chirp images at an affordable price.

Secondly and most importantly, it features advanced navigation features along with a Wi-Fi system to make sure you have the assistance needed to explore offshores and return back with the desired targets without bumping into any obstacles.

Final Call

Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro is better than many because of its wide sonar range and superior imagery regardless of the lighting and weather condition. Besides, the setup and whole running procedure is kept simple to ensure it’s always smooth sailing for fishers from start till the moment you step back on the shore. Invest in it with confidence if you want a rugged, top-of-the-line kind of loaded fish catcher at a reasonable price.

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