Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro Fish Finder Review 2023 – Pros & Cons

By Wade Johnson

Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro Review

Finding a fish finder that is neither too big nor too small, neither too complicated nor too bland, neither too cheap nor ridiculously expensive is like a rare diamond that takes exhaustive and diligent search.

Well, not anymore.

All you have to do is utter or type in four simple words: “Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro”.

Raymarine has kept its size and price modest but the addition of the latest sonar technology and navigational support is amazeballs.

The unit boasts of commendable performance under all types of weather and fishing conditions.

We will address the remaining of your queries in the review below.

If you’re a more advanced fisherman planning to upgrade your fishing gear without going crazy in the monetary corner, buy Dragonfly 4 Pro.

What Makes Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro Stand Out?

The crisp and bright imagery supplemented by highly accurate and swift sonar performance allows Dragonfly 4 Pro to stand out from the rivalling portable and inexpensive fish finders.


Our Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro Overview

Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro is the daddy of their famous Dragonfly 5 Pro, so it’s no surprise that the predecessor is to date rendered as the best fish finder among their affordable generation of fish trackers.

It has been receiving a lot of praise since its inception because the unit employs modern-day chirp technology that makes fishing seem like child’s play.

Thanks to the presence of special dual channel chirp sonar – with frequencies 50/200kHz and 83/200kHz – the images of every animate and inanimate object present in the underwater kingdom are so crisp and clear that fish have a zilch chance to outmaneuver your search.

Besides, you can gain further clarity through the use of DownVision that promises superb target separation, demonstrating baitfish, the actual finned targets and plantation with utmost clarity.

In either application, you can familiarise yourself with the composition and activity of the terrain up to 900ft or 600ft depth, respectively.

Its 4.3” backlit display is nothing short of a miracle as it reveals vivid and sharp coloured images in all kinds of weather conditions, be it foggy, cloudy, unpleasantly sunny or rainy.

Are you hesitant to row towards uncharted territories because you might get lost? Not happening on 4 Pro’s watch! The unit comes equipped with a GPS/ chart plotter and maps of US lakes, rivers and coastal areas.

Plus, you have the opportunity to mark all those vital routes, tracks and waypoints that you want to revisit again and again. Not to mention, use Sdcard to download software upgrades or transfer the saved data to another device.

Finally, this one also comes integrated with wi-fi to sync it to your phone or tablet to view data or pause, rewind or zoom some part of it for a second glance.

In short, Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro is the best inexpensive fish finder GPS combo through and through. So buy it if you are keen on coming several steps closer to becoming a pro angler.


Chirp Technology

Dragonfly 4 Pro comes equipped with the latest Chirp technology that is nothing short of revolutionary, sounding like a siren call to buy it.

The unit features dual-channel chirp sonar –  50/200kHz and 83/200kHz frequencies – with wide conical beams to create a super-clear image of the underwater world.

You will know everything about the terrain down to 900 feet. Ever since I have added this to my fishing backpack, there hasn’t been a trip where I have hooked a wrong object mistaking it for fish. I attribute all my kill shots to its DownVision scan.

The feature depicts every moving and stationary object with absolute clarity. So, if you’re passing by fish, plantations, brush piles or rocks, you will know where every object is lying within 600ft depth range.

Heck, if there’s a shoe or goggles of a diver, that too is going to be picked up by the sonar.

High-Quality Display

Although 4.3” isn’t the most ideal figure for screen size, the high-definition, colored images don’t give you much to complain about.

The display employs an LED backlight along with weather-proofing quality to ensure you receive vivid and easily readable pictures in all weather and lighting situations.

Besides, the screen can also be split to allow you to analyze multiple pieces of information at once.

Navigational Features

Although the unit is small and inexpensive, it is as good a navigational guide as any gigantic and expensive fish finder.

I think it is high time that you leave behind all your fears and explore unfamiliar inland and coastal territories. The unit is armored with a super-accurate GPS/chart plotter to give you timely updates about your coordinates and boat’s speed.

Not only this, but you can also keep a pile of waypoints, tracks and routes that you want to revisit. To make things easier, it comes loaded with maps of US lakes, rivers and coastal areas to help you focus on fishing instead of keeping track of where your boat is heading.

Other Features

If you thought that is all 4 Pro has to offer, you’re sorely mistaken. It comes integrated with wi-fi to quickly connect it to a tablet or smartphone for more convenient data viewing.

Plus, it also enables anglers to pause, rewind or zoom any sonar scan for detailed inspection.

Pro 4 also employs a memory card slot so that you can upload/download software upgrades or other essential information.


  • Portable and versatile.
  • Laden with latest chirp technology to improve productivity.
  • User-friendly installation and operation.
  • Weather-proof, superior-quality, coloured display.
  • Built-in GPS/chart plotter along with coastal and inland maps keep you on the right track.
  • Employs wi-fi to connect to smartphone or tablet.
  • SDcard slot allows expanding of memory for uploading additional information.
  • Affordable.


  • Transducer doesn’t work well in extremely shallow territories.
  • Absence of side-imaging makes scanning of larger swaths of water time-consuming.


Why Should You Purchase Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro?

Dragonfly 4 Pro is a compact and portable fish finder that entails an affordable price tag, all of which combines to make it into an irresistible option for kayak fishing.

Despite the size and cost of the unit, it comes loaded with modern-day chirp technology and navigational support to help anglers catch more fish in any territory.

Lastly, the high-quality images in all types of weather further make it irresistible.

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Final Verdict

Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro has a healthy bulk of loyal admirers because the unit gives anglers a taste of a more sophisticated, feature-packed fish finder without financially setting them back. Its revolutionary sonar technology and navigational assistance will have your back in nearly all fishing conditions. Purchase it if you want an affordable fish finder with the best sonar and GPS systems.


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