Raymarine Axiom 12 Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Raymarine Axiom 12 ReviewLooking for the fish finder that can transform your fishing experience into an exciting one? If yes, then you have striked at the right place. Raymarine Axiom 12 is designed to be the second to none fish finder, and they have revolutionized the fishing experience of most anglers.

It is primarily designed for experienced users due to its high features and advantages so that the anglers would not miss any catch. Moreover, It has a robust design that is no less than a supercomputer capable of doing multiple tasks simultaneously. The method of this device is aimed toward maximum readability that will result in quick actions.

It has powerful fishfinder features that provide the ultimate edge to the user, and the navigation is beyond expectations. Thus, It has been advertised as the genuine solution to all fishing requirements, and the prices are set according to the specifications.

In this article, we will discuss this product. We will also discuss its advantages so if you are also considering buying it; you can have an accurate idea about the product. So let’s begin.

What Makes Raymarine Axiom 12 Outstand Others?

Raymarine Axiom 12 is the game-changer among the fish finders and chart plotters. The first thing that makes it stand out from the crowd is its 12 inches display that is fully touch-controlled and the processor that makes it work smoothly. This device sounds to be a long-term investment with its highly advanced systems that will not be outdated in the next few years.  It provides the much-needed edge to the fisherman when they are trying to have the maximum benefits from their trip and in the tournaments. Thus, in my view these are some of the exciting features that give this product a enticing boost up and make this device stand out from others in the race.

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Product Review

Raymarine Axiom 12Raymarine with its exclusive featured products, is regarded as the best manufacturer and supplier in the electronic and marine fishing equipment market. Well, one of the exciting products of this company is Raymarine Axiom 12 is the kind of fishfinder and chart plotter that offers all of the benefits that the fisherman might need. The 12 inches display screen already makes it stand out from the competition. It is designed to provide all the details without any details, and the user can save a considerable amount of time using it thanks to its touch screen and powerful processor. Most of the users who have used it claim that it is considerably faster than other brands, making it easily switch between options and settings.

While it has suitable sensors and navigational support as advertised by the manufacturer, in my personal experience, the GPS lacks reliability, and it often gets disconnected easily. Moreover, it can also struggle to operate correctly in heavy seas due to its lack of buttons and only touch control. Overall, it is a good option, but many claim that the price set for the product is too much provided that it does not give many advantages compared to them. It is primarily built for experienced users and has the option to save the tracks and share their names. If you purchase your first fish finder, choosing this can be a little too much based on its size, features, and price.


Sonar And Sensors

It has a robust real vision 3D sonar system that makes it able to find all the fishes hiding under the rocks or vegetation, which is just the start of the game. It is equipped with CHIRP technology that makes it highly adaptive to any environment with its range of frequencies.

It also has a down vision and side vision sonar that offers a comprehensive and clear view of the underwater environment without getting the boat there.The transducer can also read water temperature and other vital data.

Controls And Display

The product has a 12 inches display that is entirely touch screen, so there is nothing to learn about control and production. Thanks to its high-quality display and adjustable brightness, it can provide a clear image, allowing it to read in daylight without trouble.

The impact-resistant glass protects the screen while repelling oil and water, so the screen is dry and clean. It can also be connected to an android or iOS platform to control it from the phone.

Navigational Features

Raymarine Axiom 12 is equipped with a reliable navigational system and charts covering over 20,000 lakes and ponds in the United States and Canada. It is suitable for providing marine support and helps in fishing by providing the optimum areas to fish certain fish. Moreover, it can also produce new charts that are accurate up to 1 foot and employ GPS and sonar reading.



  • Large screen of 12 inches display with thousands of accurate maps that is easy to read
  • Readability in any conditions
  • Powerful processors provide smooth reading and information without lag.
  • Multi-touch interface.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • High compatibility and controllability.


  • Very expensive as compared to counterparts.
  • It can be tricky to use a touchscreen on rough seas
  • Not the best option for small-sized boats due to their large size.


Why Should You Buy Raymarine Axiom 12?

Raymarine Axiom 12 is an absolute masterpiece built for serious anglers who want trouble-free fishing in all senses. If you are an experienced fisherman and want to have solid investments in your business, then this device will attract you. This device is for the users who do not want to compromise on the quality of any kind and want only the best for themselves. Thus, if you are one of those then I personally feel that this could be the best for you.


Raymarine Axiom 12 is a device designed to address all of the problems of anglers. It has robust sensors to provide all of the underwater data straightforwardly. The sonar system also has vibration dampers to minimize the interference from the boat’s movement to give flawless data. Overall, it is one of the best fish finders and chart plotters available, but that comes at a high price that only experienced anglers can afford.



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