Moocor Fish Finder Underwater Camera Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Moocor Fish Finder Underwater CameraThe fishing market is flooding with the best underwater fishing cameras. But, when someone asks me which one actually checks all the boxes of greatness, the name Moocor Fish Finder (KLL8336HD-DVR) comes out of my mouth like a reflex action.

For a portable unit of this size and cost, it makes for quite a rare example to capture all the action of the sea world in vivid colours. It uses a high-resolution monitor and lens with light adjustments to give you stellar quality images, irrespective of the environment below. You may now understand the reasons for our attraction, anglers like me, for this model. In short, it has all the tools and embellishments to enhance your angling expertise in a range of fishing scenarios. You’ve got a golden chance here. So, get your hands on this little marvel immediately.

What Makes It Stand Apart?

The outstanding quality of snaps and videos of the underwater world is the reason behind its ability to steal the limelight. The manufacturers have upgraded the camera and monitor and used IR and white LEDs on the lens to capture lovely shots of the action happening below.

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In-Depth Review

Moocor Fish Finder Underwater Camera ReviewThe name Moocor Fish Finder Underwater Camera (KLL8336HD-DVR) stands for quality and impactful performance. The masterminds at Moocor have upgraded its duo, camera  + display, to an AHD 1280×720 IPS screen to make it a fisherman’s perfect companion. Meaning, the high-resolution camera shows you clearer and more enchanting visuals of the underwater realm than regular 1000TVL cameras.

It doesn’t matter if the environment is dark or the water is murky. The powerful lens of the camera can spot fish quickly and without fault. Thus, you see a real-like vivid picture of fish and the surrounding on a 7-inch monitor. Besides, the display panel is also adorned with a sun visor to ensure strain-free viewing during outdoor use.

Moocor has paid attention to every aspect to make it a jack of all trades. You’ll understand why I’m referring to it as that after inspecting its cold-resistant camera embellished with switchable IR/White lights. You can turn on either of these little LED bulbs to get superb shots of the aquatic terrain regardless of day and night. Plus, the camera has an adjustable fin that lets you receive clearer images at any angle. Another admirable factor is that the lights adjust automatically according to the scene.

The crowning and most fantastic of all is the video recorder. You can directly play live footage of the underwater scenes on your browser or phone.

It comes with a built-in 16GB memory card to let you save recordings of your favourite regions. Furthermore, the cable that comes with it is 15m long, weatherproof and cold-resistant. Thus, it can travel quite far and will not corrode for a long time.

All in all, if you’re looking for the best portable fishing camera that captures enthralling shots and is easy to work with, buy this Moocor Fish Finder.


7-inch IPS Monitor

Moocor has revamped the display and upgraded it to a high-resolution screen with 1280×720 pixels. The 7-inch monitor comes to life with clear pictures of fish and the general sea life in livelier hues. The footage is so vivid and clear that I am at a loss for words. Normal 1000TVL cameras cannot compete with the clarity of these visuals. Also, the screen itself is bright and has a sun visor. Both of these protect the monitor from the blinding effects of sunlight and therefore allow you to see it without getting too close to it or straining your eyes.

At the bottom of the monitor are control buttons arranged in a horizontal line. You can understand the purpose of each easily and command the unit without any trouble.

Upgraded Camera

Like the monitor, Moocor has updated the camera as well. The AHD 720p camera is equipped with a powerful lens to capture the best and clearest possible images of sea life. You get to see fish and plants in real-life like hues. In other words, you see a realistic view of the marine realm even when it’s darker or murky down there.

A great addition to the camera is a dual circle of white and infra-red lights, 12pcs each, around the lens. A key on the monitor will let you power on/off these LED bulbs. You can switch from one type of light to another to take clear footage of fish in all situations, darker depth, murky terrain or late evening time. Lights become bright or dim automatically to make things more convenient for you.

The 15m cable that comes with it allows you to observe the aquatic topography to quite a distance. Not to mention, the fish lying the farthest or deepest can be seen and tracked as well.

Video Recorder

In my opinion, the video recorder makes for a compelling reason to purchase this unit. This function is a great relief as it eliminates the need for a third party for playing video. You can watch the film directly on your computer or phone. Not to mention, share it as well.

The manufacturers have also loaded it with a 16GM memory card. You can enhance the memory up to 32GB. So, you can save enough footage and video of your favourite fishing destinations.

The package also includes a lithium battery with a charger that can let you search for fish for 6 – 8 hours on a full charge.



  • Durable and weather-resistant.
  • Upgraded camera and monitor for lively footage of underwater topography.
  • Bright screen with a sun visor to keep it protected from sunlight effects.
  • IR and White LEDs on the camera lens for vivid shots in a dark or gloomy environment.
  • Keys on the screen are easy to control.
  • Recorded video can be conveniently played on a phone or browser.
  • Built-in 16GB memory chip for storing favourite footage.


  • Lacks information regarding warranty and customer care.
  • Many complained that battery life isn’t longer than 3 – 4 hours.


Compelling Reasons To Purchase It

First, it has a sturdy and weather-resistant build to cushion the shocks of the harsh marine world.

Secondly, the quality of the footage is outstanding for a portable and less expensive underwater fishing camera. It lets you observe livelier and brighter images of the world below, including fish-holding structures and plants.

Thirdly, the camera is laden with both IR and White lights to make sure you make lovely photos and videos even when it’s dark below.

Finally, the upgraded monitor has a higher resolution and pixels matrix to promise you beautiful shots during all applications, including ice fishing.


It is safe to call this Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera an outstanding product for the price and size. The enthralling footage and almost non-existent flaws of the unit are good enough reasons to prove our claim. The pairing of a high-resolution camera with a weather-protected monitor and cable makes it a perfect device for remote fishing and ice fishing. The inclusion of IR and white LEDs further adds to its appeal. To conclude, if you want a great underwater fishing camera for ice fishing and kayaking, purchase this upgraded model of Moocor.


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