Marcum VS825SD Underwater FishFinder Camera Review (2023)

By Wade Johnson

Marcum VS825SD Underwater Camera ReviewEarning a gold standard in fishing cameras is not a child’s play. Marcum VS825SD is one such product that truly deserves this laurel. The unit isn’t a budgeted piece that would cost 100 or 200 bucks. Instead, it stands in line with those that cost over half a grand. Oh no – that’s not an ordinary angler’s cup of tea. However, those who know what a marvel its technology-loaded LCD is have been willing to get it at any price. It has a lot of adjustments and calibrations to work exceptionally well in all sorts of fishing scenarios, including freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing and ice fishing. I’ll let our review do the rest of the opinion-changing for you. So, what do you say; do you want a brilliant view of the aquatic realm during all getaways? If yes, then all you have to do is make the purchase. Trust me, you’ll not be disappointed – and that’s the experience talking.

What Gives It an Edge Over Others?

Marcum VS825SD has gained an edge over its competitors through ultra-clear and bright optics. The LCD is packed with advanced technology to deliver three times sharper and more vivid views of the underwater scenes.

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Product Overview

Marcum VS825SD Underwater CameraMarcum VS825SD has only one purpose in mind, i.e. to make your day the brightest even on the sunniest days. Oh no, no, no, I wasn’t talking figuratively. Here’s a simple explanation.

It is an underwater fishing camera; that’s why the manufacturers have put all their magic into the camera and the screen.

They have inserted a pixel matrix of 800 x 600 into its flat viewing panel. Now, that might not seem like an extraordinary thing, but the superb quality of the images is. The flat LCD of 8-inch portrays shots of the underwater scenes in such a lucid manner that is far superior to some more expensive premium models. Moreover, the display is colour-switchable according to the situation. So, it is up to you to decide whether you want to observe the world below in rich colours or colourless form, depending on the environment and your mood.

What you’ll appreciate more is that it incorporates an array of adjustments and calibrations to make it versatile. Now, you can carry it along for deepsea action as well. You won’t notice any dwindling in the clarity of its optics. A technology called Darkwater LED lighting technology is used to decrease particle reflection. As a result, you get super-vivid views of the actions happening deep in the sea.

Speaking of the depth, information related to the camera’s depth and direction, water temperature and battery juice pop up on the screen for your convenience. The rechargeable battery will give you enough runtime to fish to your heart’s content.

As a gesture of thoughtfulness, the company has included a couple of essential items in the package. So, you’ll get a camera panner, a 75ft cable, stabilizer fin and a padded carrying pouch. However, you’ll have to spare a little money for the batteries as the package doesn’t include any.

That said, I would totally encourage you to buy it if you want to witness the beauty of the marine in its true colours on a large display.


Technology-Laden LCD

Many underwater fishing cameras have brilliant LCDs, but Marcum VS825SD remains the sweetheart. Its 8-inch flat LCD comes with a pixel resolution of 800 x 600 and a colour-switching mode. As a result, you see a deliciously colourful presentation of the underwater environment.

Three times brighter imagery is no joke, right? May they be coral reefs, lunkers, fingerlings, rocks or the places where fish seek cover, everything is depicted in true colours. You don’t have to scuba-dive to see how the oceana looks like. The LCD laden with Darkwater LED lighting technology will show you the activity with real-life-like clarity and brightness. The purpose of this technology is to control the reflection problem to make sure the images appear as lucid and enthralling as they actually are.

Also, the screen is colour switchable. Therefore, you can switch it from colourful to bland black-and-white mode if the mood and need demand.

What’s more appreciable is that the viewing panel also uncovers information regarding the camera’s angle and depth, water temperature and battery level.

Adjustments & Calibrations

If Marcum VS825Sd claims that it can perform remarkably well during both inland and sea fishing, believe that it’s true. The unit carries a plethora of adjustments and calibrations, making it meet the demands of both saltwater and freshwater fishing. No, the clarity of the optics will not be compromised in either.

What might be a bummer is that it lacks a video recorder. But, you can use an RCA jack to film the events on the screen with your cellphone.

I know you’re paying quite a bit of money for this piece, but you’re getting more than just a camera and a screen. The entire package includes a soft-padded carry pouch, a camera panner, a 75ft cable, a stabilizer fin, and a panning toggle switch with a cord.

Now you’ll stay posted about your target’s every move as the depth and angle of the camera can be adjusted. And when you’re done for the day, you can safely tuck everything back in the bag.



  • Unparalleled bright views on an 8-inch advanced LCD.
  • Mode of the display is changeable.
  • Configurations are available for saltwater and freshwater fishing.
  • Darkwater LED lighting system for controlling particle reflection to retain clarity.
  • Display reveals multiple pieces of vital information.
  • Package comes with a lot of useful accessories.
  • Competitive pricing.


  • 2C batteries aren’t present in the package.
  • No video recorder available.
  • Picture gets a bit hazy when the camera sinks deep.

Why Should You Purchase It?

The biggest reason for making the purchase lies in its LCD. This technology-laden display can show you the scenes of the aquatic world with 3x clarity and brightness.

Moreover, the unit contains plenty of adjustments and calibrations to ensure you witness the same exceptional performance in freshwater and saltwater environments too.

Finally, it comes with a bunch of handy accessories. Together with the competitive pricing, the deal becomes more attractive.

Final Thoughts

Marcum VS825Sd has its fair share of shortcomings, but there’s no denying the overall value of the whole package. The privileges and perks of its display alone make it worth every penny. The unit has plenty of adjustments to make sure it gives you its best performance. Whether you go for freshwater fishing or explore deep seas, Marcum VS825SD can walk the walk. If the quality of the images matters more than anything to you, then buy this model right away.



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