Lucky Portable Fish Finder Review of (2023) – Expert Opinion

By Wade Johnson

Lucky Portable Fish Finder Review

Lucky Portable Fish Finder (FF718LiC) is a master in more than one sense of the word.

I am going to elaborate on this personally-deduced conclusion in the review below.

The concise version  A). The little fellow blows to pieces all your misconceptions about cheap and small fish finders.

B). This puny device is too smart for your cunning and evasive gilled rivals to let them escape its radar, indirectly allowing you to become the master and outwit the prey on its home turf.

We have highlighted all its assets here to help you see why it is one of the most popular choices among beginners and even some professionals.

Buy it if you need the best portable fish finder kayaks and small boats.

What Makes Lucky Portable Fish Finder Standout?

Lucky Portable Fish Finder stands apart from traditional portable and cheaper fish finders on account of its versatility and flexibility. This multi-purpose fish catcher delivers desired results in almost all kinds of fishing journeys – from kayak fishing to river fishing to saltwater fishing to ice fishing.


Our Lucky Portable Fish Finder Review

In this cat-and-mouse game, you can become that lucky ‘cat’ that prevents the fish from escaping your clutches only with the help of an equally sneaky and smart fishfinder like Lucky Portable Fish Finder.

Its price and size is the biggest deception; the tool is anything but cheap and shoddy. Uh…I think we will do fine without the fuss of cables and wires on the next fishing adventure.

I would say all that space on your small vessel will be claimed by your prized possessions. Cocky much? Nay…this confidence comes with Lucky’s ability to garner detailed data about the bottom landscape, water depth and exact depth of fish.

Despite being small enough to fit in your hand, the unit has powerful sonar that can sink to an astonishing 328ft depth to collect information that will help you outwit the finned prey.

Alluding to my earlier comment about wires and space, the unit has wired and wireless modes to let it adapt to the kind of fishing scenario you have in mind. If you have the force to throw it 147ft far, things will run without any glitch.

That’s how far its wireless mode allows you to extend your search.

Its 2.8” display is again a stark contrast to the stereotype portable gadget. The cutsie little LCD has three colour tone settings along with adjustments for fish icons and alarms to correspond with chosen fishing type.

In short, if you are a budget-conscious hobbyist looking for a simple and multi-purpose fish finder, invest money in Lucky Fish Finder (FF718LiC).



Lucky FF718LiC is a “man for all seasons” kind of device. In simple terms, the unit promises you victory in all types of fishing circumstances, be it ice fishing, inland fishing, saltwater fishing, dock fishing, kayak fishing etc.

One reason for its multi-functioning capacity is the portable and compact size of the gadget. It is small enough to fit even in the hand of a petite female, which means you could easily accompany it on a kayak or a small watercraft without it overcrowding your little vessel.

Secondly, its wireless transducer eliminates the nuisance of cables, leaving more room for tossing fish there. Wireless range works to a distance of 147ft from your standing position.

Furthermore, you can also switch to wired mode to make it compatible with your chosen fishing type.

Depth Capability

After seeing the power of its sonar, I can finally understand why the company calls it one of the best castable fish finders. The puny size of the device has no impact on its sonar potential.

The waves can submerge as deep as 328ft to bring back precise information about water depth, bottom construction and the exact depth at which your finned targets are lurking.

You can also take help from its shrill alarm to instantly know about the presence of fish in your vicinity. This feature tilts the balance in your favour during nighttime fishing and ice fishing.

LCD Display

The display is another distinguishing part of this little guy. 2.8” LCD is better than other portable fish finders not only because of the size but also because of the quality of the view.

The screen contains three colour tone adjustments along with tinkering options for fish icons. Meaning, you can fine-tune the unit to make it more responsive to the planned fishing type.

On a full charge, the battery will run for 10 hours straight, giving you ample time to seize dozen fish, be it catfish, trout, carp or any other species.


  • Compact & Portable.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Multi-Purpose design is compatible with various fishing applications, including freshwater & saltwater fishing and ice fishing.
  • Wireless/Wired modes with a reach of 147ft in a wireless setup.
  • Powerful sonar can collect data about water depth, fish location and bottom structure up to 328ft depth.
  • 2.8” LCD with multiple colour adjustments and settings for fish icons and alarms.
  • Rechargeable battery stays juiced up to 10-hours straight.


  • Battery runtime dwindles in cold temperature.
  • Settings require a bit of testing to get them right.


Why Should You Buy Lucky Portable Fish Finder?

Lucky Fish Finder is a small fish locator carrying multiple adjustments and a flexible wireless transducer that works phenomenally in nearly all types of fishing scenarios – such as both freshwater and saltwater fishing, ice fishing, dock fishing and boat fishing.

Besides, the economical price and unchallenging operating mechanism fit the bill for beginners and occasional anglers, especially those running low on budget.

Final Verdict

Looking at all its strengths and weaknesses, we deduced that this fish finder is hands down the best portable fish finder for beginners and hobby fishers. The unit has a simpler design and operating mechanism that smoothly runs in different types of fishing ventures. We recommend this model to all those weekend warriors and entry-level anglers who are hunting for a quality portable and versatile fish finder at a relatively cheaper price.

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