Lowrance Hook2 9 Tripleshot Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Lowrance Hook2 9 Tripleshot Fish Finder“Go big or go home, dude.” You must have heard something along these lines at least once in your fishing career when you asked for suggestions regarding the best of the best fishfinders. Go all-out is an old wives’ tale with the advent of Lowrance’s mid-tier fishfinders like Hook2 9 with tripleshot transducer.

The unit aims to redefine your expectations regarding the mid-price range fishfinders by sporting some of the most advanced and in-demand technologies. Chirp technology, Sidescan, Downscan, Autotuning sonar, clear display, GPS and built-in mapping are some of the perks Hook2 9 offers. You can find its performance and capacity in detail in our review below.

Go straight to Lowrance Hook2 9 with tripleshot transducer if you want quality, simplicity, versatility and affordability all in one scoop.

What Sets It Apart From the Rest?

Lowrance Hook2 9 features Tripleshot technology and high-quality navigation support to outperform the competing models. Very few models having such performance-grade sonars and GPS entail affordable prices. Lucky for you, Hook2 9 with a Tripleshot transducer is one of those rare jewels.

Product Overview

Lowrance Hook2 9 Tripleshot Fish Finder ReviewLowrance has built this model 9 with a tripleshot transducer of the Hook2 series to give a new meaning to simplicity and affordability. Its tripleshot transducer capable of more sonar views is undoubtedly the highlight of this piece. With wide-angle Chirp alongside Side and Down Imaging technologies, it is capable to reveal the underwater world in vivid colours and detail.

The autotuning sonar can be one hell of a help. It automatically adapts to the situation in the water, letting you focus all your efforts on capturing fish.

Moreover, its large display with Solarmax technology and backlighting is dedicated to making things easier for anglers. You get to see images of the surrounding realm in all their glory and beauty. The keyed layout is extremely easy to understand and therefore you’ll not have any trouble operating the system.

As a hobbyist, I know from experience how troubling and time-consuming it is to find the perfect fishing spot. More so when you’re neither a professional nor sticking to just limited lakes and rivers. Navigation both in known and unknown water bodies is not a challenge anymore. This one hosts a basic GPS plotter along with pre-loaded mapping for guidance toward fish-holding structures.

I would gladly recommend it to all those angler friends looking for the best side imaging fishfinder for under $1000.


Sonar & Tripleshot Transducer

The biggest attraction of hook2 lies in its sonar functions. The unit has some of the most advanced tournament-grade technology on the planet, such as wide-angle chirp, side imaging and down imaging. The broadband Chirp enables you to examine a large in a moment. It operates at a frequency of 200kHz, which means it delivers vivid views of fish arches in both fresh and saltwater. Thus, you can search to approximately 500ft depth.

Its Downscan and Sidescan permit you to inspect 300 feet of area, both directly underneath the boat and on its sides. The Downscan will help you observe the changes in the terrain, species of fish, plantations and man-made features. On the other hand, the crisp images of Sidescan let you differentiate between everything from the type of fish to obstructions to vegetation to man-made features of the terrain.

Long story short, this three-way search increases the chances of having a victorious day on the water.

Despite all this cutting-edge technology, the use is a matter of simple plug-and-play. Hail to its automated sonar settings! You just focus on finding and capturing the right target; the unit will adjust to the changing water conditions on its own.

9-inch Solarmax Display

A high percentage of its appeal lies in the display. It’s not just a 9-inch display that offers a large viewing area. It’s a 9-inch of beauty where you get to see colourful images of targets and terrain-related details. The Solarmax technology supplemented by a pixel matrix of 800 x 480 and LED backlighting ensures the intense sunlight doesn’t reduce the crisp and striking quality of the images.

Other than that, you’re also allowed to split the screen. As a result, you can get sonar and navigation information at once for comparison. You can devise a plant smart enough to outwit the cunning prey.


This unit also houses a high-sensitivity GPS tracker and plotter. Its purpose is to track your boat’s position accurately. In addition to that, you can add waypoints and trails and commit them to its memory. Thus, you’ll not face any trouble retracing your favourite fishing locations.

As I mentioned earlier, this unit comes with built-in mapping. These comprehensive maps with a 1ft contouring of more than 3000 US lakes make the unit suitable for inland fishing. You can inspect these maps to learn about your preferred fishing regions.

It is compatible with features like C-Map Genesis and Navionics should you decide to try luck in offshore fishing. However, you’ll have to spend bucks for these amenities.



  • Three-way search with tripleshot transducer to enhance performance.
  • Sonar coverage is broader than conventional chirp.
  • Display shows large and colourful images.
  • Automated sonar settings promise beginner-like easy usage.
  • Built-in GPS and mapping promote convenient navigation.
  • Affordable.
  • Ideal for slat and freshwater fishing.


  • Lacks Navionics and networking.
  • Plastic transducer is prone to breakage.
  • Unit cover is absent.


Why Should I Buy It?

-You’ll find many units with high-end features, but very few will have as affordable pricing and easy use as Lowrance Hook2 9 (with a tripleshot transducer).

-Another compelling reason is its more sonar views. It uses Chirp technology, Side Imaging and Down Imaging to gain maximum information about the surrounding.

-The unit also features an efficient GPS with waypoint managing capacity and built-in mapping to ensure convenient navigation toward targeted regions.

Final Thoughts

That was all that I wanted anglers to know about Hook2 9 Tripleshot. If you’re willing to spend over half a grand to get advanced sonar functions and high-quality navigation capabilities, you should consider buying this device. The unit features a large display along with an intuitive and easy interface to deliver a vibrant layout of the underwater world. It may be lacking some fancy features, but the overall performance overshadows them.


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