Lowrance Hook2 7 Tripleshot Fish Finder Review (of 2023)

By Wade Johnson

Lowrance Hook2 7 Tripleshot Reviews - 7-inch Fish Finder with SplitShot Transducer and US Inland Lake Maps Installed ….jpgFishing is a tricky business even when you’ve a fully functional fish finder at hand, fish keep escaping your search radar.

That’s why we keep hearing praise after praise of high-end fish finders. One of such jewels is Lowrance’s Hook2 7 Tripleshot.

The unit carries advanced Side Imaging and Down Imaging along with Chirp sonar to ensure not even the cunningest fish can find a loophole in your search and escape your snare.

This review will talk in detail about the capabilities of this fish finder and also underline what its flaws are.

However, one thing remains unchanged from start till the last word: this one is at the forefront whenever you look for the best value GPS combo fish finder.

Go for it you want to flaunt prized possessions, fish, upon returning from your offshore adventure.

What Makes Lowrance Hook2 7 Tripleshot Stand Out?

We can write a sonnet for admiring the beauty of Lowrance Hook2 7, however cutting to the chase, its multiple sonar scans and wider than usual coverage give it an edge over other competing models.


Our Lowrance Hook2 7 Tripleshot Fish Finder Review

Lowrance Hook2 7 is among the best mid-tier fish finders that will give you the time of your life on any water territory with its tripleshot transducer supporting wide coverage Chirp sonar and active GPS mechanism.

You’ll be amazed to see how easy it is to install and operate it. Phone-like menu along with auto-tuning sonar brings you into action mode in a flash.

On top of that, when you’ve the assistance of chirp sonar, SideScan and DownScan, fish, bottom structure and plantation, all lying underneath the boat as well as on its sides are clearly identified and thence making it a cinch for you to seize the prey.

You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the underwater realm on a 7” large SolarMax display.

The screen exhibits vibrant and crisp imagery of fish and structure regardless of the dazzling sunlight to ensure you have got a detailed and intelligibile picture in order to throw a bait at the exact position.

More enticing is the help that you get from its active GPS and preloaded inland mapping. Select any waterbody and reach fruitful spots without unnecessarily meandering around first.

In short, buy it if you want the best fish finder gps combo under $1000 with you on-board on future fishing trips.


Sonar and Transducer

Lowrance Hook2 7 comes with a tripleshot transducer and Chirp technology which means you get a wide-coverage Chirp sonar as well as most-wanted Side Scan Imaging and Down Scan Imaging.

In layman’s terms, the area directly beneath your boat and on both of its sides – upto 300ft on each side – is covered by the sonar to help you identify and mark fish, structure and plantation while keeping track of your bait.

That will help you adjust the position of your bait for a fruitful outcome. Wide-angle sonar will cover a larger territory in less time to help you track more targets in the given time.


As suggested from the title, Hook2 7 comes adorned with a 7” large and coloured display. It portrays a crisp and bright picture of fish, its hideouts and general bottom landscape to give you a clear insight of the playing field.

The best part of the display is its Solarmax nature which promises you a clearly readable screen even under dazzling sunlight. No more straining or squinting of eyes, one glance at the display and you’ll know what’s happening in the realm below your boat.

GPS and Maps

To make things a piece of cake for you, this unit employs preloaded maps and high-sensitivity internal GPS. The GPS will update position multiple times a minute to give you unerring coordinates.

Also, you can have an archive of waypoints and track trails to make sure you reach your favorite fishing points without any trouble.

Moreover, it has pre-installed maps of 4000 US lakes, making it further easy for you to try your luck in productive water. However, these maps don’t have as much detail as you would like.

Other Features of Lowrance Hook2 7 Tripleshot

To make things more peachy for you, this one comes with a waterproofing feature. So you can track your target without any worry because it will not die on you due to water splashes or rainfall.

You’ll also admire its Fish ID 2D sonar mode as it enables you to give intelligible fish icons to fish arches projected by sonar, eradicating all chances of mistaking structure or vegetation for targets.

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  • Reasonable price.
  • Extra-wide sonar coverage.
  • Bright display with sunlight readability.
  • Comes with a tripleshot transducer.
  • Extra sonar scans provide a crisp view of fish and structure on sides as well as beneath the boat.
  • Extremely easy setup and use.
  • Preloaded inland mapping.
  • Active GPS mechanism.


  • Protective cover isn’t included.
  • Mapping needs improvement.
  • Transducer cable is a bit short.
  • Lacks networking features.


Why Should You Go For Lowrance Hook2 7 Tripleshot?

Purchasing Lowrance Hook2 7 tripleshot will give you an added advantage of having wider sonar coverage and extra sonar views, SideScan and DownScan, to make sure not a single fish present in the vicinity can outmaneuver your search.

Also, its extremely simple setup and operating process will ensure you’ve a stress-free time on waters, with complete focus on hunting your target.

Final Verdict

Lowrance Hook2 7 with tripleshot transducer is a loaded fish hunter that can give you whatever assistance you need on waters to land your object of interest without putting a burden on your wallet. Despite some other feature-loaded units, this one comes with a hassle-free easy installation and running procedure thereby enabling you to concentrate fully on capturing your prey. So if you want to enhance your fishing expertise and at the same time ensure that you always have the best time on fishing ventures, we would recommend you to go for Lowrance Hook2 7 Tripleshot. You will get everything that you want without spending an exorbitant amount of money.

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