Lowrance Hook2 12 Tripleshot Fish Finder Review of 2023

By Wade Johnson

Lowrance Hook2 12 Tripleshot Fish Finder I have a penchant for Lowrance because the brand provides a variety of high-end-like units at lower-than-expected prices. The company’s Hook2 12 fishfinder will make you believe words. I have decided to explore this gem with you in today’s review because many anglers hesitate to buy such feature-loaded units thinking they will be too complicated to use. Steeple price is another deterrent.

You will not find these put-offs here. Hook2 12  with a powerful tripleshot transducer is a great companion for anglers preferring freshwater fishing. Don’t overthink and purchase it if your demand is a feature-packed, large fishfinder with a chartplotter combo.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The unit delivers unparalleled clear sonar images in all fishing conditions due to the integration of Autotuning sonar setting. This core feature not only makes it the easiest to use, but also makes it stand out.

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Detailed Review

Lowrance Hook2 12 Tripleshot Fish Finder ReviewLowrance Hook2 12 shows the company’s predilection for merging simplicity with modernity to stand out. The unit is the largest of the Hook2 series. Yet, it neither has a complicated use nor a hefty price tag. What makes this an exception among its counterparts is its Autotuning sonar system. It entitles you to the best possible imagery by automatically modifying sonar settings to the changing fishing conditions.

I have yet to go on a trip where it failed to detect fish for me. With the availability of Chirp sonar together with Sidescan and Downscan Imaging, a fish cannot go unnoticed even if it is cunning or well-hidden in structure. Just mount it on your boat; it will start tracking some fish for you the next moment.

You should know that the tracking range of chirp sonar is 500 feet and 300 feet each for sidewise and downwards scan – Sidescan and Downscan. Therefore, it is a killer piece for inland and shallower fishing but not so much for deep saltwater fishing or ocean fishing.

Its display is a 12-inch LCD type with a higher resolution, backlight format and waterproofing. Therefore, you are entitled to enjoy clutter-free, bright visuals regardless of the weather conditions.

Since it is also a chartplotter combo, you also get admirable navigational assistance. First, the unit is fostering comprehensive maps featuring 4000 US lakes. These preloaded maps are also easy to understand to make sure you always row your vessel towards fish-holding zones. Plus, the unit has a built-in SDcard slot to increase storage should you plan to use high-detail charts, such as Navionics, HotMap Premium, C-Map Max-N Charts and Fishing Hotspots Pro.

The unit also has a GPS that delivers correct coordinates of your favourite locations and other points of interest. Besides, functions like track plotting, waypoint creation and route structuring are also part of its navigation expertise. Thus, you’ll always know which part of the selected terrain you should head towards to snag fish.


Sonar Capabilities (Tripleshot Transducer)

“More” is what you get with this 3-in-1 fishfinder — more fish, more time on the water and more value. All just because of a single transducer with Tripleshot technology. Tripleshot means a three-tier search, i.e. wide-angle Chirp, Sidescan and Downscan. In other words, you have the chance to go through more area in less time with its wide-cone Chirp technology. This option can locate fish to a 500ft depth. Besides, it is capable of giving accurate bottom readings even at 55mph speed.

Thanks to the oval beams of Downscan and Sidescan having a hawk-like vision, its tracking and identifying abilities are so on-point that you’ll see each bait, fish and structure separately. The maximum reach of both Down and Side Imaging is 300ft.

Navigation Features

Despite being a mid-level model, Hook2 12 is fostering many navigational features. First, the unit contains preloaded US Inland maps. I call it a portable library containing maps of some 4000 lakes. They carry enough details to help you avoid fruitless terrains and land directly in productive waters.

Of course, it is upgradable, considering you’re paying over a grand to purchase it. It comes with an SDcard slot to help you update the cartography platform. Navionics charts, Navionics+, HotMaps Premium, Fishing Hotspots PRO or C-Map MAX-N charts, it accepts all.

Furthermore, there’s an internal GPS coupled with functions like waypoint addition, trail following and route planning. These functions keep you informed about the coordinates of your favourite points of interest and also save important routes and points for later needs.

Display & Controls

As evident from the title, the unit nests a 12-inch TFT, LCD type display. The panel fosters my favourite SolarMax technology together with LED backlight adjustments. It is also waterproof. All these specifications mean one thing: screen readability and quality of images are excellent. So, exposure to sunlight or accidental splashes such as drizzle or immersion will not ruin its image portrayal.

Besides, its keypad menu is one of the easiest that I have ever seen. You can easily access all the buttons and navigate them with equal convenience.

You’ll barely have to lift a finger to start fishing like a pro, courtesy of automated sonar settings.



  • Large and colour LCD for excellent visibility.
  • 3-in-1 sonar actions for wide coverage and accurate recognition of fish and structure.
  • Automated sonar setting for better image and hassle-free fishing.
  • Fast GPS with waypoints and route creation functions.
  • Internal basemap of US lakes narrows down the search to lucrative destinations.
  • Easy-to-navigate keypad layout.
  • Upgradable charts with built-in SDcard slot.


  • Not networkable.
  • Costs extra on the protective case and flush mounting kit.
  • Not for deepsea or ocean fishing.


Why Should You Purchase It?

If you’re looking for a feature-packed model that is extremely easy to use, stop your search on Hook2 12. With its auto-tuning sonar and simple buttoned menu, you’ll not experience any headache while controlling it.

Secondly, the unit supports all three sonars – Chirp, Side Imaging and Down Imaging – to make sure you’re tracking more fish and structures in less time without any fault.

Finally, it comes with comprehensive maps of US lakes and a fast GPS to ensure you spend time in productive waters only.

Final Verdict

Indeed, Lowrance Hook2 12 is a mid-level fishfinder, but it’s not ordinary. Its tripleshot transducer with multiple sonar actions and navigation features make it come neck-and-neck with some high-end competition. Despite being packed with advanced features, it is still easy to use and considerably more affordable. Thus, anyone who wants more sonar features, hassle-free fishing and value should buy this product.



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