Lowrance Hook 5 Fish Finder Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, Specs

By Wade Johnson

Lowrance Hook-5 SonarGPS MidHighDownscan Fishfinder

The nuisance with compact fish finders is that they lack those in-demand features that can make or break your fishing game.

Not to mention the display is so tiny and lacks the luster that one could hardly make out what’s being portrayed.

In the backdrop of this, Lowrance Hook 5 is a fish finder that’s been attracting both passionate anglers and casual fishers like moths to a flame.

The main reason is that the unit offers everything that you would wish to see in a decent-sized fishfinder without having to upset your budget.

It’s quite compact yet features a widescreen with colored graphics, improved sonar functions and GPS chart plotter capability.

The unit is resilient enough to stand up to unpredictable weather circumstances and accidents during fishing without compromising on the accuracy of its results.

This article will discuss in detail what’s in store for you with Hook 5.

Before you proceed further know that Lowrance Hook 5 is what you need if your aim is to get a high-quality fish finder combining the functions of GPS chart plotter at a more reasonable price.

What Makes Lowrance Hook 5 Stand Out?

Lowrance Hook 5 isn’t an ordinary, puny fish finder as it sports an array of cutting-edge sonar and navigation features that usually cost a significant amount of money. Also, its overall great value is hard to come by.


Our Lowrance Hook 5 Fish Finder Review

Lowrance Hook 5 is a rescuer because it saves you from the dilemma of compromising quality due to budget restraint.

It gives you excellent quality with a fair share of advanced features without a huge splash of cash. Under $500, this is the best fish finder GPS combo that you can find because not only you get Chirp sonar and DownScan but also a 5” diagonal screen with an increased color palette to provide you a breathtaking, vibrant view of the underwater environment.

You can divide the screen into multiple segments to receive information about Chirp, DownScan and GPS at once.

Unlike its predecessor Elite-5 HDI, Hook 5 is a lot easier to use, especially when you’re an avid angler.

However, beginners might still find it a bit tricky to learn the hang of the whole setup.

One thing is for sure though, you’ll never be left stranded in the middle of nowhere on a waterbody or lose track of your favorite fish-active zones because the internal high-sensitivity GPS antenna and pre-installed inland mapping will not allow that.

You can be more thorough with your exploration by creating your own maps, download updated maps or receive chart updates, whichever serves your purpose.

In short, buy Hook 5 if you want great value without compromising on the quality of the device.



Lowrance doesn’t want you to experience the pain of returning empty-handed from your fishing trip that’s why it has employed the most-in-demand Chirp technology along with DownScan sonar. Its Chirp uses 83/200kHz frequencies to bring you back a clearer vision of the aquatic realm.

Moreover, with the help of DownScan you can go to a 300ft distance directly beneath your boat to not only trace fish but also see what kind of bottom terrain you’re up against.


The 5” display doesn’t seem like something extraordinary at first glance yet it is. First, 800×480 pixels matrix with 16-bit color palette delivers a vibrant and crystal clear picture of everything that’s present beneath the water sruface.

Secondly, the LED backlight format and waterproof nature of the display assure you that you can count on it to not abandon you whether it’s dazzling sunlight, dead in the night, cloudy, rainy, accidental splash or immersion.

On top of that, the display can be split into multiple windows, allowing you to receive information about Chirp, DownScan and GPS simultaneously to help you come up with the best possible plan for capturing your desired target.

GPS Plotter & Mapping

Hook 5 comes equipped with preloaded maps of over 3000 US lakes and rivers. However, these lack sufficient details, much to one’s chagrin. It is a huge relief to know that you’ll have a high-sensitivity built-in GPS chart plotter as a backup.

Meaning, not only will you get accurate coordinates to stay on the path but will also be able underline waypoints and routes leading to those fruitful spots that you want to revisit.

Other Features

Hook 5 also employs NMEA networking and SDcard slots. You can cover the loss of inadequate preloaded charts by downloading detailed maps, updating mapping software, or buy chart packages – it’s compatible with a plethora of chart packages including Lake Insight, Nautic Insight Pro, etc.

Besides, the unit also has a sonar recording feature and rewind option as well as sonar sensitivity adjustment.

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  • Quality structure.
  • Chirp and DownScan sonars offer a crisp depiction of fish and bottom structure.
  • Crystal clear screen with LED backlight and colored graphics.
  • GPS plotter and preloaded charts.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Features sonar recording.
  • Features SDcard slot and NMEA networking.


  • Instruction manual isn’t helpful.
  • Preloaded charts lack details.
  • Doesn’t have a protective case.
  • Beginners might find controls a bit troubling at first.


Why Should One Buy Lowrance Hook 5 Fish Finder?

Apart from the obvious reason for accurate fish detection, you should take a chance on Hook 5 because of its unerring navigation features and vibrant imagery, both make sure that your time on the water is nothing less than unforgettable.

Final Verdict

From the above-detailed review, it becomes evident that Lowrance Hook 5 really is one of the best fish finder gps combos under $500. Its compact size is appropriate for kayaks and small boats. If you can work around the few gripes pertaining to preloaded charts then the rest of the amazing features and functions will leave you hooked for sure. We would recommend you to buy it because of its excellent quality and overall value will give a tremendous boost to your fishing skills.

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