Lowrance Hook 4 Fish Finder Reviews 2023 – Pros, Cons, & Features

By Wade Johnson

Lowrance Hook-4 SonarGPS MidHighDownscan Navionics+ Fishfinder

How you can slay your opponents with a simple, straightforward fish finder is the artistry that Lowrance has excelled with its Hook 4 model.

Those who love fishing will be hooked with this after seeing how easy it makes the whole fishing process right from navigating towards offshores to bagging one’s victory possession and returning back with a satisfactory smirk on one’s face.

The unit is a no-frills type yet it carries some amazing features like Down-Imaging, GPS, built-in mapping, and sonar recording apart from more fundamental ones like Chirp sonar and clear display.

We would recommend you to buy it as it’s the perfect gear for small boats and kayaks, not to mention it won’t upset your budget.

What Makes Lowrance Hook 4 Stand Out?

Lowrance Hook 4 is said to be an anomaly in the category of simple fish finders since the unit comes with a number of amazing sonar and navigation features, making it absolutely effortless for it to gain an edge over its rivals. The fact that it entails an affordable price tag makes it stand out more.


Our Lowrance Hook 4 Fish Finder Review

Lowrance Hook 4 is a desirable choice of all anglers who want ruggedness, simplicity and 100% efficiency piled up in a single fish finder.

The unit is compact in size which makes it a perfect partner to have on-board on kayaks, small boats and on hikes to ice fishing spots.

Don’t underestimate its small frame as its Chirp sonar and Downscan can provide you with a clear and crisp imagery of fish and bottom structure below your vessel.

Moreover, its 4” large screen might be a deal-breaker for those who prefer big viewing windows but giving it a chance will not disappoint you as it beats many fish finders due to its clarity of picture.

Everything from bottom structure to fish present directly below your watercraft is depicted on the display in a crystal clear manner to eradicate any confusion. Plus, the overlay feature of the display enables you to monitor Chirp and Downscan at once to get a detailed picture of the on-goings of underwater.

What’s really amazing is that you can scroll back to sonar history to check fish productive spots that you encountered on previous trips.

The fact that this model employs over 3000 maps of lakes and rivers of the U.S. along with an internal GPS makes it more enticing because it makes the process of marking favorite fishing zones absolutely trouble-free.

Lastly, operating this device might be a bit time-consuming as the instruction manual isn’t very comprehensive. Also, it takes a few minutes to boot up. However, one can get over these shortcomings easily when witnessing its overall great value.

All those anglers, experienced or learners, are advised to buy this one if they want a simple fish finder capable of nailing the fundamentals.


Sonar Technology

Lowrance Hook 4 comes with dual sonar systems, Chirp technology and Downscan sonar. Its Chirp sonar is better than others due to its ability to provide accurate and optimum information about the underwater realm including sanctuaries of the finned target.

The unit comes with a powerful transducer supporting Downscan-Imaging which will prove an invaluable asset when you paddle towards deeper sections of a waterbody.

It will give you a detailed insight into the bottom to prevent undesirable encounters with underwater structures and at the same time let you identify your target’s location.


The display of this unit is unique in the sense that it’s both ideal and less ideal at the same time. Its smaller size of 4” is the least attractive part. But, the same screen can be a seal-the-factor due to its high-pixelation ( 480 x 272) crystal clear picture.

The display beats other competitors with its multi-viewing option. The screen has an overlay format that allows you to acquire Chirp and Down-Imaging information simultaneously to give you a better insight of what’s lying underneath your boat.

GPS & Mapping

For a basic fish finder, it’s quite surprising to add navigation features yet Hook 4 does it. Its internal GPS is a blessing both for beginners and pro anglers as not only will they remain on the right track throughout the day, but also know the way to their favorite fishing spots.

In addition, the inclusion of maps of U.S. coastal of more than 3000 lakes and rivers makes fishing easier by directing them to productive locations without meaningless exploration.

Other Features

Despite claiming to be a simple model, Hook 4 also employs features like ASP (Advanced Signal Processing). Beginners particularly will appreciate this as it adjusts the settings to help you see fish and underwater terrain with more clarity – eliminating the need of manually adjusting the signals.

It also has a feature named TrackBack, my absolute favorite, as it gives you a sense of deja vu because you can scroll back to the sonar history of previous trips and also mark those fish productive spots where you found maximum fish activity.


  • Durable and waterproof.
  • Affordable.
  • Chirp sonar and Downscan effectively catch fish underwater.
  • TrackBack feature records sonar readings.
  • Built-in GPS.
  • Preloaded US inland mapping.
  • Affordable.
  • Ideal for offshores and ice fishing trips.


  • Smaller display.
  • Takes time to boot up.
  • Operating and setup processes take some time.


Why Should You Buy Lowrance Hook 4?

Hook 4 is a simple fish finder yet it has some nifty features that experienced anglers will find attractive. The rugged and weather-resistant body makes it further desirable since it promises an effective and 100% outcome regardless of the weather condition you’re fishing in.

Bottom Line

Lowrance Hook 4 is a desirable choice for beginners and avid anglers alike due to its ability to accurately track fish and depict a crystal clear picture of the underwater environment. Like any other model, it does have a few limitations but its overall value makes it irresistible. However, we would recommend you to buy it if your aim is to obtain the best inexpensive fish finder for freshwater and ice fishing.


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