Lowrance Hook 3x Fish Finder Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, Specs

By Wade Johnson

Lowrance Hook 3x Reviews 2021 - Pros, Cons, Spec & Features

Fishing by yourself in a small boat can be a difficult task.

You do not want to add more to the tricky nature of the sport by having on-board a fish finder that will acquire most of your attention and time with its demanding setup and operating procedure.

Not to mention the small form factor and strength of the gadget will provide a perfect escape to the already evasive creature, the fish, to evade your clutches.

That’s why we have selected Lowrance Hook 3x for detail reviewing to make sure your perfect getaway doesn’t get ruined because of a sloppy fish finder.

The unit comes equipped with all key fish finding features along with a skimmer transducer and uncomplicated installation process and running mechanism, ensuring everything is ready for action in a snap.

If you’re a small boat owner or beginner who loves to go fishing by yourself, buy Lowrance Hook 3x to make sure your boat always carries gilled guys upon returning.

What Makes Lowrance Hook 3x Stand Out?

Lowrance Hook 3x is a small and simple fish finder but it towers over other entry-level inexpensive models because of its efficient fish tracking ability in shallow waters.


Our Lowrance Hook 3x Fish Finder Review

Lowrance Hook 3x is a simple fish finder with an affordable price yet has the desirable quality and performance to assure you a priceless time when you plan a fishing getaway.

Anglers and hobbyist fishers who love to go fishing on kayaks or small canoes will find its compact size perfect for their small watercraft as it will fit perfectly in the limited space.

The highlight of the model is ASP (Advanced Signal Processing) that is responsible for fish detection. I call it the real friend of a fisherman because it prevents him from wasting precious time tinkering with settings to acquire a clear picture of fish, structure and bottom contours.

To make matters more peachy, it has Pages buttons that enable anglers to quickly switch between 83kHz and 200kHz sonar frequency to sweep the maximum area beneath your vessel.

What further makes the chase a breeze is the broadband sounder. Not only does it quickly pick out fish, contours and structure details, bottom hardness and thermoclines but it also enables you to track targets to their hidden sanctuaries. Gotcha little guy!

The 3.5” display might appear small but it’s pretty decent both in size as well as resolution (320 x 240).

Also, together with an LED backlight, you’ll have no trouble having a crystal clear, intelligible view throughout the day, whether it’s early morning, dazzling sunlight, or night time.

In end, purchase it because neither it has frivolous features to overwhelm you nor a jaw-dropping high price to alarm you. Everything is just peachy!


Advanced Signal Processing (ASP)

Lowrance Hook 3x holds a position of eminence among fishers because of the feature called Advanced Signal Processing. This is the mastermind behind precise tracking of not just fish but also its depth and bottom structure.

It will also quickly identify reefs to make sure you don’t confuse them with actual fish.

The device employs Pages buttons to quickly swap between dual-frequency sonar of 83kHz and 200kHz, giving you an opportunity to search large area beneath the boat to garner maximum detail.

However, you should be mindful of the fact that it will work effectively only in shallow water. It will be “Tai Tai Fish” in deep saltwater or ice fishing.

Broadband Sounder

Another feature responsible for successful target detection is the Broadband Sounder. I would say erase questions like “What’s this, fish or some other object?” from your memory altogether because you will rarely get to say them.

The broadband sounder pinpoints all – fish targets, bottom structure and contour, bottom hardness, thermocline etc. –  with such clarity and accuracy that leaves no doubt whatsoever.


Hook 3x rewards you with a decent size display screen of 3.5” length. It seems like a minion when compared to plasma-like big displays but taking into consideration limited space on small boats, you’ll find it a blessing in disguise.

It’s also worth lauding because of its high resolution (320 x 240), considering the smaller size of screen, and LED backlight format. Meaning, you’ll have a bright view irrespective of the time of the day and lighting condition.

Other Features

The unit also comes with a skimmer transducer carrying a water temperature sensor. In addition, it also contains features like Fish ID, Zoom and alarm to ensure you deal with the situations at hand effectively.

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  • High quality, compact design.
  • The combination of broadband sounder and ASP ensures unerring detection of fish and bottom structure.
  • Features dual-frequency sonar with an easy switch button.
  • 5” display with LED backlight offers clear viewing.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • A transducer is included.
  • Affordable.


  • Instruction manual is a bit vague.
  • Suitable only for shallow water.
  • Lacks GPS.


Why Should You Buy Lowrance Hook 3x Fish Finder?

Lowrance Hook 3x possesses all the key features in a tiny form factor that make it an ideal device for small watercrafts.

Moreover, the simplicity of design and use along with its spotless track record for target detection allows it to rank higher on the priority list of advanced anglers and beginners alike.

Bottom Line

Lowrance Hook 3x is a small device but carries all the essential features that can aid you immensely in hunting finned targets. The unit lacks some advanced features but what it has pretty much makes up for the lack of fancy features with its effectiveness and functionality. It’s not suitable for ice fishing or deep saltwater fishing but it’s unstoppable in shallow waters. So, whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, purchase Lowrance Hook 3x because its no-frills high-quality components at an affordable price will assure you years of fruitful fishing.

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