Joylog Fish Finder Review (2023) – Pros, Cons, Specs & Features

By Wade Johnson

Joylog Fish Finder Review

A fish finder champion in one circumstance might prove a total loser in another.

For instance, the best portable fish finder will have you exclaiming “Yes!” during kayak fishing but a devastating “Oh No!” in say, ice fishing or shore fishing.

Joylog Fish Finder, true to its name, allows you to log in to a joyful fishing trip all around the year.

We devised this review with the intent to introduce you to an all-rounder fish finder that promises accurate answers about the monsters and finned creatures dwelling in the aquatic realm, no matter what fishing type you choose.

You can even keep your frugal tendencies intact with this one since it is pretty affordable.

I would recommend you to buy this fish finder if you want to deep-six such killjoys.

Why Joylog Fish Finder Outshines Others?

Unlike other castable and portable fish finders, this Joylog fish tracker can sharpen its hunting capabilities automatically to produce lucrative results any time of the year. Plus, the economical price has zero impact on its overall quality and stellar performance.


Our Joylog Fish Finder Review

If you want to impress your peers and depress your opponent – cunning fish – at once, “Joylog Portable Fish Finder” is the best man for the task. You will be amazed how this tennis-ball size little device can sniff a fish’s presence in a heartbeat.

Heartbeat? Yep, you heard me. The unit is self-reliant, which means you don’t have to tinker with settings to bring forth its best functioning mode.

Its sonar automatically starts sniffing around for fish existence within 0.6-40m depth scope the moment three-fourth of its body immerses under the water. Similarly, it will automatically power off 30 seconds after being removed from the water.

I have conducted multiple fish hunts in a variety of environments, at nighttime, in murky waters and even in the bone-chilling winter season.

This little guy didn’t disappoint me on any of my trips because I always came back with gilled creatures for grilling. It is because the unit is designed to adapt to the environment to ensure you receive the best performance.

Furthermore, the tool projects high-resolution sonar images of the bottom bed, plantation and fish depth to help you devise an escape-proof capturing strategy.

On top of that, its speedy wireless connectivity allows you to expand your search perimeter to a good 50m distance without worrying about weakening signals.

The last reason for its worldwide stardom is the built-in support for 26 languages. Meaning, you can demand its assistance in virtually any native language.

In conclusion, I would advise you to invest in this tool if you really want the best castable fish finder, not to mention promises great value for money.


Automatic Start-Stop

On your mark, get set, go! Yeah, that’s how easy and quick its operation is. The intelligent gadget wants you to just throw it in the water – no muttering or cursing while you fumble with the settings.

It will automatically commence fish hunt the second 3/4th part of its body submerges in the water.

Likewise, it shuts down on its own 30 seconds after taking out from the water, enhancing your battery life.

Powerful Sonar

I have yet to experience a trip where this mini piece fails to find a fish for me. Let me in you on a little secret.

Keep your grilling setup ready before embarking on a fishing expedition with this fellow because you will have fish to grill when you return home.

The fish might have a home turf advantage in other cases, but here they stand no chance against the intelligence and power of its sonar. It can quickly sniff out a fish’s hideout within a depth parameter of 0.6-40m.

Not only this, but the unit also portrays high-quality digital sonar images of seabed composition, nearby flora, fish depth along with information about water depth and temperature to enable you to conjure an unescapable strategy. Go for the kill shot!


This fish finder is a tennis-ball-size “Poseidon”. Meaning, it controls the game in the water regardless of the time of the day or the season of the year.

The unit has an innate ability to adapt to the fishing environment to help you maintain your winning streak against evasive finned opponents.

So, whether you take it on a nighttime fishing trip, in murky waters, or during frozen temperatures, the unit will produce the best results regardless.

Fish! Pescado! Yú!… it can work in any language you command it to. The unit is integrated with a multi-language operating mechanism to allow it to produce results in your native language. No brainer is treated as the best portable fish finder worldwide.


  • Adapts to any environment to retain stable performance.
  • Portable and lightweight figure can be conveniently taken anywhere.
  • Sonar automatically starts searching within 0.6-40m depth perimeter.
  • Automatic shutdown mechanism.
  • Reveals crisp and clear images of seabed structure, vegetation and fish location.
  • Wireless connection extends the search to a 50m distance.
  • Built-in settings for multi-language support.


  • Bereft of GPS mechanism.
  • Accuracy reduces when there’s a moving current in the water.


Why Should You Go For Joylog Fish Finder?

The Joylog smart fish finder is small enough to fit perfectly in a small boat, in your pocket or hand, which means it gives you the freedom to take it wherever you want to hunt fish – be it offshore angling, shore fishing, kayak fishing or ice fishing.

Besides, the wireless connectivity allows you to cast it meters away to garner on-point data regarding bottom structure, seabed plantation, fish hideout, water temperature and depth through its powerful sonar.

Final Verdict

Joylog Portable fish finder is an epic example of “big surprise in a small package!” The portable unit can pretty much adapt to any fishing environment you choose to help you acquire your targeted fish. If you want a fish finder that comes with a definite “Yes!” for capturing fish, buy Joylog fish finder in a heartbeat.

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