iBobber Fish Finder Review of (2023) – Briefly Explained

By Wade Johnson

iBobber Fish Finder ReviewsThe words “cheap fish finder” leave a bad taste in an angler’s mouth because these are often followed by “Tain, Tain, Fish”, words that are a nightmare for fishers.

We stumbled across iBobber fish finder from ReelSonar, and it changed our whole outlook on low-priced fish trackers.

So, here we are, giving you a thorough review of its composition and performance.

Some of us poor souls have recently begun to get the hang of the sport, while others resort to it only occasionally.

Yet, others are working on a restricted budget. Whatever be the case, squandering hundreds of bucks on a sophisticated, technology-loaded fish finder isn’t feasible.

So, if you belong to one of the three categories or you just fancy a no-frill, budgeted device with a reputation of effectively detecting fish in any fishing scenario, we would advise you to consider this fish finder.

What Makes iBobber Fish Finder Standout?

iBobber Wireless Smart Fish Finder eclipses other portable and entry-level designs with its efficiency and versatility. The integration of easy-to-comprehend, advanced features allows user to accurately notice both the composition of selected terrain and fish presence.


Our iBobber Fish Finder Review

Its small size and inexpensive price dupe customers into brushing it aside as a second-rate fish finder.

Ha! You’ve got a surprise coming! iBobber Smart fish finder from ReelSonar has got that commendable built and performance that rightfully earns it the title, “best castable fish finder

It is very lightweight, which in my opinion is a blessing and a curse at the same. The featherlight body makes it easy to tether it to a myriad of fishing rods.

However, the same lighter design becomes a nuisance when you want to chuck it far. Moreover, the unit comes with a built-in Bluetooth with a 100ft connectivity range, which means this is the farthest you can throw it.

The gadget has an LED beacon to keep you aware of its location at all times, even when it is pitch black outside.

Similarly, the device instantly warns you of the presence of fish in the proximity. Thanks to the use of patented sonar technology, the unit, regardless of its puny structure, extend its surveillance to 135ft deep in the water to track your prey.

On top of that, a pre-installed mapping feature enables you to familiarize yourself with the general topography, mark bottom structures, contours and fish sanctuaries to get a better understanding of the territory.

After that, you can return to fish tracking mode, and the blaring noise of the alarm will immediately inform you of the target. Its battery gives you a 10-hours window to continue the hunt to snag as many fish as you can.

What’s cherry on the top is that the unit allows you to keep a log of the trip containing data about weather and location, water temperature, captured species and hot spots to allow you to reminisce or share it whenever you want.

I would recommend this little, magical fish tracker to all those hobby fishers and beginners who want a portable yet versatile and accurate fish finder at a lower cost.


Versatile & Flexible Structure

iBobber is more than just an ordinary, cheap fish tracker. It has a lightweight and portable design that can be used either as a bobber or a remote fish tracker, depending on the demand of the situation.

So, whether you are in the mood for taking a kayak, a raft, or planning to perch on a dock and use a fishing pole, the unit has a history of accurately and promptly locating a target in all circumstances.

You can explore any type of water territory, be it saltwater, freshwater or a frozen water body. You will not witness incompetency.

The only incompetency that might occur will be from your end. The unit has a Bluetooth functional range of 100ft. Together with a lightweight design, they don’t allow you to toss it farther.

Efficient Sonar Technology

As long as your desired species of fish are roaming within 135ft depth in the selected waterbody, they’re going to pop up on your screen. That’s how powerful its sonar technology is.

Besides, there’s a built-in alarm that blows off the second the sonar captures your desired prey. In other words, the day when you will return empty-handed from your fishing trip is not coming soon.

Due to this alarm set, it works effectively in ice and nighttime fishing too. However, the poor thing sometimes mistakes debris for a fish and gives a false alarm.

Recording Data

This iBobber allows you to sync it to your phone to act as a cartography and topography analyzing gadget. It lets you map waterbeds, note fish-active sanctuaries, and keep a record of water temp, weather, location as well as pictures. Meaning, not only will you fully get accustomed to the terrain, but you’ll also be able to share the details on social media.


  • Compact and light design works with plenty of fishing rods.
  • Sonar technology accurately tracks fish to a 135ft depth.
  • Inherent Bluetooth system offers connectivity up to 100ft.
  • Pre-installed mapping format enables you to analyze topography and mark waterbeds to enhance productivity.
  • Fish alarm ensures you never miss the target.
  • Allows you to keep an account of the trip to review or share the data whenever you want.
  • Rechargeable battery offers a 10-hour window for fishing.


  • Its lightweight design and Bluetooth mechanism don’t allow it to be flung far.
  • It gets activated only in a waterbody having more than 4ft depth.
  • Sometimes alarm falsely goes off when sonar passes debris.


Why Should You Buy iBobber Fish Finder?

Despite being a low-costing, entry-level device, iBobber has an efficient sonar system along with a decent number of advanced features to work effectively.

Besides, its portable design and mapping feature makes it an ideal companion for kayaking, canoeing, dock fishing, ice fishing, nighttime fishing etc.

Final Verdict

iBobber Smart Fish Finder by ReelSonar shows you how a no-frill, budget-friendly fish tracker can turn your every fishing getaway into a successful one. The unit is loaded with nifty features to do more than just fish hunting. All in all, if you’re looking for an efficient fish finder under $100 for both saltwater and freshwater, invest your bucks in iBobber fish finder.

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