Humminbird Piranhamax 143 Fish Finder Review (2023)

By Wade Johnson

Humminbird Piranhamax 143 Fish FinderThe essence of Humminbird Piranhamax 143’s construction is simplicity at its finest. Once again, Humminbird has managed to change the outlook of cheap fish finders. A great device like this deserves more than just single-line praises. In my review below, I have covered every aspect that makes this simple-looking equipment the best in its line.

Equipped with a classy design, impressive sonar capabilities and sleek display, Piranhamax 143 has all the weapons to transform your fishing experience into an unforgettable one. I’m speaking from personal experience. If you want a value fishfinder suitable for all environments, you should definitely buy Humminbird Piranhamax 143.

What Makes Humminbird Piranhamax 143 Standout?

Despite its limited features and low cost, the depth reading and temperature sensing abilities of Piranhamax 143 make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. Also, its ability to work exceptionally well in many saltwater and freshwater scenarios further makes an exception in its line.

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Humminbird Piranhamax 143 Review

Humminbird Piranhamax 143 Fish Finder ReviewHumminbird impresses you in ways that seem impossible otherwise. Piranhamax 143 is a good case in point. Let’s start with its single beam sonar. The technology relies on a standard 200kHz frequency to collect accurate information about the things floating deep below the water surface. Despite having limited fish finding capabilities, I never had trouble catching prey with this. How? Simply because of its fantastic depth perception and easy-to-understand format of information.

You will be amazed to see that this little thing is can dive 600ft deep. Many entry-level anglers and hobbyists like me find this feature really enticing as it helps us catch these finned targets in the majority of lakes.

Another feature that plays a vital role in the successful catching of fish is temperature detection of the water you’re currently navigating through. The unit has highly efficient sensors that give you regular updates about the water. You can use this information to track particular species of fish. The 4-level greyscale display has made understanding of temperature differences a child’s play.

Speaking of the display, it is undoubtedly another highlight of this model. The display with 160V X 128H and depth palette changes the intensity of the colour according to the depth. So, if you want to learn how deep the water you’re currently located on is, this feature will help you find that.

Another worth-mentioning aspect of the display is its backlit format. The feature allows you to approach the screen from every angle. As a result, you can fish both in broad daylight and low light with equal grace.

If you’re looking for a fish finder with an eye-catching appearance and versatile nature, Piranhamax 143 by Humminbird is the best option to consider.


Sonar Capabilities

In a jungle of fishfinders where dual-beam sonars and Chirp (SI and DI) are the new normal, praising single-beam sonar seems like I belong to the previous century. But, the accuracy with which it tracks fish up to 600ft depth is what makes me turn a blind eye to the limitations that stem from single-pulse sonar.

If it is saying it can accurately determine the depth of the waterbody up to 600 feet, then be sure that there’s no place for error. This improves its utility tenfold as it promises to help you capture finned creatures in a vast majority of freshwater and saltwater territories.

Temperature Sensor

To a newbie, this may seem an inconsequential thing. Well, it’s anything but that. An angler will tell you how this changes the game, especially when you’re trying to locate a specific species of fish. The temperature sensors of this unit are not just accurate but also efficient.

They keep you updated about the temperature of a particular section of water at regular intervals.

You can easily read temperature differences on its greyscale display. The advantage of this legal hack is that you always know where to make the drop that will for sure land you a prey.

Greyscale Screen

Its 4-inch display with 160 x 128 pixels isn’t the most extraordinary thing in the field – that was before I saw how it displayed information about depth, temperature and fish. The 4-level greyscale display with a depth palette makes it worth giving a second look.

See, the intensity of the colour on the display panel changes with the depth. Thus, guessing the actual depth of the waterbody that you’re currently paddling over becomes a piece of cake.

What I found the most helpful is the backlight setting of the screen. This backlit format allows me to fish independent of the lighting situation. Since one can accurately read the figures on the screen, fishing in low lighting becomes as easy as in broad daylight.



  • Inexpensive unit with great value for money.
  • Perfect screen readability from every angle due to backlit format and weather resistance.
  • Accurate depth reading up to 600ft.
  • Capable of showing accurate water temperature.
  • Vast usability.
  • Uncomplicated installation and use.


  • Single-beam sonar limits its fish tracking ability.
  • Lack of features makes it unsuitable for experienced anglers.


Why Should I Purchase Humminbird Piranhamax 143?

Piranhamax 143, despite its lacklustre design, is as good as some high-end units due to the impressive coverage of its single-beam sonar.

Also, its ability to read the depth and temperature of a given waterbody in a flash is really amazing.

Finally, the display with weather resistance and backlight qualities significantly improve your fishing aptitude and the unit’s utility.

Final Verdict

Humminbird Piranhamax is a low budget unit that lacks a sophisticated appearance. As a result, it has some obvious limitations. Still, a vast population of anglers and beginners is willing to obtain it because of its depth coverage and temperature sensor. Moreover, its all-weather-use screen also makes it a worthy candidate.

I would highly recommend this device to everyone looking for a simple, more versatile and economical fishfinder.


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