Humminbird Helix 8 G3N Fish Finder Review in 2023

By Wade Johnson

Humminbird Helix 8 G3N Fish FinderAlthough released a couple of years ago, Humminbird Helix 8 Mega SI+ G3N keeps giving newer, commercial-grade models one hell of a competition. From its appearance to features to price tag, everything screams superior craftsmanship and high-end performance.

The inclusion of the latest Mega Imaging technology complemented with tons of navigation aids and a sleek display can make you its biggest supporter after just a single experience. They say all good things come with a price. Right, indeed. We have got Humminbird Helix 8 of the Mega lineage to prove that. You can learn more about this gem in the review below.

Buy it if you want a sophisticated device for professional fishing in oceans and seas.

What Makes It Special?

Humminbird Helix 8 Mega SI+ uses impressive top-tier technologies to impart images of the aquatic world with unprecedented clarity, precision and detail. Its extensive mapping, chart plotting and networking functions further set it apart from others of its class.

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Detailed Review

Humminbird Helix 8 G3N Fish Finder ReviewHumminbird Helix 8 G3N is a premium and consumer-grade model designed for those professionals whose bread and butter is fishing. The unit costs a sizeable chunk of money, but that’s understandable as it sports top-tier features to ensure success.

The unit uses Dual-Spectrum Chirp sonar to show you well-defined views of aquatic creatures, fish sanctuaries and bottom landscape. The most noteworthy feature is the inclusion of Mega Side Imaging and Mega Down Imaging. They promise to capture ultra-clear images of the underwater realm to a 200ft distance on both sides of your watercraft and directly below it. This Mega technology has 20% more efficiency, which means it can give you details of deep seas and oceans that once were exclusive to ultra-premium models. Thanks to the SwitchFire technology, you can decide the kind and amount of sonar and general details you want to see at once on your screen.

Since we’re on the subject of the screen, the 8-inch TFT display is arguably another one of its crowning features. Unlike others, this one is slim, sleek and complemented by a convenient keyed interface. Therefore, you can easily accommodate its settings and enjoy some of the best shots of the aquatic kingdom.

Fishing through all sorts of waters, both known and unknown, in the company of this unit is effortless. That’s because it is home to GPS tracking and Humminbird’s Basemap. These navigation aids allow you to receive accurate information about the terrain and crucial fishing points. To make trolling further convenient, you can do personal cartography and colour it with interesting mapping-related information through AutoChart Live.

The unit also comes with networking and connectivity functions for rapid-fast software upgrades and data sharing.

That said, it is a bit costly, but its superb performance in applications like freshwater fishing, deepsea and ocean fishing makes it worth the splash of cash.


Mega Imaging & Chirp

The popularity of this Helix 8 hugely depends on the inclusion of the Mega Imaging system. The unique quality of this Mega Side Imaging and Down Imaging is that it unravels more details in a 200ft surrounding. You can count on SI+ and DI+ to spread to both sides of your boat as well as beneath it to reveal a large number of fish and structures. This feature comes in handy when you want to move away from the shore to search deeper parts of lakes, seas and oceans.

You will know beforehand what’s lying in the vicinity because of the efficient scanning of Dual-Spectrum Chirp. This sonar technology delivers clutterless images of the fish residencies and bottom environment. Speaking of clutter, Dual-Spectrum Chirp offers a dual search method: narrow and wide. So, use “Narrow Mode” if you’re interested in extra details. Alternatively, switch to “Wide Mode” if you’re short on time and want to scan a large area in less time.

TFT Display

Humminbird has equipped Helix 8 G3N with a 8-inch sleek and shiny display to deliver excellent quality images. The panel is nesting a pixel matrix of 1024 x 600 with TFT type colour screen. Therefore, it pops images of the marine arena with breathtaking clarity and exquisiteness.

Besides, this glass-like display is home to easy controls to make sure commanding the settings doesn’t give you headaches.

Navigation Aid

Not only is this the best fishfinder but also an excellent GPS Chartplotter. Its innards include an efficient GPS to keep you informed about your whereabouts, water levels and your boat’s speed. Plus, it can form a database of all routes and waypoints that you found fruitful and eventually want to revisit. So, you’ll have information about over 2000 waypoints and more than a dozen routes and tracks.

It’s a top-end device. Of course, it has built-in maps of thousands of US coastal regions. The Humminbird Basemap feature conveys essential information about the bottom terrain and surrounding points of interest. Moreover, you can also do personal cartography through AutoChart Live. Hence, you get to fish and navigate with pro-like flair.

The unit is also compatible with LakeMaster digital maps for advanced search and contouring, but you’ll have to purchase it.

Other Features

Humminbird Helix 8 Mega SI+ aims to expand your fishing expertise and thereby sports connectivity and networking features. The presence of Bluetooth connectivity and speedy Ethernet networking enables you to update software and connect with other devices for data sharing.

The unit also contains the SwitchFire function that allows you to add or remove details related to sonar, water depth, turbulence and temperature to avoid confusion.



  • Mega Imaging system for extra details about the bottom and fish-holding structures.
  • Dual-Spectrum Chirp offers extensive coverage and details.
  • Sophisticated display laden with a simple keyed interface offers exquisite images.
  • Several navigation features to ensure seamless fishing and navigation.
  • Personal map-making through AutoChart Live.
  • Built-in networking and connectivity functions.
  • Navionics and LakeMaster compatible.
  • Ideal for commercial-grade offshore fishing.


  • Fitting of the transducer is tricky.
  • Costs a fortune.
  • Not designed for small boats and amateurs.


Why Should You Buy It?

    • Although it entails an extravagant cost, the exquisite construction and long list of top-end features make it a perfect fit for commercial and tournament level fishing.
    • The amalgamation of advanced sonar functions with cutting-edge Mega Imaging promises 360-degree search with unparalleled reach and details.
    • It contains a myriad of navigation and cartography features to ensure smooth sailing and maximum targets.
    • It also has connectivity and networking options to enhance performance and your experiences.

Final Verdict

Humminbird Helix 8 Mega SI+ is for tournament-grade and commercial fishing. The addition of bells and whistles, such as Dual-Spectrum Chirp, Mega Imaging, navigation and networking features, are there to help you snag more fish in all sorts of terrains. Although it’s not affordable by a long shot, its exquisite build and performance make it worth the investment. If you’re looking for a top-notch, commercial-level fishfinder for deepsea fishing, go for Humminbird Helix 8 G3N.


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