Humminbird Helix 10 Fish Finder Review (2023)

By Wade Johnson

Humminbird Helix 10 Fish FinderHumminbird Helix 10 has forced me to break the silence with its remarkableness. Anyone with even a little experience in fishing will know how a feature-packed fishfinder changes the game in your favour. This particular piece of equipment has a sky-high price, but advanced features like Dual Spectrum Chirp, SI+ Imaging, ultra-clear coloured display, GPS and mapping compensate for the hefty price tag.

In the review below, we will go through all the features that play a vital role in letting you catch your desired target. To surmise, if you want to double, triple even, your chances of winning against sneaky fish, buy Humminbird Helix 10; you’ll rarely lose.

How Humminbird Helix 10 Outclasses Others?

Humminbird Helix 10 outclasses other premium devices due to its precision and clarity, both in information-gathering and displaying. Its user-friendly interface and built-in detailed mapping further add to its attraction.

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Humminbird Helix 10 Review

Humminbird Helix 10 Fish Finder ReviewBefore we start stating the long list of perks, know that you’re in for a treat. This upscale model is going to help you make the most of every second on the water with a crystal clear, TV-like screen, double-spectrum Chirp sonar, Side/ Down Imaging, GPS and mapping.

With a two-way search of Chirp sonar — wide mode & narrow mode — you can scout a larger area and acquire more information about fish sanctuaries and bottom terrain.

More tempting is that the gadget allows you, enthusiastic anglers, to play with Side & Down Imaging. This remarkable sonar technology lets you observe a high-precision view of everything lurking in your surrounding, 200ft on either side of your vessel.

I like to explore unchartered territories in search of a prized catch and Helix 10 lets me do that. The presence of GPS along with built-in Basemap charts allows me to navigate through both known and unknown territories with equal confidence. Ever since I have bought this device, I haven’t spent a penny on maps. Why would I when I can create my own? Thanks to AutoChart Live, you can draw customized maps and fill them with the points you find important, such as the nature of the bottom, vegetation and fish hotspots. Even more cool is that you can share these charts with other devices so that you never lose crucial information.

Lastly, its screen is a real head-turner. The 10.1-inch gigantic screen laden with high pixel resolution exposes the underwater realm with unparalleled clarity and vividness. You can customize information here too. For instance, change the display colour, split the screen for multiple views at once, adjust the screen’s brightness, zoom a particular view etc.

The one possible downside is that it’s not a touchscreen. Whether that’s a blessing or a flaw depends on your demands. I don’t consider it a drawback because the use of touchscreens can be a pain in the rear, more so if you’re not an expert. Rest assured, it’s a killer device.


Chirp Sonar

Humminbird knows how evasive fish can be and thereby employs this incredible Dual Spectrum Chirp technology. You can call this Chirp a more intuitive version of regular sonar as it shoots a range of frequencies simultaneously and non-stop to present an in-depth transmission of the world below. Far-reaching beams, sharp fish arches and ultra-clear images are some of the perks you get with Chirp sonar.

Even more helpful is that Chirp technology offers a two-way search with wide and narrow modes. I move back and forth between wide and narrow modes when I want to scan a large area and gather maximum information about a small column, respectively.

This gen3 model is better than its ancestors because of the “low-Q” technology. The good thing about this low-Q technology is that it sends a range of frequencies and receives information at once. As a result, you can make the most of every second and every inch to ensure your every trip is a success.

Mega+ Imaging (Side/Down Imaging)

This Helix 10 is better than its cousins because of the Mega+ Imaging (SI+ & DI+). This is my favourite sonar innovation so far. The feature delivers a sharp and precise view of the surroundings.

From your trophy catch to even a branch of an underwater tree, this incredible Mega+ Imaging will not let you miss anything present up to a 200ft radius on both sides of your boat. It’s like you’ve got a front-row ticket to an HD-quality movie. Shh, don’t tell anyone; this is the “cheat” that helps me win this fishing game. Every. Single. Time.


Another coolest thing about Helix 10 is that it lets you track fish and navigate through GPS in tandem. Thanks to the high-sensitivity GPS, not only can you know about your whereabouts, but you can also keep a diary of waypoints, routes and fish-active spots. Since you’ll be able to mark dozens of waypoints, routes, tracks and fish-active zones, you’ll never get lost or forget the way to your favourite fishing location. Ever.

Besides, you’ll have detailed maps of over 10,000 lakes and coastal areas of the US to ensure you have all the assistance you need about any location you choose – courtesy of a pre-installed detailed Humminbird Basemap.

You can also draw personalized maps. A feature called AutoChart Live lets you draw comprehensive maps containing every little detail about bottom structure, vegetation and potential fish sanctuaries. How cool is that! Now you can understand why I never felt the need to purchase maps.


The display of Helix 10 is undoubtedly among its best assets. The 10.1-inch screen complemented with high resolution (1024 x 600) is a sight for sore eyes. Its wide, durable, sleek and laden with colour palettes. Thus, the images you get of the world below are nothing short of super-duper quality. You can adjust the screen’s brightness, enhance/reduce the image’s sharpness, split the display into multiple sections, zoom in/out a particular window as well as change the display colour. In short, it’s your portable TV.

The thing that doubled my liking for this particular model is the standard keypad setup. There’s nothing complicated about the keypad menu. Anyone capable of reading can operate it.

Other Features

Not that the listed perks are less compelling, but this gadget has a couple of more surprises for you as well. It is equipped with networking and connectivity functions to let you share crucial information and sync with your phone, respectively.

The choice between MaxMode and ClearMode – SwitchFire technology – is another cool feature. The feature lets you choose the information you want on the screen and discard those you find unimportant. Therefore, your screen will never appear overcrowded.



  • Mega+ Imaging promises an ultra-clear view of everything in the vicinity.
  • Chirp Sonar technology helps you search a wider terrain and gather more information at once.
  • Built-in GPS and AutoChart Live features help you save routes and waypoints and draw detailed fishing maps.
  • In-built Humminbird Basemap contains accurate information about thousands of coastal areas of the US, including lakes.
  • Networking capabilities improve your performance.
  • Sophisticated, high-resolution display coupled with an easy interface offers you superb shots of the marine realm.


  • Needs a handsome splurge of cash.
  • Too complicated for ordinary fishers.
  • Lack of touchscreen might disappoint some anglers.

Why Should You Purchase Humminbird Helix 10?

I can write a thesis on why helix 10 is worth spending a fortune on, but let’s make it simple for you. Here are the top three most compelling reasons which make it worth purchasing.

    1. The incredible Chirp coupled with SI+ Imaging helps you return with trophy fish in all challenging fishing expeditions.
    2. The presence of GPS and mapping features increase your chances of catching desired targets quite significantly.
    3. The sophisticated TV-like coloured display lets you enjoy the underwater kingdom with breathtaking clarity.


Humminbird Helix 10 Mega+ is quite expensive, but the long list of incredible features will not let you regret the splurge. The presence of innovative features like Chirp sonar, Mega+ Imaging, GPS, mapping software and high-resolution images on a large display make it a treat for enthusiasts and professional anglers. In a nutshell, if you want to ensure the lucrativeness of your future fishing ventures, simply buy this Humminbird Helix 10.


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