Humminbird 698ci HD SI Fish Finder Review of 2023 – Unbiased Overview!

By Wade Johnson

Humminbird 698ci HD SI Review

The name “Humminbird” alone is a guarantee of everything super-duper, be it the quality of the fish finder or its ability to track fish.

Their 698ci HD SI is causing havoc in the market because the unit helps you play with advanced Side Imaging technology and GPS chart plotting without making you spend a bank-breaking amount of $1000!

In this review, we will explore every aspect of its construction – the good and the bad – so that you can assess whether it hits all the right markers for you or not.

I loved every second of its use because the tool gave me a taste of premium models without making me spend a fortune.

So, if you want to up your fishing game with advanced features but not at the risk of near-bankruptcy, buy Humminbird 698ci HD SI.

How Humminbird 698ci HD SI Stands Apart from Others?

Humminbird 698ci stands apart from its class due to the inclusion of advanced features like Side/Down Imaging and GPS chart plotting, which will cost you an extra couple of hundred dollars in brands like Lowrance.


Our Humminbird 698ci HD SI Review

Humminbird 698ci has a way to turn the arduous fish tracking task into a spectacular experience. The unit is loaded with advanced SI/DI along with 2D sonar.

To put it into simpler terms, you can unleash powerful sonar beams to sink to depths of 1500 feet to search for fish with dual-beam sonar, or use the Side Imaging trick and cover a 240ft area on each side of your boat.

If you’re more concerned with the quality of the images than the size of the screen, then its 5” display will be another appealing factor. The VGA type of display laden with 256 TFT colours and HD quality pictures promise you a picturesque-like view of the aquatic realm.

Besides, the reliable internal GPS paired with built-in UniMap charts and an SDcard slot for adding more maps guarantee more fruitful fishing spots.

In other words, there will be no meaningless wandering around looking for fish pools because these navigational aids will show you which waypoints to follow or routes to take to directly land on the fish-rich spots.

Plus, you can freeze specific sonar readings or save your favourite scans to study those parts of the territory in detail that captured your interest the most.

All in all, Humminbird 698ci is one of the best side imaging fish finders and will make an advantageous addition to your fishing arsenal. Buy it because you will get to play around with advanced features without burning a hole in your pocket.


Transducer with 2D Sonar & Side Imaging

Humminbird 698ci solves your fishing and monetary issues in a blink. The unit includes a 500 watts (RMS) transducer with support for DualBeam 2D sonar (200/50kHz) and SI/DI Imaging.

You can assess its power from the fact that it can delve to a remarkable 1500ft depth – this is a green signal for you to go and explore deep seas and oceans.

Oh, don’t worry about fish; you will find plenty of them. I am saying this with such certainty because you have the power of Side Imaging. With that magical technology at your disposal, you can scout a 240ft area on either side of your boat.

Meaning, you can get an unobtrusive, 180-degree view of everything present in the surrounding including the structure, swimming objects and baitfish.

Setting and installing it won’t be an ordeal because it supports a swivel and tilt mounting system that disconnects quickly but takes a little trying to find the perfect mounting angle.


Humminbird 698ci can quickly become your favourite if you want cutting-edge tech and quality images at the expense of the size of the screen.

A 5” display can be tolerable as the small footprint resonates perfectly with space-deficient watercraft such as canoes, Jon boats and kayaks.

You aren’t missing anything on the viewing area, that much I can guarantee you. The screen is 256 TFT colour type LCD which morphs the sonar results into picturesque views of the underwater terrain.

Plus, you can divide the screen to assess sonar data and charts at once to cook your best fishing strategy.

GPS Combo

Humminbird 698ci or the best affordable fish finder GPS combo? It’s the same…potato, potahto! This one is housing a highly active GPS and a built-in Humminbird UniMap cartography.

Your days of roaming around looking for fish-saturated spots and memorizing the routes and trails are over. You can keep an account of your movements by saving all those waypoints and trails that lead to your favorite fish pools.

Besides, the GPS also helps you track the speed of your boat. On top of that, you can always freeze specific sonar scans or save them to have a detailed inspection of your favorite areas.

Moreover, the unit has a built-in memory card slot, enabling you to add more maps to help you reach important locations without worry.


  • Small footprint.
  • Multiple sonar readings offer a clear 180-degree view of the surroundings.
  • Super-bright LCD shows a spectacular view of the happenings of underwater terrain.
  • Sonar readings can be saved or frozen for a better understanding of the desired parts.
  • Internal GPS with built-in UniMap charts help you reach fish pools without losing your way.
  • Memory card slot for saving more maps.
  • Relatively more affordable.


  • Display is puny.
  • Interpreting SI images takes a bit of time and practice.
  • Finding the right mounting angle is a little tricky.


Why Should You Buy Humminbird 698ci HD SI?

Humminbird 698ci has advanced SI/DI Imaging along with an impressive GPS chart plotter in a compact body that doesn’t leave you $1000 poorer, turning it into a feasible option for more budget-conscious users.

Moreover, the excellent display quality supplies you with ultra-bright and clear views of everything present in the surrounding to help you ace your fishing game, especially in a fishing tournament.

Final Verdict

Despite what Humminbird is notorious for, 698ci HD SI leans more towards the affordability side of the spectrum. The unit is quite small in size yet loaded with cutting-edge techs such as SI/DI Imaging, GPS chart plotter and HD display to help you make well-timed decisions during fishing. Although it has a few pitfalls, I would still advise you to buy it, especially if you want the perks of Side Imaging and GPS combo without breaking a bank.


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