How To Use GPS Finder For Ice Fishing?

By Wade Johnson

How Use GPS Finder For Ice FishingHow to use GPS for ice fishing is a popular question and has its own merits, and with the help of them, you can increase the fish-finding experience much better and more successfully..

Most fish finders are equipped with the latest GPS technology and can even tell you what type of fish is swimming deep in the water. The features and applications of the GPS fish finders are endless, and you can even use them in winter for ice fishing.

Unlike regular fishing, the area of choice in ice fishing is limited, and you must have to choose between the holes or digging new holes. In this article, we will discuss how you can use the GPS of the fish finders for ice fishing.

What Is the Purpose Of GPS In Ice Fishing?

Many people think that the GPS has limited or no use in ice fishing because you are just hanging around here and there searching for fish. That is not entirely true because the GPS can provide you with a tremendous advantage, and you can do precise fishing. There are many uses of GPS in ice fishing. The first and the most obvious is to navigate.

With the help of GPS, you know exactly where you are and where you want to go. There are many other purposes as well. Using the GPS provides you with the advantages of previously fed data, and you better understand the terrain. The terrain helps you a lot if you look for a particular fish.

Ways TO Use GPS Finder For Ice Fishing

When you are ice fishing, the GPS helps you in many ways. The first is navigation, and with the help of GPS, the journey is made easier. There are many other GPS uses when it comes to fishing, and by employing them, you can increase the chances of catching fish several times.

Marking Waypoint

This is one of the ways that you can use your GPS for fish finding. You can mark the waypoints and use them afterward. Different types of waypoints can be observed, such as the structure, the increased fishing area, shipwreck, etc.With the waypoints, you know where you can find the most fish and come afterward. You can also make the time of the day in which you catch the most fish from the particular hole.

Marking The Holes

Ice fishing is not as simple as regular fishing, and you require productive holes. Digging a hole is a problem, and it must be effective if you want to have an advantage. Finding the productive hole is not an easy task and when you find one, make sure that you do not lose it. The best way is to mark it on the GPS finder so that you go there the next day and go fishing. There are also community holes that many people take advantage of, and you can find their position through a GPS finder.

Contour Lines

Not only does the GPS finder help in the preservation and marking of the productive spots, but it also helps you dig them. You can use the previously fed data of the area that you can easily find online or from a website to understand the lake and its depth. You can use the contour lines to understand the depth and dig the hole at better places where you think you have better chances of finding the fish.


GPS guides the user in many ways. You can have an idea about the terrain and guess the type of fish you can find. It also helps in finding the baitfish that attract large fish.

Final Thought

GPS has many uses in ice fishing, and by using it properly, you can increase the tendency to catch the fish exponentially. With the help of GPS, you know where the fishing will be most appropriate and go to the last spot that you find productive. You can also consider the GPS data before digging a new hole to dig it in the right spot better.


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