How to Use an Echo Sounder Fish Finder?

By Wade Johnson

How Use an Echo Sounder Fish FinderSeriously speaking, the depth of the sea does not mean the availability of your prime catches. The deeper the sea goes, it gives more space for the fish to swim at the depth. And some fish do not like to be in the deep water.

But being a professional angler who knows what particular fish species can take advantage of the deep water but it is vital to determine how deeper is the depth that not all the typical fish finders can easily evaluate.

Just the couple of hundred feet of depths the fish finders can determine but what about the depth deeper than the maximum limit?

No worries — we have you covered at this point as well; the echo sounder thing which is part of the commercial ships, and naval fleet to keep an eye on the depth. But for small-scale use, the affordable solution is always at your disposal! Make sure you know how to use an echo sounder fish finder that is really a piece of cake without any fancy in it! Two or three tries and you will certainly take it as an experience!

Is Echo Sounder and Fish Finder the Same?

Absolutely not and yes! The two are totally separate from each other, and the reason is simple: the echo sounder (or depth sounder/finder) is simply used to determine the depth whereas the fish finder.

Thanks to the evolution of technology which made it possible to merge different features into one single device, the latest fish finders are able to toggle between different frequency ranges to make them multipurpose.

Is Lower Frequency a Must-Have to Determine the Depth?

Yes, the lower the frequency (50 kHz) and wider the beam angle (up to 35 degrees), the better the echo will reach the bottom of the seabed and determine how deep it is.

If your fish finder can also do the same, having the frequency and the wide-angle beam (dual or triple beam) to send out in order to find the depth, that is super well and good!

But for the anglers who do not want to take a chance and use the single device in the hope to get all the results, the separate echo sounder will be a good fit for them given the fact they do not mind paying extra in purchase!

What is the Prime Difference to Use a Separate Echo Sounder?

The range’s ability. The fish finder may not go past a certain number to find the water depth especially when you are off from the seashore, on the boat.

On boat fishing, you must have to find out how deep is the depth because most of the fish like to stay close to the seabed to avoid getting eaten by the large fish.

So, the echo sounder for normal use can still get a depth of up to 2,000m or 6,000ft to enjoy deep sea fishing!

How to Use an Echo Sounder Fish Finder

The usage is pretty simple, and we believe you have the fish finder with a dual-frequency option and the transducer already installed on your boat.

Since the echo sounder works best at the lower frequency to let the sound waves travel farther in the water to be able to catch the seabed.

Once the depth has been comprehended, it is time to change the frequency (better to 200 kHz) to start plotting the fish on the screen.

Keep the boat moving and explore the surrounding area to get a lock on your favorite catch!

With the high range, this powerful device will be showing the most-accurate data no matter the seabed contours be it the rocks, holes, or cliffs.

What to Check when Purchasing Fish Finder for Echo Sound Purpose?

Well, that is one heck of a valid question with a super simple answer; look for the dual-frequency (50 kHz and kHz) with dual and triple sonar beams with wide-angle (see it is supporting over 30°)

And the higher range is, of course, a primary feature you cannot overlook. Get the fish finder for echo sound purposes that supports the depth range from 1,000m to 3,000ft or 2,000m to 6,000ft because, with the boat, you are unstoppable.


As the experience expands, you would always want to go deep into the sea with no second thought.

And when you do, the right preparation with the right kind of devices is what you should be dependent upon. So, the deeper you go, the bigger fish you can catch and all it takes is how to use an echo sounder fish finder which is extremely convenient while perfecting your fishing skill.

So, let’s have the best time at the sea with echo sounder and incite yourself to use it on every fishing trip!

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