How to Use Garmin Fish Finder

By Wade Johnson

How to Use Garmin Fish FinderThe passion for freshwater fishing is something that encourages anglers and boaters to look forward to a device that makes their fishing experience enjoyable and entertaining. So It does not matter whether you are like saltwater fishing or a fan of freshwater fishing, one thing is definite, a fish finder surely helps you catch more fish if you know how to properly use it.

The advancement in modern fish finders is way beyond what was available a few years ago, with side-scanning, 3D imaging, and 360-degree views all in the mix. Advanced devices that are used to catch fish are called fish finders. Garmin fishfinders are considered one of the best on the market as they also specialize in facilitating users with some of the best portable fish finders devices.

Furthermore, Garmin fishfinder models use sound navigation and sonar techniques to detect underwater structures and fish. The best thing about Garmin fishfinder is that displays are usually personalized, so even if you are good at using a fish finder, you might still have some problem operating the Garmin model. Well, it’s not rocket science to learn how to use it.

Learn how to use a Garmin Fishfinder in a few easy steps

It’s quite easy to learn about a fish finder device, and once you understand how to use it, you will become a pro at finding fish using a Garmin fish finder device. This article will help you understand what needs to be done in order to use a Garmin finder effectively. The steps mentioned below are easy to understand and whether you are a pro or a novice, you will benefit from it.

Press the power button to it turn on

Turn on the Garmin fish finder device by simply pressing the power button. In some models, it might be difficult to identify the power button. So, just look for a button with the red circle, and press it to turn it on.

Learn the science of temperature and depth

In order to use the Garmin Fish finding device effectively, you need to learn how and where on the screen the depth and temperature of the water are shown. Just concentrate closely on the screen’s upper left corner. The number visible at the top indicates the depth of the water. The devices by Garmin use the imperial system of measurement.

So, don’t forget that the device will show the number of the depth of water in feet. Now, if you see the upper left corner of the screen, you will notice another number that shows the temperature of the water. The temperature on Garmin devices is shown in Fahrenheit, not Celsius.

Understand the water surface

You can easily locate a line without any worry that is across the fish finder’s bottom. It will facilitate you with the best idea about the water surface bed. If you are able to see an upward slope in it, then it indicates that your boat is moving towards shallow water.

So, if the slope is downward, it means you are going in deep depths of water. The next line that shows the surface beneath the water heavily depends on the thickness of this line a lot. Please note that it will not work with a side-imaging fish finder.

Explore the underwater

What is there beneath the water? Well, this question usually becomes a considerable concern when you look at the indicated line in the previous step. It just simply detects what you are going to explore underwater by consistently moving forward in the same direction.

Well, It is very important to have an idea about fish existence under the water and this line provides you ease in identifying fish which is obviously crucial for you. This line just makes this device the best Garmin fishfinder. It comes with streaks/lines that show plants or trees. Please note that the streak of a tree will always be a bit darker in comparison with the line of an underwater plant.

Understand images and catch a fish

If you want to reduce your effort in finding fish through a Garmin fishfinder, you should learn about fish finder images that will facilitate you with some intelligible hints about fish. It will be shown quite clearly how far actually you are from your target or in some cases where you can locate it. Do its practice by going on fish expenditures a lot, and then it’s just a matter of time when you will become a pro in tackling the Garmin fish finder device.


There are various versions of a fish finder in the market by Garmin that might require different steps. So it is recommended to read the instruction’s manual or do proper research before trying out any unfamiliar models. Plus, Garmin offers all sorts of fish finders to suit your fishing requirements, so you would not likely have to look elsewhere once you commit to them.

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