How to Clean Fish Finder Screen

By Wade Johnson

How to Clean Fish Finder ScreenThe need to keep your fishing equipment clean always stays there, no matter what your experience level is. Many people say all that is required to properly maintain a fishfinder is by cleaning it with water and a towel. But do you know the issue behind this? If you do this, it can scratch your screen because of the hard minerals of dirt from the water.

Cleaning is the most important part when it comes to maintaining fishing equipment. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways through which you can maintain your fishfinder to make sure that it lasts for considerably a long time is through effective cleaning. Well, that is not the only way possible, you also need to protect the SD card chip from water intrusion as well.

So, you are probably here to know how to clean your fish finder effectively? In this article, you would be enlightened with some easy ways to clean your fish finder without facing any considerable damage to it. Plus, Also some quick tips to protect it from unfavourable elements.

Why is it important to have a fish finder?

If your boat is equipped with the best fish finder when you are a fisherman is a real blessing. In the How to Clean Fish Finder Screenwater world, It would be completely unfair to ignore the significance of fish finders devices in catching fish. It provides you ease by showing a clear view of what’s under the water so you can catch a good number of fish in a short period of time.

Plus, a wise fisherman doesn’t go after the fish, he always goes the fish are going after. So, if you can find out what your targeted fish is looking for, you can track and catch them quite easily. It also helps you to set a course for your objectives. For instance, after marking a spot, you can come back there later with the help of GPS that will guide you back.

As might already know a fish finder can also show underwater structures. This feature of a fish finder device can come in handy while you are tracking a specific fish. Furthermore, it also facilitates you by keeping your boat safe from getting stuck or from colliding with unwanted objects such as shipwrecks or rocks.

What to avoid while cleaning your fish finder screen

The first rule that you need to keep in your mind while cleaning glass with anti-reflective coatings is to avoid using an abrasive glass cleaner. The problem with abrasives is that they scour off the coating as if you were using sandpaper.

Not only that, once you remove the coating, you would begin to actually scratch the glass itself. So always avoid using any abrasive glass cleaner in either a liquid or dry form. Plus, restrict the use of paper towels to dry the screen either, as they contain fibres that can scratch the surface.

How to clean fishfinder with ease

Use soap and water

This method is considered the most cost-effective way when it comes to cleaning a fish finder screen. By just adding some cheap dish soap in normal water and spraying them on the screen, you can get the job done. Plus, you can spray it on a soft cloth and then wipe the screen with care. And for rinsing, just apply a damp and clean cloth, and you are done with the cleaning.

Make the use of Windex and Vinegar

Some of you might be thinking about how is it appropriate to use Windex as they contain alcohol and ammonia, well, they are considered quite good at dissolving reflective-coating. The best thing is that Windex Multisurface with vinegar results in 100% ammonia-free. So, without any worry, you can clean your fishfinder with its screen.

Use ammonia and alcohol-free spark glass cleanser

The best thing about this cleaning technique is that you can apply it without any hesitation as the glass cleanser has no alcohol and ammonia. They are considered safe to use in cleaning the fish finder screen. If you want to make this cleanser more effective in cleaning the screen, just use a little bit of vinegar.

Get a speciality cleanser

There are various glass cleaners available out there in the market. And, we assure you that they are quite good at cleaning your fish finder screen without causing any damage to the reflective coating. Such products are guaranteed 100% ammonia and alcohol-free and also come in a user-friendly spray bottle.

Vinegar and water

Want to go for the most basic and simple way to clean your fish finder screen? By using water and pure vinegar, the screen would be cleaned in the safest and most effective way. Well, sometimes, you need to be a little bit careful as they contain mild acid. So, just remember this simple rule, while using vinegar in 16 parts of water, apply 1 part of vinegar.

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